John Scott Sr.

John SCOTT Sr. (1640 – 1677 ) was Alex’s 9th great grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Scott Sr. was born in 1640 in Providence, Rhode Island.  His parents were Richard SCOTT and Katherine MARBURY. He married Rebecca BROWN about 1659 in Smithfield, Providence County, RI.  In Bodge’s “Soldier’s in King Philip’s War”, it appears that John served from June 1675 to August 1676.  John was shot by an Indian at the time of King Phillip’s War, being wounded in his own house door at Pawtucket Ferry and lingering on, dying about 1 June 1677  in Providence, RI.  As neither John nor his father are in ” A List of the inhabitants who Tarried in Providence during Philip’s War—1675,” it appears probable that the entire Moshasuck quaker settlement went to Newport during that struggle, and that John Scott and his family returned too soon for safety.

John Scott was shot by an Indian at the time of King Phillip’s War, being wounded in his own house door at Pawtucket Ferry and lingering on, dying about 1 June 1677  in Providence, RI.

Rebecca BROWN was born in 1640.  Most genealogies state that Rebecca was born in Providence, RI.  However, her family lived up north in Hampton, New Hampshire.  Either the birthplace is wrong or Rebecca had different parents.  Her parents may have been John BROWN and Sarah WALKER.    After John died, the widow Rebecca remained in Providence, and took up the task of straightening out her late husband’s affairs, a task to which was soon added the tangled affairs of her father-in-law, Richard Scott.  There she married, 15 Apr 1678, John Whipple, Jr., who was one of the prominent men in the Providence colony, and had held nearly every office in the gift of the town, from constable to town clerk and moderator of the Town Meeting. He became blind, and several years thereafter, Dec. 15, 1700, he died.

Jan. 7, 1701, the widow Rebecca Whipple presented a will to the Town Council for probate, and was appointed administrator of her husband’s estate, but delayed the settlement for nearly a year, until she and John Whipple’s daughters and their husbands, on the one part, forced a deed of partition with young John Whipple, on the other part.

Children of John and Rebecca all born in Providence, probably at Moshasuck:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah Scott 29 Sep 1662 Providence, Rhode Island Robert Westgate
c. 1684 Newport, RI.
23 SEP 1723
Providence, RI
2. John SCOTT Jr. 14 Mar 1663/64 in Providence Elizabeth WANTON
16 Sep 1688
Newport, RI
1725 Newport, Rhode Island
3. Mary Scott 1 FEB 1665/66 Providence Joshua Davis
1686 Newport, RI
East Greenwich, RI
4. Catherine Scott 20 MAY 1668 Providence 1715
5. Rebecca Deborah Scott 20 DEC 1669 Providence bef. 1684
6. Major Sylvanus Scott 10 NOV 1672 Providence Joanna Jenckes (Jonckes)
c. 1692
Providence, RI
13 JAN 1741/42

Children of Rebecca and John Whipple:

Name Born Married Departed
7. Deliverance Whipple 11 Feb 1678/79 Providence, RI William Arnold
Warwick, RI
5 Jan 1765/66
8. Dorthy Whipple  c. 1680 19 Sep 1728

While it is tradition that his parents Richard and Catherine Scott became Quakers, there is no evidence that John Scott converted.

8 Feb 1665 – John bought a house and four acres of land of George Palmer in Providence

1666 – Chosen deputy

30 May 1667 – Took the oath of allegience

3 Nov 1668 – Bought of Robert Williams, school master, a dwelling in Providence, including a home share, orchard and other lands. Again, he bought twenty acres of land of Thomas Clemence

27 Apr 1668- Juryman

1668 – Complained of a neighbor for “entering” upon a portion of his land.

1671 – At his request, the town voted “to lay out a highway to Mr. Blackstone’s river, where it may be most convenient.”

1671 – Paid taxes of 1-0-0

1 Jan 1671 – Bought, January 1, 1671, of Thomas Wilmot, of Rehoboth, forty-one and a half acres, half the tract called Reynolds Valley.

13 Oct 1671 Sold a house to Leonard Smith

1675 – The tradition seems to be well established that John Scott met his death by being shot by an Indian in the doorway of his own house. Roger Williams, in a letter to John Winthrop, Jr., dated June 27, 1675, referred to his death as follows: “Some say John Scot at Pawtucket Ferry is slain.” The effect of the shot seems not to have proved immediately fatal, for it is thought he afterwards made his will. At a court martial held at Newport, August 25, 1676, an Indian, charged with the crime, proved an alibi and that he “was not at the wounding of John Scot.”

2 Feb 1677 – Land granted to him in 1668 was laid out to his heirs. His widow Rebecca bought land of John Fitch at Providence.

