John Kingsley Sr.

John KINGSLEY Sr. (1579-1614) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather, one of  8,192 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Kingsley – Coat of Arms

John Kingsley Sr. was born 3 May 1579 in England. His parents were Edward KINGSLEY and Margaret BOND. He married Katherine BUTLER in 1614. John died in 1639 in England.

Katherine Butler was born in 1579 in Bodenham, Hertfordshire, England.  Her parents were William BUTLER and Ursula SMYTH.

Children of John and Katherine:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elder Stephen Kingsley 1598
Boston or Sutterton, Lincolnshire, England
Mary Spaulding
29 Apr 1624 Boston, Lincolnshire, England
4 Jun 1673
Milton, Mass
2. John KINGSLEY 7 Sep 1614  Hampshire, England Elizabeth STOUGHTON c. 1636 Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass.
Alice Thatcher after 1656 Dorchester, Mass.
Mary Johnson 16 Mar 1674 Rehoboth, Mass.
6 Jan 1679  Rehoboth, Mass
3. Ursula Kingsley 24 Mar 1616
Warwickshire, England
4. Jane Kingsley 5 Jun 1618
Warwickshire, England
5. Martha Kingsley 5 Jun 1618
Warwickshire, England


1. Elder Stephen Kingsley

Stephen’s wife Mary Spaulding was born in 1600 in Lincolnshire, England. Her parents were Edward Spaulding and Rachel [__?__]. Her name not being given in any New England records. Mary died 10 Jan 1668 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass.

On 3 Jun 1635, Stephen Kingsley, his brother John, and Captain John Smith sailed on the James from Bristol, England.   Among the one-hundred passengers on board was a minister Richard Mather who sailed in disguise to America in escape from the wrath of King Charles.  John KINGSLEY wrote a journal giving details of the trip including surviving a hurricane, see his page for details.

Aug 1635 – Stephen emigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Came with Richard Mather in a ship of Puritans which survived a hurricane. Ship records have not been found so it is not known on which ship they came. He moved before 27 Mar 1637 to Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was a farmer in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Hargrave calls him a “successful farmer.”

3 Apr 1637 – He granted a house lot in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony. His first record in New England when “it is agreed that Stephen Kinsley, labourer, shall have a house plott next unto our brother Alexander Winchester his garden plott”

19 Feb 1637/38 – Stephen Kinsley was granted a great lot for nine heads; four acres upon a head” at Mt. Wollaston,

27 Jan 1639 – Granted land at Mt. Wollaston, that became part of Braintree.

5 Jul 1639 – “William Needham, the cooper, shall have an acre for his house plot out of the little island at Mount Wollaston over against Barnaby Doryfalls land, beyond Mr. William Coddington’s brook. Also that Stephen Kinsley, husbandman, shall have the residue of the said island for his house plot there”.

22 Feb 1640 – “Brother Stephen Kingsley is to have his four acres formerly granted to be made seven acres upon a head, allowing for the same as others have done and are to do. This last suggests that his “great lot” at Mt. Wollaston was not yet laid out for him in 1641, as it was granted by the town of Boston in 1638, and in the meantime the town of Braintree had been set off, and Stephen Kingsley was one of those “neighbors and brethren of the Mount” who agreed with Boston upon the terms of the separation into a new town on Jan.27, 1639.

13 May 1640 – He took the oath of a freeman in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Selectman of Braintree 1640/42/48/51 etc.

Braintree, Norfolk, Mass

The town of Braintree was incorporated in 1640 and named after the English town of Braintree. It comprised land that was later split into RandolphHolbrook, and Quincy, as well as parts of Weymouth and Milton, Massachusetts. The “North Precinct” of Braintree, which is now the bulk of the city of Quincy, was the birthplace of presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, as well as statesman John Hancock.  In January 2008 Braintree converted from a representative town meeting form of government to a mayor-council government.

1650 – Representative to the General Court in Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1653 – He deposed in the case of Wilson vs. Faxon (Early Court Rec. #188) aged 55,

12 Oct 1653 – Stephen was ordained the first ruling church elder of the church at Braintree. He was an original member of the Braintree Church

1654 – Resided in Milton, Mass

By 1654 he resided in present Milton on Milton Hill, as the road way to the mill at present Milton Lower Mills passed through his yard and 23 Feb 1656 he purchased a half interest in the Hutchinson farm, then in Dorchester bounds, now in present town of Milton (after 1662) (not the William Hutchinson grant in Braintree).

Sometime after moving to Dorchester in 1656, he returned to Braintree. He was Representative to the General Court in 1666 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.

11 May 1670 – He sold property in Milton, Norfolk, MA. and returned to Braintree. It is likely that he lived in Milton prior to this date.

27 May 1673 – He signed a will in Milton, Norfolk, MA.
He died on 4 June 1673 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.
He had an estate probated on 3 July 1673 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.

27 May 1673 – Will of Stephen Kingsly of Milton “being sick in body”

Son John sole executor & I give him my house, barn & orchard & all land adjoining on both sides the country highway & 12 a. salt meadow adjoining & the plain that is at the E. end of my land in Braintree 12 a. part whereof is in his present improvement & 40 a. upon the hill adjoining.

To son in law Henry Crane part of land in Braintree on S.E. side thereof & reaching from E. corner of my lot to end of the line of Gregory Bolster [Baxter] on to Braintree common 20 rods broad by the line so far as it will bear & away over to ye swamp & 3 a. over against his house being part of the field at present on my own improvement & he is to have my “fether” bed, bolster, pillow, rugg, & blanket.

To son in law Anthony Gullive the plain in his present possession excepting one corner thereof which bee over against Henry Crane’s house which shall be Henry’s from a white oak tree over against his barn to N.W. corner of my field providing Henry make a ditch fence between them, & to said Anthony 40 a. in Braintree provided he pay £30 to my son Samuel’s three children, £10 to the son at age 21 and to the daughters at age 18.

To son in law Robert Mason that house & land that was Nicholas White’s with 4 a. bought of Thomas Holman & 5 a. meadows & my lot by Henry Crane’s all besides 3 acres, for seven years and after Henry is to have it forever & Robert Mason is to have some acres of meadow till Isaac Groves is at age & then to be his & Robert Mason to have 15 a. 20 rods on S. side of Braintree line, also 2 oxen, 2 cows & my mare to be his own provided he bring up Isaac Gross orderly and carefully.

Witness: Thomas Holman, Robert Vose, William Daniell.
7-311, Inventory, Jun 27, 1673 – House & barn £60, 55 acres upland & orchard adjoining £420, 22 a. salt meadow £220. 50 a. upland lying on ye plaine at Milton £200, a little house formerly Nicholas White’s with a small orchard & 38 a. on both sides the country highway £152. 190 a. in Braintree bounds £332/10/.

2. John KINGSLEY (See his page)


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  2. diane says:

    Can you help me please. John Kingsley, son of Edward and Margaret Bond Kingsley, married Katherine Butler in 1614. But, you list Stephen KIngsley, their son, as born 1598. Is there marriage a typo?

    I found a Stephen Kingsley baptized February 1596/7 in Sutterton, but no marriage record for John to Katherine. There are marriage records for 1586 to Margareta Inma, 1589 to Anna Herye, and 1590 to Alicia Browne.

    Is this info a typo? Thanks

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