Robert Willems

Robert WILLEMS (1693 – 1750) was Alex’s 8th Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Robert (Robbard) Willems was born about 1693 and baptized 21 Apr 1697 in Philipsburg, Westchester, NY (present day Tarrytown). His parents were Robert WILLEMZE and Greesje CERANT. He married Maraitje JURKSE on 28 Mar 1714 in Philipsburg, Westchester, NY. After Maraitje died, he married Jannetje Van Wert on  8 Aug 1723 in Phillipsburg, Westchester, NY.  Robert died in 1750 in Phillipsburg.

Maraitje Jurkse (Maritie Jurckse) was born in 1693 in Haverstraw, Orange, NY. Her parents were Johannes Paulusen JUROKSEN (Paulis Jurckse) and Jannetje DARETH.  (Her father married Antje Jochems Van Wert in 1697.) Maraitje died before 28 Aug 1723.

Jannetje Van Wert was born 1700 in Phillipsburg, Westchester, New York. Her parents were Gerrit Joachimse Van Weert and Catalyntje Conkling. Jannetje died in Phillipsburg, Westchester, New York.

Children of Robert and Maraitje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Antie (Anna) Williams 1716
Philipsburg, NY
2. Rachel WILLIAMS 21 Apr 1719 Phillipsburg, Westchester, NY John EVERY
5 Apr 1735 Tarrytown, Westchester, NY
30 Aug 1761 in Dutchess, NY.
3. Willem Williams bapt.
18 Apr 1721
Sleepy Hollow DRC
4. Johannis Williams bapt.
19 Jun 1723
Sleepy Hollow DRC

Children of Robert and Jannetje :

Name Born Married Departed
5. Gerrit Williams bapt.
19 Jun 1725
Sleepy Hollow DRC
6. Jane  (Janetye) Williams bapt.
25 Jun 1634
Sleepy Hollow DRC
Gregory Storm
1 Nov 1755
Sleepy Hollow Reformed Church
1 Nov 1755

These Sleepy Hollow baptisms show Robert’s wife to be Maratie instead of Jannetje .

1731 Aug 21; Robbart Willems, Maratie; Maratie; Godparents Leendert Hof, Maragrietie Hof

1734 Jun 25; Robben Willems, Maritie; Jannitie;Godparents Jan Willems & wife Sara

1737 Apr 23; Jan Beljee, Helena; Robben; Godparents Robben Willems & wife Maritie

1760 Sep 13; Abraham Beasely, Catrina; Johanis; Godparents Robert Williams jr, Maritie Artse

Robert Willemse (1693, bpt 12 Aug 1698 Philipsburgh, NY -?) m.(1) 28 Mar 1714, Tarrytown DRC, Maritie Jurckse (c. 1693 in Haverstraw, NY- bef 1723), daughter of Johannes Paulis Jurckse & Jannetje Dareth, [Children: Jane (1734-?) m. Gregory Storm] m.(2) on 28 Aug 1723 Jannetje van Wert (c.1698 in Philipsburgh, NY -?) at ODC-Sleepy Hollow, NY.

Robbert Willemse and his wife Janitie Van Weert were godparents to Jan Beljee and Helena’s daughter Rachel; baptized 13 Aug 1726 in the Sleepy Hollow DRC.

Robberdt Willemse and Aantie Willemse were godparents to Johannis Jurckse and Rachel Willem’s daughter Lea baptized 11 Oct 1729 in the Sleepy Hollow DRC.


2. Rachel WILLIAMS (See John EVERY‘s page) Rachel’s godparents were Claes Storm & wife Rachel

3. Willem Williams

Willem’s godparents were Jan Beljee & wife Nellitie

4. Johannis Williams

Johannis’ godparents were Joannis Jurcse and Maritie Hoff.

5. Gerrit Williams

Gerrit’s godparents were Gerrit Van Weert and wife Catharina

6. Jane (Janetye) Williams

Jane’s husband Gregory (Gregorus) Storm was baptized 21 Aug 1731 in Cortlandt Manor, Westchester Co., NY. His parents were Jan Storm and Rachel Dereviere (de Revier).  Gregory died in 1807; he was 76.

Resided in Ossining, NY. In 1785 he and his brother Thomas bought from the Commissioners of Forfeitures the larger part of their father’s leasehold

3. Antie (Anna) Williams


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