Lewis B. Horton

Lewis B. HORTON was Alex’s 4th Great Grandfather; one of 32 in this generation of the Blair line.

Lewis B. Horton was born about 1818 , perhaps 28 Mar 1819 in  Massachusetts. Possible parents are William HORTON and Sarah Ann AVERY Gane  or  William Horton and Nancy Strong.  He married Tryphosa AMES.  Lewis died 20 Jun 1858 in Saratoga, New York.

Tryphosa Ames was born 28 Jun 1812 in Massachusetts.  Her parents may have been  After Lew died, she married John Olmstead Lyon.  Her name was spelled  Stuphosa Horton in the 1850 census, Jiphose Horton in the 1860 census, Tryphosa Lyon in the 1870 census and Tryphosia Lyon in the 1880 census, all in Saratoga, New York.  Tryphosa died 6 Sep 1886 and is buried in Edinburg, Saratoga, New York.

Children of Louis and Tryphosa

Name Born Married Departed
1. Royal A. Horton c. 1836
2. Rebecca Tryphosa HORTON 7 Apr 1841
Thomas BLAIR
5 Jul 1859
Huntingdon County, Quebec
8 Apr 1927
Franklin Center, Quebec

The Facts

I can only find two definitive records about this family

The 1850 census, shows Lewis, Tryphosa, Royal and Rebecca were living in Providence, Saratoga County, New York.  Lewis was a laborer.

Lewis Horton age 32 born about 1818 in Mass.
Tryphosa Horton age 38 born about 1812 in Mass.
Royal A Horton age 14 born about 1836 in Mass.
Rebecca S Horton age 9 born about 1841 in Mass.

The Town of Providence is on the county’s western border and is west of Saratoga SpringsNew York.

Providence, Saratoga, New York

The area was settled before 1786, but that was the year of any definite settlement, located by Hagedorns Mills. The town was formed from part of the Town of Galway in 1796. The early economy was based on forestry with the harvesting of lumber, and the manufacture of pulpwood being important.

Rebecca’s adult baptism when she married Thomas BLAIR  She was baptized 19 Aug 1860 in Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Russelltown Circuit; Franklin Methodist, Huntington, Quebec.  Rebecca’s birthplace shows as USA in the 1881 Canadian census. Rebecca died 8 Apr 1927 at the age of 86 and is also buried in the Franklin Center Cemetery.

Rebecca Horton Baptism – 1860 Franklin, Quebec, Canada

The 1850 census shows Lewis and the baptism record shows Louis.  Lewis is probably correct.

In search of Royal Horton

My assumption is Royal Horton must be a family name.  I’ve found several men with that name living in 19th Century New England.  I’m still piecing together how they fit, but first, here’s a possible 1840 census record for Lewis:

In the 1840 census, there was a Lewis Horton (age 20 – 29)  living in Taunton Township, Bristol County, Massachusetts with one daugther (age 10-14) one son (under 5)  and a wife (age 20-29)

Suspect 1 ) – Rial Royal Horton

Rial Royal Horton was born 6 Mar 1794. His parents were Asa Horton (27 Nov 1765 Dighton, Bristol, Mass – Apr 1810, Charlotte, Vermont) and Mary Ingalls (21 Sep 1767 Rehobth, Mass – Aug 1811 Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire) Asa and Mary married 3 Nov 1784 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

His grandparents were Jonathan Horton (b. 1 Jul 1733 Rehoboth, Mass. – d. 1774 Freetown, Bristol, Mass.) and Phebe Ormsbee (b. 1734 in Bristol, Rhode Island – d. Oct 1790) Jonathan and Phebe married 5 Dec 1754 in Warren, Rhode Island.

His great grandparents were Jonathan Horton (b. 1695 Rehoboth, Mass. -d . 20 Jun 1774, Rehoboth, , Mass) and Ann Millard (b. 12 Aug 1708 in Rehoboth, Mass – d. 14 Jul 1751 in Rehoboth, Mass.) Jonathan and Ann married 28 Oct 1725 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

His 2nd great grandparents were John Horton (b.6 Jun 1672 Milton, Norfolk, Mass. – d. 15 Oct 1742 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass) and Mehitabel Garnsey (b. 2 Nov 1673 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass. – d. 15 Oct 1742 in Rehoboth) John and Mehitable married 1691 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

His 3rd great grandparents were Thomas Horton (b. 1638 Springfield, Hampden, Mass. – d. 8 Mar 1716 Rehoboth) and Susannah Keney (b. 18 Jul 1673 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass. d. Jun 1700 in Milton, Mass) Thomas and Susannah married 25 Dec 1693 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass.

