John Pickard Sr.

John PICKARD Sr. (1600 – 1640) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, one of 4,096  in this generation of the Shaw line. He was also Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line. These lines have been separate up to the present day by 12 and 11 generations respectively.

John Pickard – Coat of Arms

John Pickard Sr.  was born about 1600 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, East Riding Yorkshire, England.  His parents may have been Robert PICKARD (1557 – 1634) and Margaret BOTT (1560 – 1593).  Robert PICKARD (son of John PICKARD and Margaret) was born Abt. 1555 in Willoughby, Waterleys, Lincolnshire, England, and died 20 Jun 1634 in Willoughby, Waterleys, Lincolnshire, England,.He married Margaret BOTT on 02 Aug 1578 in Willoughby, Waterleys, Lincolnshire, England,.

Alternatively, there were two John Pickards and Robert Pikard’s and Margaret Bott’s son John may have been born in Leicestershire, England on 12 Mar 1580, married Anne Unknown, married the sister of Bartholomew Hich, and passed away on 1634 in Leicestershire, England.  According to this version, Robert’s son Henry PICKARD went to Holme Upon Spaulding Moor, York, England where he married Elizabeth Margaret WINTRINGHAM, their two known children were John and his sister Dorcas Pickard. They both came to America and arrived in Rowley Essex, Mass., but at seperate times.  I am not sure which story is correct, so I made a separate page for Henry PICKARD.

Here is what we know about Robert Pikard’s and Margaret Bott’s descendents leading up to Bartholomew Pickard who joined the Royal Army and ended up in New York marrying a Dutch girl.

ROBERT PICKARD (Son of JOHN) Robert PICKARD, yeoman, son of John, was probably born at WW no later than 1557 and was buried there 20 June 1634. He left a will which named several in his family. He was married to Margaret BOTT 2 August 1578 and they had six children.

JOHN PICKARD (Son of ROBERT) John PICKARD, yeoman, son of Robert PICKARD, baptized at WW, 3 December 1580, died intestate after 7 May 1630, when he was named in his father’s will. Before 1611, John married a woman whose first name is unknown. Her surname was HICH. She was the brother of Bartholomew Hich. They had seven children.

ROBERT PICKARD (Son of JOHN) Robert PICKARD, yeoman, son of John, was baptized at WW 18 August, 1611, and died there 26 August, 1657. He married there, Bridget STRETTON, baptized at WW 29 December, 1616, died there 3 March, 1672. She was the daughter of William STRETTON of WW. Robert and Bridget had seven children.

BARTHOLOMEW PICKARD (Son of ROBERT) Bartolomew PICKARD, Freeman of Leicester, was born 25 August, 1648, at WW the son of Robert and Bridget PICKARD. He moved from Willoughby to Leicester and was apprentice of William Springthorpe, cordwainer. About 1670, he married Dorothy (—). He died and was buried on 16 March, 1678, at the age of twenty-nine. He left three or four small children. Dorothy’s later history is unknown.

BARTHOLOMEW PICKARD (Son of BARTHOLOMEW) Bartholomew PICKERT [PICKARD] Bartholomew was a soldier and emigrant to the colony of New York. He was born at Leicester, England, and baptized in St. Martin’s, September 18, 1676. His parents were Bartholomew and DorothyPICKARD.

In 1697, Bartholomew joined His Majesty’s Army and shipped out with three companies of troops consisting of two hundred men to New York. They were deployed to protect the Northern Frontier from raids by the French and their Indian allies. He was transferred to Schenectady near the end of 1698. It was here that he met and married a Dutch girl, Eechje [Eva] CLAES on November 12, 1698. She had been born near Schenectady about 1680. Her father may have been Nicholas Claes.

They were members of the Reformed Church of Schenectady. Their first three children were baptized there. About 1706, they moved to Albany, where Bart was a Grenadier in Colonel Richard Ingoldsby’s Company until sometime after 1713.

He was granted a lot for a farm about six miles west of Albany on the King’s Highway on January 15, 1717. He farmed there until 1723, when he was granted a patent at Stone Arabia for 940 acres. His neighbors were the Palatines who had come over in 1709, and were finally receiving some land of their own. Since the record keepers were most likely German or at least expected all the local inhabitants to be German, it may explain why Bartholomew was recorded as Pikkert rather than Pickard. He is even described in one source as one of the distressed Palatines who came in 1709.

Our ancestor (Johann) Friedrich MARKLE was a Palatine refugee.  You can see the story of their escape to America on his page.

Bartholomew died in New York, in 1742. He may have been buried on his farm. Bart and Eva acquired property on the east side of Canajoharie about 1731. It was supposedly a gift to them by the Mohawks and had been confirmed by a “Moonlight survey.” Apparently Eva PIKKERT and Sir William JOHNSON were at odds about the legality of this gift. She is mentioned in more than one letter in the Jonhson Papers. Eva died when she was about eighty-five years old, shortly after she and her grandson Jacobus Mabie were evicted by Sir William JOHNSON from this property in 1767

Our John married Ann LUME perhaps in 1620 – Great Sampford, Essex, , England and died 5 Apr 1640 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England.

Perhaps John Pickard was baptized in All Saints’ Church, Holme on Spalding Moor

Ann Lume was born in 1589 – Great Sampford, Essex, ,England.  How was Ann Judith Lume’s mother in 1634 when she was still married to John Pickard?  John did not die until 1640.  Maybe John died earlier.  Ann died on 19 Mar 1661 in Rowley, Mass.

