Richard Scammon Sr.

Richard SCAMMON Sr. (1577 – ) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of 8,192 in this generation of the Shaw line.  He was also Alex’s 13th Great Grandfather; one of 16,384 in this generation of the Miller line.

Richard Scammons was born on 19 Aug 1577 in Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England. He married Prudence WALDRON.  Take this marriage with a grain of salt because Richard’s grandson of the same name also married a Prudence Waldron in 1661 in
Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Some sources say John and Richard’s father was Brian SCAMMON.

Richard Scammon may well have been baptized and married Elizabeth at St. John the Baptist Church in Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England

Prudence Waldron was born in 1578.

Children of Richard and [__?__]:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Dorothy Scammon 1 Aug. 1590
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England
2. Richard Scammon 21 Sept. 1593
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England
 [__?__] 1660 in Dover, Strafford, N. H.
3. Elizabeth Scammon 6 Jan. 1595
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England
4. John SCAMMON 29 Jun 1598
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England
6 Nov 1623
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England
1660 Dover, Strafford, N. H.
5. Thomas Scammon 1 Jan. 1599/00
Nettleton, Lincolnshire, England

Several families of the Scammon name are now landed proprietors in Lincolnshire, England.

On Boxing Day, shoemakers  in Nettleton would traditionally “beat the lapstone” at the house of any “water drinkers” (i.e. teetotaller), to mock them. This refers to a story from the 18th century in which a Nettleton resident called Thomas Stickler, who had stayed off alcohol for twenty years, got tipsy after half a pint of ale at his shoemaker’s on Christmas Day. When questioned by his wife, he replied that he was not drunk but had simply fallen “over the lapstone”. Hence, the day after every Christmas, shoemakers would carry out the above practical joke.

Nettleton which is only a few miles from Immingham on the Humber where the Pilgrims set sail for Holland.

Richard and  John Scammons were brothers but most genealogies show they were born about the same date, died in Dover, Strattford, N. H. about the same date.  Most of the children listed for both have the same names and born on the same dates which makes it easy to assume they are are the same person.


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  2. suz224 says:

    Richard Seniors wife is unknown and G.F Scammon struggled with this as he states in a letter to me that it looked like both father and son (Richard and Richard)married a Prudence Waldron. One thing for sure is that Richard the son of Richard Senior married Prudence Waldron so the father is in question as to who he married or if he is even called Richard at all. I keep him as Richard for sanity sake as it can drive us all crazy. Richard the Emigrant I will call the father of all to keep it straight and until someone goes to England and gets the record corrected..
    He Richard the emigrant is the one that had John who had a daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas Atkins and he lived in Kittery Maine and he also according to G.F. Scammon had Humphrey Scammon b in Portsmouth, N.H in 1640. Lived in Kittery and moved to Saco Maine. Humphreys wife is unknown. I have the children of Humphrey if needed.
    He , Richard the emigrant also had Richard b. in England; died Feb 7, 1685 and Richard the emigrant had Anne, b. in England died Feb, 7 1685, and Elizabeth b. in England, d. Nov 1687
    The son of Richard the emigrant married Prudence Waldron, Richard the son of Richard the emigrant was a gunsmith by trade and they had:
    Richard b. in 1662; died in 1724.
    Thomas b. in 1663
    William b. Feb 28,1664; d. Sept, 28, 1743.
    Jane who married Thomas Dean she was born June 21 1667 and died Oct 9 1726.
    Prudence b. Aug 29, 1669.
    Elizabeth b. April 27, 1671.
    Mary b. May 31,1673. She married James Sinker (Sinclair)
    Sarah who married Christian Dolloff ( this marraige is supported by the Dolloff family and we have Christian Dolloffs will but we do not have record from Sarah or her father .
    I have all the wives and children of these if you would like.

    • suz224 says:

      Where I put Mary b. May 31, 1673. She married James Sinkler(Sinclair). Typing error

      • suz224 says:

        Goodness.Typing error on Richard son of Richard Senior. Let me correct this. Died in Dover N.H abt.1697 married Prudence Waldron who died prior to 1727. She was the only daughter of William Waldron of Dover N.H & a niece of Major Richard Waldron. Richard was a Gunsmith.
        While I am at this I will add more on Ann Scammon daughter of Richard Scammon senior the emigrant.
        Born in England & Died in Dover, N.H Feb 7 1685; married about 1650, Major Richard Waldron, the famous Indian fighter, who was born in Alcestor, Warwickshire, England Jan 6 1615 and was killed by hostile Indians, June 28 1689. He was a son of William & Catherine (Raven) Waldron. Anne was his 2nd wife. 7 children.
        G.F Scammon states these children but research shows 3 more. This is what G.F Scammon has recorded.
        Ann Waldron d. Dec 7 1724, md. Aug, 19, 1667 , Rev. Joseph Gerrish, who was b. Mar. 23, 1649, son of Capt. William & Joanna ( Lowle) Gerrish of Newbury Mass.
        Elnathan Waldron. b. July 6, 1659, d. Dec. 10, 1659.
        Esther Waldron. b. Dec 1, 1660.
        Mary Waldron b. Sep.14, 1663, d.young.
        Eleazer Waldron. b. May 1, 1665.
        Elizabeth Waldron. b. Oct 18, 1666, md. John Gerrish, who was b. Feb. 12, 1646 & d. Dec, 19,1714. He was a son of Capt. William & Joanna (Lowle) Gerrish of Newbury Mass.
        Maria Waldron. b. July 17, 1668, d. in 1642.
        Other children seen from records that need to be researched if accurate are Paul Waldron b. abt 1645.
        Timothy Waldron b. abt 1648 and Richard Waldron b. abt 1650 and d. Nov 1730 in Dover N.H

  3. suz224 says:

    The one name study on the Scamon with differant spellings of the Scammon Scamman name are interesting because Humphrey and Elizabeth and Richard and John used the spellings of Scamon also in 1630 on up in their records and a line was put over the m to show two m’s implied on some records. Samuel Scammon son of Humphrey of Saco Maine showed in his records of him and his children three differant spellings of Scamon Scammon and Scamman. The one name study states that Richard came to America and first came to Maine which I am not finding to be accurate.
    Most of the records recorded here in America on Richard Scammon son of Richard the Emigrant have been documented in books and history and is reliable as to the children born here by him and his wife Prudence Waldron and where they lived. The problem we have is with his father and mother.

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