His 4th great grandparents were Thomas Horton (b. 1602 Mousley, Leichestershire, England – d. 1641 Springfield, Hampden, Mass) and Mary Eddy (b. 10 Mar 1625 in Nayland, Suffolk, England – d. 19 Sep 1683 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.) Thomas and Mary were married by 1632 in England.

Thomas, his wife, Mary and their first born child, Mary Horton, along with his brother, Jeremiah, soon followed their brother, Barnabas across the ocean in the ship, “John and Mary.” Thomas and Mary arrived in MA in early 1636 and left immediately for Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, where their second child, Jeremiah Horton was born. According to Savage, Thomas and Mary removed to Springfield, MA by 1638, but Thomas’ name is listed in The History of Springfield on page 41, 1636 – Thomas Horton witnessed Indian Deed and died here 1641.

Thomas’ brother BARNABAS HORTON born 13 Jun 1600 in Mowsley, Leicestershire, England, died 1680 in Southold,Long Island, NY. Barnabas was a Puritan and decided to follow after Reverend Youngs when he,with some of his congregation, William Wells,Esq., Wm. Hallock, John Tuthill, Richard Terry, Thomas Mapes, Matthias Corwin, Robt. Ackerty, Jacob Corey, John Conklin, Isaac Arnold, John Budd and moved to America. Barnabas and his family wasn’t long in joining them. They left in about 1635 aboard the ship “Swallow” and landed at Hampden, Massachussetts. In 1640, Barnabas, his wife, Mary, and two sons and daughter, Joseph, Benjamin and Ann left for New Haven,CT. On the 21st day of Oct 1640, assisted by Reverend John Davenport and Gov. Eaton, they organized themselves into a Congregational Church and sailed to the east end of Long Island, now Southold. They crossed Long Island Sound, sailed up Peconic Bay and came ashore at Founder’s Landing. Barnabas died on the 13th day of July, 1680, aged eighty years. He was known as ‘Barnabas, The Old Puritan.” .

In the 1820 census, Royal Horton was living in Lysander Township, Onodaga County, New York.
Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
Males – Under 10: 1  (Could be our Lewis)
Males – 26 thru 44: 1
Females – Under 10: 2
Females – 26 thru 44: 1
Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture: 1
Free White Persons – Under 16: 3
Free White Persons – Over 25: 2
Total Free White Persons: 5

Royal Horton continued to live in Lysander, New York in the 1830 and 1840 censuses.

Males – 10 thru 14: 1 (Could be our Lewis)
Males – 30 thru 39: 1
Females – 10 thru 14: 2
Females – 30 thru 39: 1
Under 20: 3
20 thru 49: 2
Total All Persons: 5

Males – 15 thru 19: 1
Males – 20 thru 29: 1 (Could be our Lewis)
Males – 40 thru 49: 1
Females – 10 thru 14: 1
Females – 20 thru 29: 1
Females – 40 thru 49: 1
Total – All Persons  6
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 3
Under 20: 2
– 20 thru 49: 4

One of Rial Royal’s brothers was Lovel Lewis Horton (4 Aug 1789 Berkshire, Mass – 17 Jun 1843  Hortontown Cemetery Lysander, Onondaga NY, near Lamson, NY) Today, Hortontown is a farm in the central part of the town. On 14 Sep 1818 [the same year our Lewis Horton was born]  in Lysander, Onondaga, New York, he married Sylvia Rathbun (19 May 1796 in Pittsfield, Mass – 4 Jan 1887 in New York)    His children :

i Julia Horton (1819 – 1887)
ii. Electa Horton (1820 – 1833)
iii. Ingalls Horton (1824 – 1825)
iv. Elizabeth Betsy L Horton (1825 – 1863)
v. Desdamonia Horton (1826 – 1900)
vi. Delzora Horton (1829 – 1879)
vii. Artemetia Horton (1830 – 1883)
viii. Ingalls Horton (1832 –
ix. Syntha Cyntha Horton (1839 – 1842)
x. Lovel Lewis Horton (1843 – 1928)

Suspect 2 – Royal and Polly Horton

There was a Royal and Polly Horton living in New Albion, Cattaraugus, New York (between Buffalo and Erie) in the 1850 census They were living with Hiram and Harriett Youngs and their children.

Royal Horton Age 56 b. abt 1794 Mass
Polly Horton 58 b. abt 1792 NY
Hiram Youngs 30
Harriet Youngs 30
Mary A Youngs 7
Edmund H Youngs 2
Hiram Warren 12
Amanda Youngs 23

Suspect 3 – Royal Horton and Eunice Lee

There was another Royal Horton born at Rehoboth, 18  Nov 1795. who was the son of Daniel Horton.    He married Eunice Lee 4 May 1823 – Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts, too late to be our Lewis’s father.    However, Royal Horton is an unusual name, so there may be a connection.