Some sites say Ann Lume’s husband was Rev. Henry Pickard born about 1595 – Staffordshire, England, died 5 Apr 1640 – Yorkshire, England They say his parents were still Robert Pickard and Margaret Bott

Children of John and Ann

Name Born Married Departed
1. Dorcas PICKARD ca. 1621
Holme-On-Spaulding Moor, Yorkshire, England
ca. 1643
Rowley, MA
12 Jan 1702/03
Rowley, MA
2. John PICKARD Jr. ca. 1622
Holme-On-Spaulding Moor, England
29 Oct 1644 Rowley
Sep 1683
Rowley MA

Perhaps the Pickards and the Crosbys sailed to America on a ship called the “Lion” in either 1635 or 1638.

This passage suggests that Ann remarried and Lume is the name of her second husband.  Joshua Bradley was the son of our ancestor Danyell BROADLEY.

The mother of John Pickard was widow Ann Lume who died 19 Mar 1661 in Rowley, Mass  leaving an estate of £49 : 2: 6.  and daughters Judith Lume [born 1634] who was married 26 May 1663 to Joshua Bradley, and Susannah Lume who administered her estate. John Pickard having declared in court that he neither desired nor expected any part thereof.

Estate Of Ann Lume Of Rowley.

Administration on the estate of Ann Lume, intestate, granted Apr. 17, 1662, to Judith Lume and Susanah Lume, her daughters. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 106.

Inventory taken Apr. 16, 1662, by Maxemillion Jewett and Samuell Brocklebanke: Aparell, 4li.; one bed, with furniture oil it, 4li. 10s.; puter and Tin, Hi.; brase and Iron vessels, Hi. 2s. 6d.; wooden vessell, 10s.; table, chaires and cushings, 16s.; whelle and cards, 4s.; house and land, 20li.; three cowes, one calfe and one 2 yeareing, 17li.; total, 49li. 2s. 6d. Allowed Apr. 17, 1662. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 7, leaf 98.

The Ipswich court Mar. 18, 1664 ordered an equal division of the estate of Ann Lumbe between her two daughters,  Judith and Susannah Lumbe, the house and lot to Susanna and the moveables to Judith Lumbe.

Acknowledged by Joshua Bradley to be the agreement between his wife Judith and his sister Susanna, which he approveth before me Daniell Denison. Ipswich Deeds, vol. 2, page 225.

Deposition of Samuell Brocklebanke, aged about 36 years, being in court when an inventory of the estate of Ann Lum was presented, and before administration was granted to the two daughters of the said Ann, that he heard John Pickard son of the aforesaid Ann say he did not desire to have the administration but desired that it might be granted to his sisters, and also that he did not expect any of the estate. When administration was granted to the two sisters equally, he was desired to be helpful to them in the division. Sworne in Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1664.

William Stickney deposed that John Pickard did own to him in way of discourse what is expressed by Lt. Brocklebanke in the testimony above written. Sworn in Ipswich court Mar. 29, 1664.


New England Family History Magazine

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  4. Connie Rossini says:

    We have many ancestors in common, including John Pickard (husband of Jane Crosby), William Hammond, and William Towne. I am wondering about your sources for this page. The History of the Town of Cantebury, NH has Rev. Henry Pickard as John’s father (Vol. 2, p. 283).


    Connie Rossini

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Connie,
      I looked into Anne Lume’s Pickard husband and found that sometimes he is listed as John Pickard, other times as Rev. Henry Pickard and still others as John Henry Pickard. Though genealogies disagree on his first name, many agree that his parents were Robert PICKARD (1557 – 1634) and Margaret BOTT (1560 – 1593).

      I haven’t found documentary evidence. Since Mr. Pickard did not immigrate to New England, his only records would be in England.

      Another mystery is whether Lume is Anne’s maiden name or the name of her second husband.

      This passage in New England Family history (see link above) suggests that Ann remarried and Lume is the name of her second husband. Joshua Bradley was the son of our ancestor Danyell BROADLEY.

      The mother of John Pickard was widow Ann Lume who died 19 Mar 1661 in Rowley, Mass leaving an estate of £49 : 2: 6. and daughters Judith Lume [born 1634] who was married 26 May 1663 to Joshua Bradley, and Susannah Lume who administered her estate. John Pickard having declared in court that he neither desired nor expected any part thereof.

      Divorce was very uncommon in those days and Judith Lume’s 1634 birth conflicts with John Pickard’s 5 Apr 1640 death in West Riding, Yorkshire, England.

      Kind Regards, Mark

  5. Connie Rossini says:

    Thanks, Marke. I didn’t notice your linked sources. I will investigate further.


  6. Candi Woods says:

    Thanks for this information! We are researching my family line (my maiden name is Pickard). My father’s name was James Henry Pickard…which fits with the family heritage of using Henry.

  7. MIchael Pickard says:

    Hi, this is wonderful information. I’m a Pickard and have traced my line to John Sr. I really appreciate the information you are sharing here, thanks!

    I do have a question though…maybe I’m missing something.
    Has anyone given thought to how John Pickard Sr. born “about 1600” if his mother, Margaret Bott, died in 1593?

  8. There are 2 John Picacard/Pickard : Mine has Robert and Margaret Bott as parents, and was born in Waterleys Leicheshire. His descendent, Bartholomew Pickard /Pikket came to NA as a soldier and married Eva Claezen in Albany.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Michael,

      Was your John Pickard Bartholomew Picard’s father?

      Here’s what I found about Robert Pikard’s and Margaret Bott’s son John: Born in Leicestershire, England on 12 Mar 1580 to Robert Pickard and Margaret Bott. John married Anne. John married Hich. He passed away on 1634 in Leicestershire, England.

      Maybe I have an incorrect connection.

      I will make an update,

      Thanks, Mark

      Thanks, Mark

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  10. Hi, I’m Cheryl Pickard 10th generation. Has anyone got back farther than 1505? My email is if anyone wants to talk.

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