Thomas Stevenson

Thomas STEVENSON (1625 – 1663) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Thomas Stevenson - Coat of Arms

Thomas Stevenson was born in 1625 in England.  His parents were James STEVENSON and [__?__].  He married Margaret [__?__] in 1640 in Dover, NH.  Thomas died 7 Dec 1663 in Durham, Strafford County, New Hampshire, killed by Indians.

Margaret [__?__]  was born c. 1620.  Margaret died November 26, 1663 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.

Children of Thomas Stevenson and Margaret are:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Margaret Stevenson 1645
Dover, Strafford, NH
William Williams
Durham, Strafford,NH
12 Dec 1707
Oyster River, Strafford, NH
2. Joseph Stevenson 1647
Oyster River, Strafford, NH
Margaret Footman
Oyster River
bef. 4 Aug 1694
3. Elizabeth Stevenson 1649
Oyster River
Robert Chapman
Oyster River
4. Mary STEVENSON Oct 1651 Cocheco (Dover) NHor Durham, NH Enoch HUTCHINS
5 Apr 1667 in Kittery, York County, Maine
Feb 1725
Kittery, Maine
5. Bartholomew Stevenson c. 1653
Oyster River
Mary Clark
10 Oct 1680
Oyster River, (Dover), NH
4 Jun 1718 in Oyster River, (Dover), NH
6. Thomas Stevenson c. 1651
Durham, NH
07 Dec 1663 in Dover, Strafford, NH
4 Aug 1694

History of The Town of Durham, New Hampshire (Oyster River Plantation) by E.S. Stackpole and L. Thompson, 1913:

Thomas Stevenson owned land on the south side of Oyster River as early as Jul 5, 1643. In 1644, 3 acres at the Oyster Point were granted to Thomas Stevenson. He was rated at Oyster River in 1648. He had a grant of three acres at Oyster Point in 1649. He was of Cocheco (Dover, NH) in 1648, 1650 and 1658.
Thomas (Stimpson) Stevenson received a grant of thirty acres of land at Oyster River in 1649 and thirty more in 1654. He was living at Oyster River in 1643 in Cocheco (Dover) NH in 1648, 1650, and 1658. Thomas died Dec 7 1663 and his wife Margaret died Nov 16, 1663. Two sons, Joseph and Thomas, were killed by Indians, probably in the massacre of 1663. Thomas on Dec 7, 1663 as was his father.

FTM CD523, Pioneers of ME and NH by Charles Henry Pope, pg 198:

Thomas, Dover, had lawsuit in 1642; taxed in 1648. His wife Mary died 26 Nov. 1663; he died 7 Dec 1663 (Dov. Hist. Coll.) Admin. of his estate was granted 28 June 1664, to his son Joseph; he chose William Follett guardian, who gave bonds for payment of portions to Joseph and his brothers and sisters. Brother Bartholomew admin. on estates of Thomas and Joseph in 1694.

FTM CD523, Geneal. Dict., ME & NH by Sybil Noyes, Charles Libby, Walter Davis, GPC, Baltimore, 1979.

THOMAS, Oyster River, owned on the south side by July 1643, was gr. 30 acres at Oyster Point in 1649 and had another grant in 1654. Lawsuit 1655. Wife Margaret d. 26 Nov., he 7 Dec. 1663. Adm. 28 June 1664 to s. Joseph, a minor. He chose as guardian. Wm Follett, who gave bond to pay the other children In Dec. 1667, Joseph was ordered to allow his 3 sis. and 2 bros 6 pounds apiece but to have the bros.’ portions for bring them up and all the rest of the est.; Mr. F. to be reimbursed 6 pounds for physick for sis. Chapman. Ch: MARGARET, m. William Williams. JOSEPH, +/- 26 in June 1673, in 1678 and later had difficulties with Nicholas Follet and the Thomas Drews over bounds; served on jury in June 1694. Adm. on his and br. Thomas’ est. gr. to br. Bartholomew 4 Aug. 1694. A p/a given by Williams’s 7 wks. later recites that they were killed by Indians, s.p. ELIZABETH, m. Robert Chapman. MARY, +/- 44 in Aug 1705, m. Enoch Hutchins. THOMAS, +/- 29 in Aug 1680, prob. nearer correc that +/- 26 in Sept. 1683, as he was drunk in 1670. BARTHOLOMEW.

Genealogical Items relating to Dover, N. H., NEHGR, 1854, Vol 8, pg 130:

Stevenson, Thomas, was in Dover before 1641; owned land, which he sold to Jonas Binns, “being next to the point at the Enterance into Oyster River, Compassed wth the Riuer eurie way only the south side, and that Joynes uppon the Land of Mr. Francis Matthewes;” was at O.R. in 1661; his wife Margaret died 26 Noiv. 1663; he died 7 Dec. 1663; “Tho. Steuenson his estat” taxed in 1661.


1. Margaret Stevenson

Margaret’s husband William Williams was born 1630 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. His parents were William Williams and Alice [__?__]. William died 12 Dec 1701 in Durham, Strafford, New Hampshire.

2. Joseph Stevenson

Joseph’s wife Margaret Footman was born in 1651 in of Oyster River, Dover, New Hampshire.

3. Elizabeth Stevenson

Elizabeth’s husband Robert Chapman was born in 1645 in of Oyster River, Dover, New Hampshire.

4. Mary STEVENSON (See Enoch HUTCHINS‘s page)

5. Bartholomew Stevenson

Bartholomew’s wife Mary Clark was born 1660 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. Bartholomew died 5 Apr 1724 in Oyster River, Strafford, New Hampshire


Source 1: Durham, NH, Stackpole&Thompson, 1913
Source 2: FTM CD523Gen.Dict.ME & NH, 1979
Source 3: Pioneers of ME & NH by Charles Pope
Source 4: 1854, Geneal. Items, Dover,NH, NEHGR 8:130

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