Anthony Lord

Anthony LORD (1592 – 1637) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Anthony Lord – Coat of Arms

Anthony Lord was  born 1592 in St. Gregory, Sudbury, Suffolk, England.  Sudbury and the surrounding area, like much of East Anglia, was a hotbed of Puritan sentiment during much of the 17th century. Sudbury was among the town’s called “notorious wasps’ nests of dissent.” During the decade of the 1630s, many families departed for the Massachusetts Bay Colony as part of the wave of emigration that occurred during the Great Migration.  He married  Katherine THOMPSON in 1610 in Essex, England. Anthony died 1637 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Katherine Thompson was born 1594 in St. Gregory, Sudbury, Suffolk, England.  Kathernine died 1650 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Children of Anthony and Katherine :

Name Born Married Departed
1. Alice Lord 1611
Essex, England.
2. Jane Lord 1613
Essex, England.
3. Grace  Lord 9 Feb 1615 St. Gregory, Sudbury, Essex, England Robert Fitts 25 Apr 1684 Ipswich, Essex, Mass
4. Rachel Louisa  LORD 09 Feb 1615 St. Gregory, Sudbury, Essex, England William BARNES
1637 Amesbury, Essex, Mass.
09 Feb 1686 Salisbury, Essex, Mass
xxx. Robert Lord (maybe) c. 1603
Finchingfield, Essex, England
Mary Waite
11 Nov 1630
Filchingfield, Suffolk, England
13 Jul 1678 Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass
12 Aug 1683
Ipswich, Mass



xxx. Robert Lord

Robert’s wife Mary Waite was born 1612 in Finchingfield, Suffolk, England. Her parents were Samuel Waite and Mary Ward. Mary died August 21, 1683 in Ipswich, Mass..

Some believe Robert Lord was the son of the widow Katherine Lord, who came with him to Ipswich about or perhaps earlier than 1635, but the commonly accepted date of birth, 1602 or 1603 is too early.   He was born in England and married there, about 1630, Mary Waite. His life was given largely to public service and by reason of this long connection with official duties he always has been regarded as one of the prominent early public characters in colonial history. He was made a freeman 1635-6; deputy to general court, 1637-8; a member of committee to fix county, town and farm lines, 1637-8; clerk of court at Ipswich, 1648; recorder, 1649; sealer of weights and measures, Ipswich, 1649; clerk of court in Salem, 1658; impowered to issue executions, 1652; searcher of coin, 1654; marshal or sheriff of Ipswich court 1648-60. He died on or before August 21, 1683.”

Children of Robert Lord and Mary Waite:

i. Hannah Lord, d. Nov 16, 1728, Ipswich, Massachusetts.

ii. Mary Lord, d. Oct 03, 1676, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

iii. Thomas Lord, b. 1633, d. Jun 04, 1713, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

iv. Robert Lord, b. 1634, d. Nov 11, 1696, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.

v. Samuel Lord, b. 1640, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, d. May 27, 1696, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

vi. Abigaill Lord, b. 1646, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, d. Jun 04, 1729.

vii. Sarah Lord, b. 1647, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts,d., Massachusetts.

viii. Susannah Lord, b. 1650, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, d. Bet. Jan 1726 – 1727, Berkley Co, South Carolina.

ix. Nathaniel Lord, b. 1653, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, d. Bet. Jan 18, 1732 – 1733, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.


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4 Responses to Anthony Lord

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  3. Carol says:

    How could Robert Lord, b 1603, be the son of Katherine Thompson Lord, b 1594, and Anthony Lord, b 1592? Parents would be 9 and 11 respectively. Also, since the years of the other children’s births are from 1611 to 1615, I think Robert doesn’t belong here.

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