Joseph Bosworth

Joseph BOSWORTH (1574 – 1683) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line. He also was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of 8,192 in this generation of the Miller line.

Joseph Bosworth Coat of Arms

Joseph Bosworth was born 1574 in Holgrave, Nottinghamshire, England.  He married  Alice [__?__] 1605 in Southwell, Nottingham, England.

Alice [_?__] was born in 1578 in Southwell, Nottingham, England.

Some genealogies say that Hanniel was Susannah’s father and not her brother and he was born in 1589 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England instead of 1615.  These genealogies move his marriage to Abigail Scott up to  17 Mar 1614 in England instead of 17 Mar 1654.  They also change Abigail’s birth to 5 Mar 1591 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England.   In both versions Hanniel died 25 Sep 1683 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. and Abigail died 1684 in Ipswich, Essex County, Mass.

There is no known relationship between this Bosworth lineage and that of another of our immigrant ancestors Edward BOSWORTH who came to New England, with his family, in the spring of 1634 and settled in Hingham, Ma.. An interesting coincidence is that Edward Bosworth came on the ship “Elizabeth and Dorcas”; the name Dorcas is rather unique and this dual usage of the name, i.e., the name of the ship versus our ancestor “Dorcas” Bosworth, does catch your attention.

Children of Joseph and Alice:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Alice Bosworth 1606,
Southwell or Arnold, Nottingham, England
Richard Hutinson
7 Dec 1627
Cotgrave, Nottingham, England
1668 Salem, Mass.
2. Susanna BOSWORTH c. 1609
Boston, Lincoln,  England
Theophilus SHATSWELL
c. 1640
Haverhill, Mass
8 Oct 1672
3. Zaccheus Bosworth? 1614
Stowe, Nine Churches, Northhampton, England
28 Jul 1655
Boston, Mass.
4. Hanniel Bosworth 1615
Boston, Lincoln, England
Abigail Scott
(daughter of our ancestor Thomas SCOTT)
17 Mar 1654
Essex, Mass.
25 Sep 1683
5. Dorcas Bosworth c. 1625
Haverhill, Lincoln, England
Edward Clark
20 Aug 1648 Haverhill, Mass
13 Feb 1680/81
Haverhill, Mass



1. Alice Bosworth

Alice’s husband Richard Hutinson was born 1602 in Arnold or Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. His parents were Thomas Hutchinson (1565 – 1618) and Alice [__?__] (1571 – 1618). Richard died 7 Dec 1682 in Salem, Essex, Mass.

Richard’s date of his birth is ascertained from a deposition on file in the office of the Essex County Court, Salem, Mass., where in a case of Cromwell vs. Ruck, 1660, he states his age as being 58 years. He married his wife Alice Bosworth on 7 Dec 1627, in Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire. His first four children, Alice, Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca, were born in England, all except Rebecca in Nottinghamshire.

He emigrated to America in 1634, with his wife Alice, and four children, and settled in Salem Village, now Danvers, in the vicinity of Whipple and Hathorne’s hill. There is some evidence, however, gleaned from the town records of Salem, that he may have primarily settled in the town proper, from the fact that in July 25, 1689, one Philemon Dickerson was granted four poles of land “neere Richard Hutchinson’s house, to make tan pitts and to dress goates skinnes and hieds.” As tanning was not known to have been carried on in Salem Village at so early a period, much time has been spent in discovering this locality, but without avail; as after this, his name seems to have disappeared from the records of Salem.

He and his wife were members of the First Church, Salem, as early as 1636, on whose records he is first mentioned in connection with the baptism of his daughter Abigail.

The first official notice made of him is in the town records, when it is stated that in recognition of his public spirit, as being the possessor and introducer of the first plow brought into this country, he was granted one hundred and forty acres of land by the town authorities.

