Jeremiah Howes

Jeremiah HOWES (1637 – 1708) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather two times over through his daughters Mary and Susannah; he was two of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Jeremiah Howes was born in 1637 at sea on the passage from England.  His parents were Thomas HOWES and Mary BURR.   He married Sarah PRENCE about 1656 in Eastham, Mass.  He is also listed as marrying 1665 which is a better match with Sarah’s birhdate, but doesn’t explain Jeremiah Jr.’s early birth.  Jeremiah died 9 Sep 1708 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Jeremiah Howes Headstone Howes Cemetery Dennis, Barnstable County, Mass

“The gravestones of this couple, which are in an excellent state of preservation, although evidently the oldest in the cemetery, furnish the only statement of their ages which we have. . . Both of these chiseled records are at variance with the dates found upon Yarmouth Town Records, which give Jeremiah’s death Dec. 9, 1708, and Sarah’s March 3, 1703-4. In the former case, the epitaph is supported by the fact that Jeremiah Howes’s will (Barnstable Probate, iii:174), bearing date 14 Aug. 1708, was presented for probate 6 Oct. of that year. In the entire absence of other direct evidence, we must assume that Sarah Howes was born about 1643 to 1646, and her husband in 1637. The date 1650 given by Savage and others for their marriage must then be erroneous. This conclusion is supported by several facts. Jeremiah Howes, ‘youngest son’ of Thomas (so called in his will), was not admitted a freeman of the Colony until June, 1663; Joseph Howes, ‘oldest son’ of Thomas, was not admitted until 1657; Capt. Thomas Howes, the ‘second son,’ m. Sarah Bangs in 1656. From Jeremiah Howes’s will , made in 1708, it appears that he left the following heirs: . . . to all my children now in being: to wit: . . . Elizabeth Bacon . . . From all of these statistics it seems clear that 1650 is too early to set the marriage of Jeremiah and Sarah (Prence) Howes. In his father’s will, dated 26 Sept. 1665 (Plymouth Col. Records, ii:ii:31), he is mentioned as being already in possession of lands given him by his father, and was probably married by that date. ”

Sarah Prence was born ca. 1643 in Duxbury, Mass. Her parents were Gov. Thomas PRENCE and Mary COLLIER. Sarah died 31 Mar 1707 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Sarah Prence Howes – Headstone Howes Cemetery Dennis, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Children of Jeremiah and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jeremiah Howes 1657
Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass
Mary Daggette
ca. 1693
Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.
6 Jan 1705/06
Pemmaquid, Maine
2. Sarah Howes 26 Jun 1664
Daniel Mayo
ca. 1694
Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.
Oct 1734
Yarmouth, Mass
3. Elizabeth Howes ca. 1666
Jeremiah Bacon
10 Dec 1687
Barnstable, Mass.
9 Mar 1706
Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass
4. Prince Howes ca, 1669
Dorcas Joyce (Daughter of Hosea JOYCE)
8 Aug 1695
Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass
2 Oct 1753, Yarmouth?, Barnstable, Mass
5. Thomas Howes ca. 1672
Sarah Hedge
(Daughter of our ancestor Elisha HEDGE)
23 Jun 1698
Yarmouth, Mass.
8 Aug 1700 Yarmouth
6. Mary HOWES ca. 1672.
Joseph HAWES
(Isaac’s brother)
at sea, before 1696
10 Jan 1727/28
7. Capt. Ebenezer Howes 1674 Yarmouth Sarah Gorham
20 Apr 1699
Lydia Joyce
(Daughter of Hosea JOYCE)
20 Nov 1706
8 Jan 1726/27
8. Berthia Howes ca. 1680 Yarmouth Isaac Hawes
(Joseph’s brother)
8 Jan 1700/01
John Smith after
11 Apr 1741
Rev Joseph Lord of Chatham in Harwich,MA 16 Nov 1743
 7 Jul 1748 Chatham, Barnstable, Mass.
9. Mercy Howes  c. 1687
Samuel Sturgis (Son of Edward STURGIS II)
17 Oct 1700
28 Aug 1723 Yarmouth
10. Susanna HOWES ca.  1684 Yarmouth Joseph BASSETT Sr.
27 Feb 1705/06
27 Feb 1718/19
11. Rebecca Howes 1685 Yarmouth Ebenezer Hallett (Son of Jonathan HALLETT)
14 Aug 1712
Yarmouth, Mass.
23 Mar 1724/25

Jeremiah Howes was born in 1637, some authorities say on the passage from England, the son of Thomas and Mary Howes. He lived in Yarmouth where he was a prominent and influential citizen, on many church and town committees. A freeman, 1663. He was appointed to secure the bodies of whales that were cast up on shore, and to receive 4 pounds a whale. He was constable; was on the Council of War for Yarmouth in 1676; deputy to General Court, 1679.   Both Jeremiah and Sarah were buried in the old Howes burying ground at North Dennis, where their gravestones, in excellent condition although evidently the oldest in the cemetery, furnish the only statement of their ages. He was ‘aged about 71 years,’ and she was ‘in her 60th year.’ His will, dated Aug. 4, 1708, mentions eight daughters and four sons.”

Towns in Cape Cod

The Council of War ordered that each town should have its own council, which was empowered to order a schedule by which their town woould have a continuous guard to warn of attack. . . . Fines were to be collected from those appointed to watch or ward who failed to do their duty. The Town Council for Yarmouth was made up of Mr. Edmund Hawes, John Miller (son of the former minister) and Jeremiah Howes.”

