Edward Allerton

Edward ALLERTON (1555 – 1590)  was Alex’s 12th Grandfather; one of 8,192 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Edward Allerton Coat of Arms

Edward Allerton was born in 1555 in St Dionis Backchurch, London, England. His parents were William ALLERTON and [__?__]. He married Rose DAVIS 14 Feb 1579 in St Dionis Backchurch, London, England. Edward died in 1590 in England.

St Dionis Backchurch was a parish church in the Langbourn ward of the City of London. Of medieval origin, it was rebuilt afrter the Great Fire of London to the designs of Christopher Wren and demolished in 1878.

Rose Davis was born 1559 in St Peter Cornhill, London, England. Rose died Jun 1596 in London, England and was buried  23 Jun  1596 St Dionis Backchurch, London, London, England.

St Peter upon Cornhill is an Anglican church on the corner of Cornhill and Gracechurch Street in the City of London Of medieval origin, it was destroyed in the Great fire of London in 1666 and rebuilt to the designs of Sir Christopher Wren. It is now a satellite church in the parish of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, and is used for staff training, bible studies and a youth club.

Children of Edward and Rose:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Isaac ALLERTON 1586
London, England
4 Nov 1611 Stadhuis, Leyden, Holland.
Fear Brewster about 1625.  .
Joanna Swinnerton betw 1634 and 1644
12 Feb 1658/59 in New Haven CT.
2. Sarah Allerton 1588
London, England
John Vincent
c. 1608
Leyden, Holland
Degory Priest
4 Nov 1611 in Leyden, Holland
Godbert Godbertson
13 Nov 1621 in Leyden, Holland
Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass
3. Edward Allerton 1690
26 Jan 1590
London, England



1. Isaac ALLERTON (See his page)

2. Sarah Allerton

Sarah’s first husband John Vincent was born about 1590 in: London, Middlesex, England. He and Sarah married about 1608 in Leiden. John died about 1610 at: Leiden, Zuid-Holland.  Some researchers have given John and Sarah a son John, but no documentation has been found, and suggest Sarah brought 5 children with her in 1623 – the only children documented are Mary Priest, Sarah Priest and Samuel Cuthbertson

Sarah’s second husband Degory Priest (Wiki) origins are uncertain.  Degory Priest, also known as Digory” “Gregory”, “Degorie”, or “Digorie” and “Preist”, was born about 1579/80 in England. In a document signed in Leiden, Holland in April 1619 he deposed he was 40 years old.  It has been suggested that he may have been the Degorius Prust, baptized 11 Aug 1582 in Hartland, Devon, England, the son of Peter Prust.  However, given that the baptism appears to be about 3 years too late, and the fact that none of the Leiden Separatists are known to have come from Devonshire, it is unlikely this baptism belongs to the Mayflower passenger.  Degory Priest was one of the earliest to have arrived in Leiden, so it is more reasonable to suspect he is from the Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire region, the Sandwich/Canterbury region, the London/ Middlesex region, or the Norfolk region: all of the early Separatists in Leiden appear to have come from one of these centers.  Degory died 1 Jan 1621 in Plymouth, Mass.

Sarah and Degory were married on the same day as her brother Isaac ALLERTON and Mary NORRIS – 4 Nov 1611 Stadhuis, Leyden, Holland.

Diggorie Preest Jonman van Londe In Engelant Vergeselchapt met William Leesle & Samuel Fuller zyn bekende met Sarah Vincent mede van Londe in Engelant wedue van Jan Vincent Vergeselschapt met Jannetge Diggens & Rasemyn Gipsyn haer bekende

(Degory Priest, unmarried man, from London, in England, accompanied by William Lisle and Samuel Fuller, his acquaintances, with Sarah Vincent, also from London, in England, widow of John Vincent, accompanied by Jane Thickins and Rosamond Jepson, her acquaintances)

Sarah’s third husband Godbert Godbertson [sometimes transliterated as  Cuthbert Cuthbertson] was born in 1592 in “Oostland,” the area around Danzig, Poland. His parents were John Cuthbert and Katherine Coog. He was living in Leiden by April 1615, where he was a hatter. While in Leiden, he attended the English Separatist church.   He first married Elizabeth Kendall on May 27, 1617, in Leiden.   News of  Degory’s death was conveyed back to Leiden where his widow remarried in Nov 1621 to Godbert Godbertson.  Godbert died of smallpox 24 Oct 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.

Degory Priest was one of the first Separatists to arrive in Leiden, Holland, residing in that city by November 1611. He was a professional hatter. It is believed he came from one of the centers from which the earliest Separatists came – the London/Middlesex region. At his betrothal to Sarah Vincent in Leiden, he proclaimed that he was from London.  He was admitted a citizen of Leiden, Holland, in November, 1615, Isaac Allerton “guaranteeing for him” upon his admission to civic rights in that city.

Degory Priest departed Plymouth, England on the Mayflower on September 6/16, 1620 with 102 passengers and about 30 crew members in a small 100 foot ship leaving his wife and two daughters in Leiden, Holland. He had always planned to bring over his family later after the colony was established.

They had one son, Samuel. In 1623 Godbert, Sarah, their son Samuel and his step-children Mary and Sarah Priest came to Plymouth on the ship Anne.

Godbert was a freeman of the colony. He and his wife both died in 1633 during an outbreak of smallpox.The inventory taken after their deaths was the earliest in Plymouth to include both the wife’s and husband’s possessions. The estate at their deaths was heavily indebted, including one entry to Sarah’s brother, Isaac Allerton, of over £75.

Children of Sarah and Degory

i. Marah Priest b. 1613 Leyden, Holland; m. 1630 in Plymouth, Mass Phineas Pratt (b. 1590 in England – d. 19 Apr 1680 in Charlestown); d. 1 Jan 1671 Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass

Marah had eight children. Her name is often given as “Mary,” but Marah, meaning “bitterness” in Hebrew, taken from Ruth 1:20,was her name.

ii. Sarah Priest b. 1615 Leyden, Holland; m. 1631 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass to John Coombs (b. 1610 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England – d. 15 Oct 1646 in Plymouth) d. By October 1646 she went to England and presumably may have died there

Children of Sarah and Godbert

iii. Samuel Godbertson b. in Leiden about 1622. He was apprenticed to Richard Higgins to learn trade of tailor on 1 April 1634 He eventually settled in Dartmouth. He married a woman whose name is unknown, and had one son






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