There have been three printed names for the last name of Rebecca wife of John Scott.  There are holes in all three stories:

    [NYGBR 2:174-179] says that there is strong circumstantial evidence that she was the daughter of Sylvanus White, son of Pergrine White. As Peregrine White was born 1620 and married 1648, Sylvanus White could not be the father of Rebecca who was born about 1640 (see NEHGR 47:482).
    [NEHGR 60:173] says there is very good reason for believing her to have been the daughter of John and Sarah Browne of Old Swansea. But there are no reasons given and John 1 Brown of Swansea had a wife named Dorothy, and John 2 Brown of Swansea was born in 1636 and could not have been the father of Rebecca.
    [Wilkenson and Kindred Families, Wilkinson, 1950]. In several places calls the wife of JS Rebecca Davis. Mr Wilkenson died in 1958 and all his research for his book was burned in a fire earlier. Can find nothing anywhere to substantiate this claim. No Davis families have a Rebecca and probably were not connected to the RI Wilkinson family at all, but it does say that Rebecca Davis was of RI.
    [Scott] While it is tradition that Richard and Catherine Scott became Quakers, there is no evidence that John Scott converted. In Bodge’s “Soldier’s in King Philip’s War”, it appears that JS served from June 1675 to August 1676. He took the oath of allegience 30 May 1667 and was a juryman 27 April 1668. He paid taxes of 1-0-0 in 1671. Acquired property and became a prosperous citizen. Shot by an Indian on his own doorstep and died a few days later, about 1 June 1677. As neither RS nor JS are listed in the list of inhabitants that remained in Providence, it is probable that the entire Moshasuck settlement went to Newport during the struggle. JS seems to have returned too soon. Widow RBS remained in Providence, where she married 2nd, 15 April 1678,m John Whipple Jr (who eventually became blind and died 15 December 1700).[Scott2] There have been three printed names for the last name of Rebecca wife of JS. I believe all are probably wrong.[Scott 1955] There are reasons for thinking that Rebecca had close connections with the Browns of Swansea; or with the Willetts who had married into the Browns there.


1. Sarah Scott

Sarah’s husband Robert Westgate was born 1 Jul 1647 in Salem, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Adam Westgate (1620 – 1685) and Mary [__?__] (1626 – 1680). Robert died 23 Dec 1717 in Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island

2. John SCOTT Jr. (See his page)

3. Mary Scott

Mary’s husband Joshua Davis was born 1666 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. His parents were Aaron Davis and Mary [__?__]. Joshua died 8 Jan 1736 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island

6. Major Silvanus Scott

Silvanus’ wife Joanna Jenckes was born 1672 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. His parents ere Joseph Jenckes and Esther Ballard. Joanna died 12 Mar 1756 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island

Silvanus,  who was about six years old when his father died, lived with his mother in John Whipple’s house. He became Major Silvanus Scott, and early in life entered into the politics of the town, becoming nearly as prominent in his generation as his step-father had been before him.  He was deputy to the general assembly in 1709 and until 1717. He was a member of the town council 1713-14-15-16-17-18.  He was a fisherman by trade and June 1, 1716, he and two others were given liberty by the general assembly “to use and improve so much of Starve Goat Island as needful in making, drying and securing fish.”

He married, about 1692, Joanna, daughter of Joseph and Esther (Ballard) Jenckes. His wife was a sister of the Governor Jenckes so noted in R. I. annals in the first half of the 18th century.  It has not been proven that  Silvanus or Joanna Scott were Quakers; but many of their descendants were, and still are, of that faith. Their great-grandson Job Scott was, in the latter half of the 18th century, one of the most noted Friends’ ministers then living.

7. Deliverance Whipple

Deliverance’s husband William Arnold was born 1681 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island. His parents were Israel Arnold and Mary Barker. William died 15 Jun 1759 in Coweset, Kent, Rhode Island


The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 60 By Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, New England Historic Genealogical Society Pub.  1906

Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal memoirs of Worcester County Mass  Volume 4 By Ellery Bicknell Crane Pub 1907

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  6. Jill Chapman says:

    Is there confirmation on who Rebecca Brown was who married John Scott, Sr. ? Looks like there is unproven information as to her parents. The Scott line is part of my family. Thanks.

  7. markeminer says:

    Hi Jill,

    I have my doubts whether John Brown and Sarah Walker really were this Rebecca’s parents. She would have had to travel the 120 miles between Hampton, NH and Portsmouth, RI on her as a 19 year old and live in Rhode Island the rest of her life. My hunch is that John and Sarah had their own Rebecca (perhaps 1642 – 1672) and researchers picked her because they had no other options available.

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