Isaac Norton

Isaac NORTON (1641 – 1723) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024in this generation of the Shaw line.

Isaac Norton was born 2 May 1641 in Weymouth, Mass.  His parents were Nicholas NORTON and Elizabeth ISAAC.  He married Ruth BAYES in 1663 in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.  Isaac died in 1723 in Edgartown, Mass .

Isaac Norton and his brother Jacob received original half shares in the settlement of Martha's Vineyard. His father Nicholas received a full share.

Ruth Bayes was born 2 Jul 1643 in Dedham Mass.  Her parents were  Thomas BAYES and Anna BAKER. Ruth died 1690 in Martha’s Vineyard.

Children of Isaac and Ruth

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hannah Norton ca. 1664 Edgartown, Dukes, Mass Joshua Daggett 1685 Edgartown 7 SEP 1724 Edgartown
2. Abigail Norton 1666 Edgartown Richard Weekes
Attleboro, Mass
3. Jacob Norton 1668 Edgartown Dinah Coffin
ca.  1690
27 NOV 1743 Newport, RI
4. Benjamin Norton ca. 1672 Edgartown Avis Stanton
Newport, RI
ca. 1755 Newport, RI
5. Samuel Norton 1674
6. Sarah NORTON 1676
Capt. Ebenezer HAWES
23 Feb 1700
Edgartown, Dukes, MA
9 Jan 1742
7. Joseph Norton ca. 1676 Edgartown Sarah Swaine 1694
1734 Edgartown
8. Thomas Norton 1678 Edgartown Hepziabah Skiffe
9. Isaac Norton 1680 Edgartown Millicent Cheney
15 Jun 1693 Edgartown
Nov 1765
10. Ruth Norton 1681 Edgartown Isreal Daggett
31 JAN 1700/01 Edgartown
11. Mercy Norton 1887
James Claghorn
30 Nov 1715
Martha’s Vineyard

Isaac was a farmer.

Isaac’s estate was administered  by his son Jacob. Inventory showed property to the value of £73-6-6, which was divided to the heirs 28 Mch 1723.


1. Hannah Norton

Hannah’s husband Joshua Daggett was born 1664 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass. His parents were Thomas Doggett and Hannah Mayhew. It is recorded that Thomas was the first in the family to spell his surname with an “a” instead of an “o” thus changing Doggett to Daggett. Joshua died 7 Sep 1724 in Attleborough, Bristol, Mass.

Joshua Daggett 1

2. Abigail Norton

Abigail’s husband Richard Weekes was born 1653 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Mass. His parents were William Weeks and Elizabeth Atherton. Richard died 26 AUG 1724 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

3. Jacob Norton

Jacob’s wife Dinah Coffin was born 21 Sep 1671 in Nantucket, Nantucket, Mass. Her parents were Stephen Coffin and Mary Bunker. Dinah died 1727 in Newport, Rhode Island

4. Benjamin Norton

Benjamin’s wife Avis Stanton was born 1672 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were John Stanton and Mary Harndell. Avis died 12 Aug 1757 in Weymouth Norfol, Mass

6. Sarah NORTON (See Capt. Ebenezer HAWES‘ page)

7. Joseph Norton

Joseph’s wife Sarah Swaine was born 13 Jul 1670 in Nantucket, Mass. Her parents were John Swan and Mary Weare. Sarah died 1700 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.

8. Thomas Norton

Thomas’ wife Hepziabah Skiffe was born 1679 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass. Her parents were Nathan Skiffe and Hepsibah Codman. Hepziabah died 1 May 1769 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass

9. Isaac Norton

Isaac’s wife Millicent Cheney was born 15 Jun 1693 in Newbury, Suffolk, Mass. His parents were Thomas Cheney and Hannah Woodis. Millicent died Marthas Vineyard, Mass

10. Ruth Norton

Ruth’s husband Israel Daggett was born 1674 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass. His parents were Thomas Doggett and Hannah Mayhew. Israel died 6 Aug 1756 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.

Israel Daggett 1

11. Mercy Norton

Mercy’s husband James Claghorn was born Aug 1689 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Shubael Claghorn and Jane Lovell. James died 29 Jan 1749 in Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.

James Claghorn residence Barnstable, innkeeper; removed to Eastham about 1715. He was the first of the name to settle permanently on the island. He made his first purchase of land July 26 1717 and resided on this property on North Water St. Here he kept a public house, 1740-48. He suffered from mental disorder from 1745 until his death Jan 18 1749-50 in Edgartown. He is buried in Tower Hill Cemetery.


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