In the 1840 census, there was a Royal Horton living in Rehoboth, Mass.  (Age 50 – 59) Wife (Age 50 – 59) 2 Males (Age 20 – 29) 2 Males (Age 10 – 14) for a total household of 6.  Two persons were employed in agriculture and one person was employed in trade/manufacturing.

There was another Royal Horton in the 1820 census in Rehoboth, Mass.  Royal and his wife were  between 26 and 44 years old.  They had 3 boys and 2 girls under 10.  Royal son of Daniel Horton, was born at Rehoboth, 18  Nov 1795 and would have been too young to already have five children by 1820.  The older Royal Horton appears again in the 1840 Rehoboth census.   He and his wife are 50 – 59 years old.  Two of their sons are 20 – 29 and two sons are 10- 14 years old for a total household of 6 persons.

Here is that Royal’s ancestry:

I. Thomas Horton  (b. 1638 Springfield, Hampden, Mass. – d. 8 Mar 1716 Rehoboth) and Susannah Keney (b. 18 Jul 1673 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass. d. Jun 1700 in Milton, Mass) Thomas and Susannah married 25 Dec 1693 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass.  He was also 3rd great grandfather of the other Royal Horton.

II. Solomon Horton, son of Thomas Horton, was born at Milton, Massachusetts, January 11, 1682. He married, at Milton, December 5, 1701, Susanna Babcock. Children, born at Milton: Sarah, 17 May 1702; Hannah, 19 Dec  1706; Anna, 12 Dec 1708; Solomon, about 1712-15.  Perhaps others.

(III) Solomon, son of Solomon (2) Horton, was born about 1712-15. He settled in Rehoboth. He married Mary . Children, born at Rehoboth: Charles, 18 Mar 1739; Constant, 29 Oct, 1740; Solomon, 15 Jan 1742/43; Mary, 10 Aug 1745; Abiall, 14 Oct 1747; Daniel, 30 Jan 1749/50; Aaron, 21 Mar 1752.

(IV) Daniel, son of Solomon (3) Horton, was born at Rehoboth, Jan 30, 1749/50. He was a soldier in the revolution, from his native town, a private in Captain Nathan Carpenter’s company, at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1776; also in Captain Israel Hix’s company, Colonel Thomas Carpenter’s regiment, marching from Rehoboth to Bristol, Rhode Island, in December, 1776; also sergeant in Captain Israel Hix’s company in 1780. He married, in 1779, Mary Goff. Children, born in Rehoboth.

Children of Daniel and Mary

i. Nancy, 15 Oct 1780, died unmarried at Rehoboth

ii. Silvanus, 20 Sep 1782, married Hannah Slade, and lived at Rehoboth;  One of their two children was Henry Slade  Horton, born 19 Nov 1809, in Rehoboth, long the seat of the family, who  was a farmer all his life until he died 25 Jun 1858; he also was an auctioneer, and a town  office holder and selectman of Rehoboth; he  married Arabella Simmons, born in Aug 1809, daughter of Constant Simmons, of Dighton, Massachusetts, and died at the age of  eighty

iii. Simeon,  (27 Sep 1784 – 1833) , married Melvina (Lavina)  M. Wheeler;    The Wheeler and  Horton  Cemetery  in Rehoboth, Mass is located at “Horton’s Signal” and is one of the best private burial-places in the town, containing about half an acre and enclosed by an excellent wall. The stones are mostly granite and the yard is under perpetual care. Here is buried Shubael Wheeler, a soldier of the Revolution, born Sep. 29, 1758, in the old Wheeler House across the way, now gone. He died Feb 20, 1812. His father was Philip Wheeler, called Capt. Wheeler, born at Rehoboth, May 4, 1733. He was accepted by the D. A. R. as “Patriot.” His grandfather was Capt. Philip Wheeler, who died in Rehoboth Sept. 19,1765, in his 66th year. He is designated as “Colonel Wheeler.”  Shubael’s daughter, Lavina, married Simeon Horton, who with his wife is buried in the Wheeler and Horton yard.

He was descended from Solomon Horton of Dighton (Thomas,1 Solomon,2 Solomon Jr.,3 Daniel,4 born Jan. 30, 1749-50, Simeon6).

Some of his children are buried here;
– Daniel M., 1816-1893, with Adeline his wife, 1833-1872, and their son-in-law, Albert T. Cobb;
– Edward Hiram, 1820-1904, and his two wives Hannah and Maria (Nichols); Edward Hiram kept a store nearby for many years. His daughter Mary, wife of George D. Nichols, is buried here, and his nephew Hiram Kingman, and wife Isadore (Baker).
– George Leonard, 1824-1907, unmarried

iv. Rachel, 18 Jan 1787, married John Slade, and died at Somerset, Massachusetts;
v. Polly,  6 Aug 1789, married Isaiah Simmons, and died at Bristol, Rhode Island;
vi. Lettis, 22 Dec 1791, married George Case, and lived at Rehoboth;
vii. Royal, 18 Nov 1795 mentioned below.

