Jacobus Turck

Jacobus TURCK (1661 – 1711) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

According to traditional sources Jacobus Turck was born in Kinderhook NY and baptized 4 Dec 1661 in the New Amsterdam Dutch Church, New York. His parents were Paulus Jacobszen TURCK and Aeltje Barentse KOOL. He married Cathryntje Van BENTHUYSEN in 1681 in Albany, NY. After Cathryntje died, he married the widow Teuntje Janse Goes Winne on 27 Oct 1705 in Albany, NY and moved to his new wife’s hometown of Kinderhook. Jacobus died 24 Mar 1711 in Albany, NY.

By the 1680s, Jacobus had married Catharina Van Benthuysen and was living in Albany. By 1700, eight children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church where both parents were members and occasional baptism sponsors. The fledgling community granted a city charter in 1686 was in reality a town of about 120 buildings – clustered together city-style and encircled by a tall, wooden stockade. Seventeenth century Albany had four principal public buildings. The city hall was located near the water on Court Street; the Dutch Reformed Church set in the middle of the city’s main intersection; a smaller Lutheran Churchwhich often was without a pastor; and a more imposing wooden fort located up the hillside and overlooking the community.

Catryntje (Catrina) Van Benthuysen was born 8 Mar 1661 in Albany, NY. Her parents were Paulus Martens Van BENTHUYSEN and Cathalyntje Barentse Van KLEECK.  She grew up in Albany as her parents lived at several locations. Her father was a wheelwright and windowmaker of some note.   Catryntje died 4 Feb 1705 in Albany, NY.

Teuntje (Tryntie) Janse Goes was born in 1671 in Albany, NY.  Her parents were Jan Tyssen Tysse Goes and Styntje Christina Janse Van Hoesen.  She first married 20 Oct 1689 – Albany, New York to Thomas Winne (Winnen). Teuntje died in 1711 in Albany.

Children of Jacobus and Catryntje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jacob Turk 14 Oct 1683 Albany, NY 1697
Albany, NY
2. Jacobus Turk 1 Jan 1684/85 Albany Maria Meyer
11 Nov 1726 in New York, NY
Ulster, NY
3. Johannes TURK baptized
16 May 1687 Albany
Jannetjen Van WAGENINGEN
1 Nov 1711 Kingston, Ulster, NY
25 Jan 1736
4. Alida Turk 6 Jun 1689
Kingston, Ulster, NY
5. Alida Turk 27 Nov 1692
Willem Van Beeck
14 Aug 1714
New York, NY
26 Dec 1756
New York or Kingston, NY
6. Catrina Turk? 27 Nov 1692 Albany
7. Sara Turk 7 Apr 1695 Albany Jacob Louw
28 Jun 1715 Pougkeepsie, NY
6 Oct 1756
Pougkeepsie, NY
8. Ahasuerus Turk 10 Nov 1697 Kingston Hillegout (Hillegond) Kuijper (Kuyper)
New York
23 Jul or
31 Oct 1770
Ulster, NY
9. Augustinus Turk 21 Jul 1700 Albany Anna Ketelluyn
22 Apr 1722


Children of Jacobus and Teuntje Janse Goes:

Name Born Married Departed
10. Thomas Turk 6 Jun 1707
Eva Van Valkenburg
2 Jan 1730 Kinderhook, Columbia, New York
Watervliet, Albany, NY
11. Catharina Turk 9 Jan 1709
Kinderhook, Columbia, NY
Jacobus Van Valkenburg
1728 – Kinderhook, Columbia, NY
Watervliet, Albany, NY

According to traditional sources, Jacobus Turck may have been born in Kinderhook in 1661 and christened in the New Amsterdam Dutch church on December 4. Then, he would have been the first child born in the large family of Paulus Jacobus and Aeltje Barents Turck – pioneer settlers of New Netherland.

By the 1680s, he had married Catharina Van Benthuysen and was living in Albany. By 1700, eight children had been baptized at the Albany Dutch church  where both parents were members and occasional baptism sponsors.

After living for a time in the second ward,, these Turcks became first ward mainstays.. He also joined his neighbors in signing community-based oaths and petitions.

Turck became quite wealthy – probably through trading. He served his community as assessor and constable. In 1698, he was elected assistant alderman for the first ward and served for several years. He was an active councilman – taking part in numerous official activities. In 1702, he was appointed sheriff of Albany and served until 1705.

His first wife died early in 1705. By October, he had re-married – taking the widow Tryntie Hoes Winnen as his second wife. By 1709, that marriage produced at least two more children. By then, he had re-located to Kinderhook and was off of Albany rolls.

