John Johnson Sr.

John JOHNSON Sr. (1613 – 1681) was Alex’s 9th great grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Johnson was born in 1613 in England. He first married Dorothy [__?__] in 1648. After Dorothy died he married Elizabeth Desborough on 1 Oct 1651 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut,. John died Nov 1681 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut.

John Johnson – Coat of Arms

Dorothy [__?__]  was born in 1627 in England.  Dorothy died 4 Aug 1651 in her daughter Sarah’s childbirth in Guilford, Connecticut.

Elizabeth Desborough (Disbrow) was born in 1622 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England. She married Thomas Relf in 1641 in Connecticut. They had two children Elizabeth Relf b. 1642 and Samuel Ralph Relf b. 1644.   When she married John, she had been divorced from her husband Thomas Relfe (or Rolfe), he having deserted her and gone to Long Island.  Elizabeth died 23 Dec 1669 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.

Thomas Rolph was born 1625 in England. He died 1682 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island. Thomas married  Elizabeth Desborough on 1648 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut. The marriage ended in divorce.

Children of John and Dorothy:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John JOHNSON Jr. 1649 Guilford, New Haven, CT Susannah [__?__]
New London, CT
1716 Franklin, New London, Connecticut
2. Sarah Johnson 4 Aug 1651
Guilford, CT
7 Jun 1652
Guilford, CT


Children of John and Elizabeth Desborough:

Name Born Married Departed
3. Ruth Johnson 18 Nov 1654
Guilford, New Haven, CT
Thomas Doud
11 Dec 1679
Guilford, CT
Madison, New Haven, CT
4. Isaac Johnson 8 Mar 1657
Guilford, CT
Mary Bishop
16 Jul 1682
Guilford, CT
 28 Oct 1687
Guilford, CT
5. Abigail Johnson 5 Nov 1659
Guilford, CT
26 Feb 1660
Guilford, CT
6. Abigail Johnson 1664
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut
Caleb Parmelee
11 Apr 1690
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut.
8 May 1692
Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut


Probably came over to New Haven in the second ship. He married in Guilford, Oct. 1, 1651, Mrs. Elizabeth (Disbrow) Rolfe or Relfe, who had been divorced from her husband Thomas Relfe (or Rolfe), he having deserted her and gone to Long Island. She died Dec. 23, 1661, and he died in 1681. In his will four children are mentioned, viz: John, Ruth, Isaac and Abigail


1. John JOHNSON Jr.. (See his page)

3. Ruth Johnson

Ruth’s husband Thomas Dowd was born 1648 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut.   His parents were Henry Dowd and Elizabeth [__?__]. Thomas died 07 Feb 1713

Children of Ruth and Thomas:

i. Ebenezer Dowd, b. 14 Aug 1680; d. 14 Sep 1680.

ii. Thomas Dowd, b. 10 Mar 1684; d. 03 Dec 1711; m.  Silence Evarts

iii. Joseph Dowd, b. 14 Feb 1688.

iv. Abraham Dowd, b. 22 Aug 1691; d. 12 Mar 1768; m. Sarah Dowd; b. 07 Apr 1682; d. 03 Feb 1758.

v. Mehitable Dowd, b. 1694; d. 15 Mar 1745.

4. Isaac Johnson

Isaac’s wife Mary Bishop was born on 28 Sep 1652 at Guilford, New Haven County, CT. Her parents were John Bishop Jr. and Susannah Goldham. Her fraternal grandfather, John Bishop, was a signer of the Guilford Covenant and her maternal grandfather, Henry Goldham, may also have been a signer, as he was known to be in Guilford in 1648, but due to “defects in the records” some signers are not known. She first married John Hodgkin at Guilford, New Haven County, CT, on 4 April 1670. After John died, she married twice again. First, on 16 July 1682 to Isaac Johnson and second, after the death of Isaac to Mr. Field on 28 October 1687. Records show widow “Marah” giving John’s land to sons Joseph and Thomas.

Children of Isaac and Mary:

i. Bathsheba Johnson (20 Aug 1683 – 25 Apr 1752); m. John Chittenden on 6 May 1703 at Guilford, New Haven, CT.

ii. Isaac Johnson (26 Apr 1687 – 1 Feb 1746); m. Phebe Bristol on 6 Feb 1711 at Guilford, New Haven, CT.

6. Abigail Johnson

Abigail’s husband Caleb Parmelee was born in 1663 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut. After Abigail died, Caleb married Abigail Hill on April 23, 1693. Caleb died 1714 in Branford, New Haven, Connecticut.

Child of Abigail and Caleb:

i. Samuel Parmelee, b. 26 Apr 1691; d. 18 Dec 1692.


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