V. Royal was son of Daniel Horton (4), was born at Rehoboth, 18  Nov 1795. He followed farming in his native town all his active life, except for a few years when he lived at Bristol Neck, and he died while in the prime of life. He married Eunice Lee 4 May 1823 – Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts  .  Eunice married (second) Benjamin Childs. By her second husband she had one son, Benjamin Childs Jr., who married Emma Arnold, and died in Providence, Rhode Island.

Children of Royal Horton and Eunice Lee

1. Daniel, married (first) Harriet Amanda Tanner; (second) Mrs. Cornelia Rich ; he was a carpenter and real estate dealer in Providence; his daughter Isabel married Moses W. Horton.
2. Stephen,  b. abt 1827 Mass resided at Rehoboth, and died in Providence.
3. Nathan B., mentioned below.
4. Nancy Maria,  b. abt. 1830 Mass. married (first) John W. Cole; (second) Stephen Garland; she died in Providence in 1904; and her son, John W. Cole, resides in Providence.
5. Royal  b. abt. 1836 Rhode Island.  a retired jeweler, died in Barrington, Rhode Island, in December, 1910; married Helen M. Brown; children: Martha, married Charles F. Boyden, and Jennie, married Fred Smith

In the 1850 census, Royal was living with his brother Stephen in Rehoboth, Mass.

Stephen L Horton Age 23 b. abt 1827 Mass
Nancy Horton Age 20 b. abt. 1830 Mass.
Royal D Horton Age 14 b. abt. 1836 Rhode Island.
Benj M Childs Age 4 b. abt 1846 Rhode Island.

In the 1880 census  and 1900 census Royal D Horton was married and living in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island

Royal D. Horton –  Son of Royal (5) Horton and Eunice Lee; b. Bristol, R.I., June 28, 1835; m.  Helen M. Brown, Dec. 1, 1857; children: Walter, Martha, Dexter and Jennie Bucklin. Barrington, Rhode Island – Member Cong. Church.; member of school committee 25 years; a trustee of Public Library; chairman of Com. on Central bridge; member of Town Committee., and State Central Com., business, manufacturing jewelry.

Suspect 4 Gurdon Horton

Gurdon Horton was born 24 Feb 1791 in Union City, Tolland, CT. His parents were Deacon Ezra Horton (1761 – 1848) and Olive May (1765 – 1833) He married 1 May 1816 to Lucy Davidson. Gurdon died 18 May 1877.

Their first child Royal (Roysel), born 31 July, 1819; died 25 Sep 1820.

Another Lewis Horton

Lewis Benjamin Horton was born 25 May 1817 in  Columbus, NY.  His parents were Benjamin and Peninah Horton.  He married on 13 Feb 1850 in Coventry, Chenango, NY. to  Martha Anna Shapley (b. 23 Jun 1815 in Oxford or Guilford, NY)

Their son Albert Lewis Horton was born 3 Aug 1854 and prob. died bef. 1880.

Their grandson Leslie Albert Horton was born in 1873/74. In 1880, his parents he was living with his grandparents. He married Mertie Winston (b. Sep 1872, New York), daughter of Charles G. and Sarah Winston, in 1891. They lived in Coventry, Chenango, NY.

Possible Ames Suspects

Looking for parents of Elizabeth Amos, b. abt 1742. She married John Densmore (Dunsmoor), 15 Apr 1765, Hardwick, Worcester Co. MA. They had 7 children: Amos, John, Eliphalet, Tryphosa, Sophia, Susan, and Nancy. They migrated to Richfield, Otsego Co. NY abt 1792, and Elizabeth died there 13 Oct 1803.

It has been suggested that the name “Amos” might have been spelled “Ames”, “Eames” or “Eams” earlier, and that she could be Elizabeth Eames, d.o. Josiah and Anna Parmenter Eames, b. 7 Apr 1741, Norwich, CT.

Anyone who has information on Elizabeth’s parents, or can shed light on the Amos name derivation, please contact me through this message board, or at rudyskid@hotmail.com

Fisher Ames who married Clarissa Hudson on 8 Mar 1830 in Hinchinbrook PQ is a possible brother of Tryphosa

09-15-1869 Samuel Ernest Ames, son of Fisher Ames, Esq., Franklin Quebec, married Jessie Cain, daughter of David Cain, Esq., of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. George Rogers, Wisleyan minister.





New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the …, Volume 4 edited by William Richard Cutter




A history of Rehoboth, Massachusetts: its history for 275 years, 1643-1918 …


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