Henry Hudson sailed as far north as Kinderhook on his exploration of the Hudson River and named the location “Kinderhoek.” Kinderhook signifies in Dutch “the children’s corner,” and is supposed to have been applied to this locality, in 1609, on account of the many Indian children who had assembled on one of the bluffs along the river to see his strange vessel (the ‘Half Moon’) sailing up stream. Another version says that a Swede named Scherb, living in the forks of an Indian trail in the present town of Stuyvesant, had such a numerous family of children that the name of Kinderhook was used by the Dutch traders to designate that locality. Hudson had mixed dealing with the local Mohican natives, ranging from peaceful trade to minor skirmishes. As the Dutch attempted to colonize the area, further warfare broke out with the natives.

Kinderhook was a village and town in old Albany County. It was and is located on the eastern side of the Hudson River about twenty miles southeast of Albany and about five miles upstream from Kinderhook Landing – Kinderhook’s river port. Today, Kinderhook is located in northern Columbia County.

Kinderhook was settled by overflow New Netherland families from Albany during the 1660s. Traditional sources state there were thirty-one original patentees. The settlement formed on the west bank of the Kinderhook Creek and the first lots were deeded about 1681. A Dutch Reformed church is said to have been in operation there as early as 1712. Before that, spiritual services were supplied from Albany.


2. Jacobus Turk

It is often reported that Jacobus’ first married Teuntjie Hoes (Goes) b. 1685 – Albany, New York, but this is mixing up Jacobus Sr’s second wife Teuntje (Tryntie) Janse Goes.

Jacobus’ wife Maria Meyer was born 1688 in Albany, New York. Her parents were xx. Maria died 28 Apr 1774 in Ulster County, NY.

Jacobus Jr. of New York City is credited with inventing the first fire cap around 1740.  It was round with a high crown and narrow rim and was made of leather.  Improvements on his design were made by Mathew DuBois, who sewed iron wire in to the edge of the brim to give the helmet shape and strength, and provide resistance to heat, moisture, and warping.  The leather helmet as it is known today came from a very modest and non-fire related beginning.  Although the year the traditional fire helmet was invented is mired in speculation and debate, it is generally agreed upon as sometime between 1821 and 1836.  The gentleman credited with its founding was named Henry T. Gratacap

3. Johannes TURK (See his page)

5. Alida Turk

Alinda’s husband Willem Van Beeck was born 1690 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. His parents were xx. Willem died 14 Aug 1764 in New York.

7. Sara Turk

Sara’s husband Jacob Louw was born 24 Jun 1688 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. His parents were Peter Cornelius Louw and Elizabeth Blanchan. Jacob died in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York.

8. Ahasuerus Turk

Ahasuerus’ wife Hillegout (Hillegond) Kuijper (Kuyper) was born 26 Apr 1700 in Tappan, Rockland, New York. Her parents were Cornelius Kuyper and Aeltje Teunise Bogaer. Hillegout died 19 Nov 1774 in Ulster, New York. Her sister Annetje married Ahasuerus’ cousin once removed Johannes Turck.

9. Augustinus Turk

Augustinus’ wife Anna Ketelluyn was born 1702 in Albany, Albany, New York. Her parents were xx. Annatje died in Ulster, New York.

In April 1722, the Albany native married Anna Kettlehuyn at the Albany Dutch church. The marriage does not seem to have produced children. Although his father remained active in Albany church ceremonies, this son witnessed only one baptism during the 1720s.

In 1723, he was named city marshall and appears to have held that post for a number of years. He was compensated by the Albany government for his services. In November 1726, city records noted that he was practicing law.

In 1727, his account for two pounds three shillings for use of his canoe from Oswego to New York was among a long list of those approved for payment in the colonial laws of the province

Augustinus Turk and Annatje Kettelheim were godparents to Annatje Buys born 19 May 1751 and baptized 7 Jul 1751 at the Reformed Church, Rhinebeck. The parents were Jacob Busch and Mary Fynhout.  Augustinus would have been 23 years old in 1751.

10. Thomas Turk

Thomas’ wife Eva Van Valkenburg was born 13 Jun 1708 in Albany, Albany, New York. Her parents were Johannes Van Valkenburg and Margriet Barheit.. Eva died 1790 in Watervliet, Albany, New York.

11. Catharina Turk

Catharina’s husband Jacobus Van Valkenburg was born 16 MAR 1707 in Albany, New York. His parents were Abraham Jochumse Van Valkenburg and Catelyntie Schermerhorn. Alternatively, his parents were Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburg and Eva Hendrickse Vrooman.  Jacobus died 1797 – Schodack, Rensselaer, New York.







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