In 1636, Mr. Hutchinson received a grant of 60 acres of land from the town, and Apr. 3, following, 20 acres more. In the same year he was appointed on a committee to survey Jeffrey’s Creek (now Manchester), and Mackerell Cove. April 17, 1637, it was voted “that in case Ric’d Huchenson shall sett up plowing within 2 years he may haue 20 acres more to bee added to his pportion.” This appears to be in consequence of the great scarcity of ploughs, there being but thirty-seven in all the settlements. In 1648, at Salem Village, he bought of Elias Stileman, his farm of 150 acres, for £15. He then sold half of it to Nathaniel Putnam in 1651.

After his first wife’s death, he married Oct. 1668, Susanna, widow of Samuel Archard.

The records do not show him to have been officially engaged in many matters of public trust, but he was undoubtedly a man of indomitable perseverance, great vigor of mind and physical endurance, a strict disciplinarian in religious affairs, a thorough agriculturist, and as he had amassed a large landed estate, he had, before the close of his life, divided much of his property among his children.

On the decease of James Standish, Mr. Hutchinson was appointed administrator. Richard later married his widow, Sarah Standish. At his third marriage he must have been at least 79 years of age, and certainly 66 on his second.

His will was signed Jan. 19, 1679, and proved Sept. 28, 1682. He died on 11 Feb. 1681/1682. His widow survived him, and shortly after married for her third husband, Thomas Roots, of Manchester, whose Will was proved Nov. 27, 1683. She was living as late as March 1683-4.

His will stated in part that his wife was to be made comfortable for one of her age by Richard¹s son Joseph; to have what she had when they married if she wished to remove; he bequeathed property to son-in-law Anthony Ashby and daughter Abigail, his wife; son-in-law Daniel Boardman and daughter Hannah, his wife; sons-in-law Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Hale and James Hadlock; grandchildren Bethia Hutchinson and Sarah Hadlock; servant, Black Peter. His son Joseph was appointed executor.

2. Susanna BOSWORTH (See Theophilus SHATSWELL‘s page)

4. Hanniel Bosworth

Hanniel’s wife Abigail Scott was born 5 Mar 1623/24 in Rattlesden, Suffield, England and died 1684 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas SCOTT and Elizabeth STRUTT .  Abigail died after 1684 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

Thomas Scott was baptized at Rattlesden, Suffolk, 26 Feb 1594/95, son of Henry Scott. He married in Rattlesden, Suffolk, 20 July 1620 Elizabeth Strutt, baptized at Rattlesden, Suffolk, on 16 May 1594, daughter of Christopher Strutt.   He came from Rattlesden, Suffolk to Massachusetts Bay in 1634 on the “Elizabeth” of Ipswich & settled in Ipswich. Thomas died between 8 Mar 1653/54 (date of will) and 17 Mar 1653/54 (date of inventory).

(On 30 April 1634, “Thomas Skott,” aged 40, “Elizabeth his wife,” aged 40, “Martha Scott,” aged 60, “Elizabeth Scott,” aged 9, “Abigail Scott,” aged 7, and “Thomas Scott,” aged 6, were enrolled at Ipswich as passengers for New England on the Elizabeth).

Hanniel  Bosworth was born ca 1615 in Boston, Lincolnshire area according to his disposition made in 1681.  A lawsuit tried in 1645 in Ipswich, Mass left a record of his immigration.  In 1638 a Mr. John Whittingham of Southerton, Lincs. was contemplating a removal to New England with his mother. Mr. Whittingham negotiated with a number of young men, in the area of Boston, Lincolnshire, to come to New England with him as apprentices. They were to serve ten years in exchange for their passage and resulting living expenses. After arrival in New England, some of the apprentices served their ten years and went on to other endeavors. Hanniel Bosworth was one of these apprentices and remained in the service of John Whittingham and he was a witness to the John Whittingham’s will in 1648. Hanniel was one of only four people, outside the immediate family, to receive a legacy from this will.

5. Dorcas Bosworth

Dorcas’ husband Edward Clark was born 11 March 1622 in England. Edward died 19 Dec. 1710 at Portsmouth, NH at 88 years of age. The name of his parents and the location of his birthplace in England is unknown.


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