Barent Van Rotmers

Barent Van ROTMERS (1595 – 1632) was Alex’s 11th Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Wappen Otterndorf

Barent Van Rotmers (Röttmer) was born in 1591 or 1595 in Osterbruch, Hannover, Preußen, Germany or Otterndorf (about five miles from Altenbruch, also in Hannover).  He married Gysje Geesje BARENTSDOTTER in 1611 in Osterbruch, Hannover. Barent died in Europe before 1632 and did not emigrate.

Gysje (Gissel or Geesie) Geesje Barentsdotter was born in 1591 in Osterbruch,  Germany. She was known as Barents and Barentsdr. (Barentsdotter) meaning “daughter of a man named Barent”.  At the time Gissel was living on the Schaepensteegje or Sheep Alley in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Geesie’s husband Barent Rottmer is never listed, so it is assumed he died before 1632.  After Barent died, she married Pieter Jacobse Van Rynsburgh.  They emigrated on the Den Waterhondt which  sailed from the Texel on 15 June 1640 and had arrived in New Amsterdam by 25 Oct 1640.

Pieter Jacobsz  Van Rynsburgh was the  gunner at Fort Orange. He filed a joint will with Gysje  in June 1642 in New Amsterdam.  On 12 Apr 1658 Pieter made the first of three payments to the deacons for an adult pall at Fort Orange, so it is likely that Geesjie had died that previous winter or in the spring. Pieter went on to marry Elisabeth d’Honneur.

Children of Albert and Annatje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Annatje Barentse Van ROTMERS c. 1608
Oudenbroek, (now Altenbruch, Niedersachsen, Germany)
Albert Andriese BRADT
11 Apr 1632 at the Oude Kerke, Amsterdam
1661 in Albany, NY.
2. Barent Barentsen Van Rottmers 1610
Annetie Jans van Schoonhoven
21 Aug 1632 Amsterdam, Netherlands .
Cathalina Michiels
25 Nov 1634 in Evan, Amsterdam
Annetie Jans van Amsterdam 17 Sep 1644 Amsterdam

Gissel or Geesie Barentsdr. [Barentsdochter] assisted her daughter Annatie Barents Van Rottmer at the signing of banns on 27 March 1632 for her marriage to Albert Andriessen. Annetie was 24 years old. When Annatie’s brother Barent Barents signed his banns at the age of 22, on 21 Apr. 1632 he too was assisted by his mother. At the time Gissel was living on the Schaepensteegje or Sheep Alley in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Geesie’s husband Barent Rottmer is never listed, so it is assumed he died before 1632.

The passenger list of Den Waterhondt, which sailed from The Texel in June or July 1640 for New Netherland, lists Gijsje Berents, wife of Pieter Jacobsz. Gijsje was charged with board on den Waterhondt in 1640 and credited with 28 days work done by her husband at the home of Arent van Curler. Pieter Jacobsz may have been the “constapel” of Fort Orange, who on 15 April 1652 by order of Johannes Dyckman, tore van Slichtenhorst’s proclamation from the house of Gijsbert Cornelisz, tavern keeper.

1662 . . . Baptismal record transcription from church records by Hoes 81 – March 13. Cornelia, daughter of Eva Bratt and Roleof Swartwout, had as her baptismal sponsors Cornelis Slecht, Jannetje Pels, Willemje Jacobs, and Geesje Barents. Geesje Barents was the child’s maternal great grandmother.

1667 . . . Baptismal sponsor as noted. Child: Cornelia. Reference ID: 81. Bapt. Date: 13 Mar 1667. Parents: Roeloff Swartwout and Eva Swartwout. Sponsors: Cornelis Slecht; Jannetje Pels; Willempje Jacobs; Thomes Loodewycksen and Geesje Barents . Source: Kingston Baptismal Register.


1. Annatje Barentse Van ROTMERS (See Albert Andriese BRADT‘s page)

Annetje Barents Van Rotmers d. in 1662, and on 10 July, 1663, her children gave to Storm Albertsen Van Der Zee, her eldest son, power of attorney to collect property inherited from Pieter Jacobsen van Rendsburgh (Rynsburgh), husband of Geesie Barents, their maternal grandmother (Notary Papers at Albany, p. 347). This right enabled Storm to sell a share in a house and lot at New Amsterdam inherited from his mother and occupied by Burgomaster Allard Anthony. Geesie Barents was in this country as earlv as 1642, for in June of that year Pieter Jacobsen, b. in Rendsburgh (probablY Rendsburg, a town of Prussia, in Holstein, on the Eider), and “Gysje Pieters” (Pieters meaning wife of Pieter), both of Fort Orange, made a joint will (Berthold Femow’s Calendar of Wills, No. 956) in which real and personal property was left to her dau. “Annitje Alberts*’ (Alberts meaning wife of Albert). In 1667 Geesie Barents was at Kingston, N. Y., standing as one of the sponsors for Cornelia, dau. of Roelof Swartwout and Eefgen Albertse Bratt.

2. Barent Barentsen Van Rottmers

Barent’s second wife Cathalina Michiels was born 1612 in Leyden, Germany. Her father was Michiel Christiaenss,  Cathalina died in 1644.

Barent Barentsen Van Rottmers (1610-1663) is known to have worked in Amsterdam in the silk industry and perhaps his father Barent Van Rottmers worked in the textile industry there also.  Barent Van Rottmers died in Amsterdam, Netherlands in the 1620s or 1630s.


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  4. Barbara says:

    “Annetie Baerents van Oudenbrath posted marriage banns with Albert Andriess van Frederickstadt… both 24 years old in Amerdam 27 March 1632..” So Barent van Rottmer 1595-1660 (has no documentation) could not marrry Geesje around 1607 at age 12…
    Further, Annetje is never!! recorded as “van Rottmers et al.” All her recording say “Annetje Barents” The “van Rottmer/Roetmer etc.” appears ONLY in interpretative notes.
    Further in Otterndorf are no baptismal records until 1639 and marriage records begin in 1664.
    It is again a complete myth that anybody called Baerent Baerents Rotmer (NOT VAN) but VAN Oudebroek in 1644 has anybody in his ancestry with a Coat of Arms.

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