“In 1680 the Town Meeting appointed the following men to watch for drift whales and claim them for the town: Paul Sears, Samuel Worden, Silas Sears and John Burges from Sawtucket to Nobscusset Point and Samuel Howes, John Howes and Jeremiah Howes from that Point to Yarmouth Harbor. At some early but not certain date, land was appropriated and houses built to shelter the watchers in the seasons of winter and early spring when whatles were most likely to be spotted.”

Whale Viewer

“On October 17, 1691, a new charter was finally issued. It combined Maine, Acadia, Massachusetts Bay and the Old Colony of Plymouth into one province. . . The towns went about the business of electing representatives to serve at Boston. the choices of the Yarmouth voters were John Thacher (1638/39-1713) who was the only freeman of Yarmouth to serve as a Governor’s Assistant at Plymouth and Jeremiah Howes (1637-1708), stepson? and son-in-law of former Plymouth Colony Governor Thomas Prence.”

“The Great and General Court of Plymouth Colony met for one final time on the last Tuesday of July, 1692. Silas Sears (c. 1638-1697/98) and Jeremiah Howes (1637-1708) were the representatives from Yarmouth on that occasion. The Court set aside the last Wednesday in August as a day of fasting and prayer. ”

Both he and his wife were buried in the old Howes burying ground at North Dennis, where their gravestones, in excellent condition although evidently the oldest in the cemetery, furnish the only statement of their ages. He was ‘aged about 71 years,’ and she was ‘in her 60th year.’ His will, dated Aug. 4, 1708, mentions eight daughters and four sons.”

Jeremiah  was a deputy to the General Court at Plymouth for seven years, commencing in 1677; and for eleven years one of the selectmen, commencing in 1677.

1 Jun 1663 – Jeremiah was admitted a freeman and sworn

30 Jun 1667, he and his brothers Joseph and Thomas signed a paper to the Governor and Assistants in favor of the Rev. Thomas Thornton against an attack by Nicholas Nick-erson

3  Jun1668, he was on the grand jury.(

2 Mar 1668/89, John Mocoy had an action against Jeremiah Howes for taking up and detaining from him without his leave or order complainant’s horse, which was nonsuited because the letter of attorney by the plaintiff to Elisha Hedge “was found to be illegall.”

28 Apr 1672 – He was on a jury of inquest to inquire into the death of a child in Yarmouth and signed the verdict.

13 Mar 1672/73 – Gov. Thomas Prence by his will gave to his daughter Sarah Howes (wife of Jeremiah) his biggest beer bowl and a share of the residue of his estate.

29 Feb 1675/76 – In King Philip’s War, Councils of War, for each town of the colony, were chosen by the court, Edmund HAWES, John Miller and Jeremiah HOWES constituting the members from Yarmouth.

7 Jun 1676 – He is mentioned as constable of Yarmouth.

10 Jun 1676 – The following heirs, individually or through their attorneys, sold land of Gov. Thomas Prence’s estate, viz.: Susannah Prence, single, of London; Capt. John Freeman in behalf of his wife Mercy; Jonathan Sparrow and his wife Hannah; Nicholas Snow and his wife Jane; Jeremiah Howes and his wife Sarah; John Tracy and his wife Mary; and the widow Mary Prence.

In the rate of 1676 “towards the charges of the late war” the tax of Jeremiah Howes was £7 14s.

5 Jun 1677 – Mr. Jeremiah Howes is mentioned as one of the selectmen of Yarmouth and as one of the deputies to the General Court from that town.

3 Jun 1679 and 1 Jun 1680 – Jeremiah Howes was one of the selectmen of Yarmouth.

28 Sep 1680 – He was added to the committee to dispose of the Yarmouth lands, succeeding his brother Joseph.

In February, 1680/81, the town agreed that Jeremiah Howes, with Joseph and Samuel Howes, should secure for it all such whales as should be cast up between Sawsuit Harbor mouth and Yarmouth Harbor for £4 a whale.(t)

7 Jun, 1681, 6 Jun, 1682, 6 Jun, 1683, 3 Jun, 1684, 2 Jun 1685, Jun 1686, Jun 1689, and 3 Jun 1690 -Jeremiah Howes is mentioned as one of the selectmen of Yarmouth and one of the deputies from Yarmouth to the General Court.

6 Feb 1682/83 – Mr. John Miller and Jeremiah Howes of Yarmouth were appointed to sell the house and lands of Richard Berry, deceased, to pay his debts, there being no other estate to pay them.

8 May 1684 – Mr. Jeremiah Howes was chosen by his nephew Jonathan (youngest son of Capt Thomas Howes, deceased), as his guardian, and accepted

Gov. Prence had with others purchased land on the N. side of Titticut river near Bridgewater. This land was bounded Dec. 24, 1686, and then divided into ten lots of 100 acres each. Jeremiah Howes had the 10th lot.(t5)

1692 – Jeremiah Howes bought land in South Harwich of John Skinnaquit, an Indian.

1692 – John Thacher and Jeremiah HOWES were chosen the first Representatives to Boston, under the Charter of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. The charter took effect on May 14, 1692 and included the former Massachusetts Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony, as well as the Province of MaineMartha’s VineyardNantucket, and what are now the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


22 Mar 1693/94 – Jeremiah Howes, with John Thacher and John Miller, fixed the bounds of certain. land belonging to John Hawes

In the rate of 1698 in Yarmouth the tax of Mr. Jeremiah Howes was £4 8s. 6d.

1698 – Difficulty was experienced in getting the proper persons to take the office of Representative to the General Court. Mr. Thomas Sturgis, Sergeant Rider, Mr. John Howes and Mr. Jeremiah HOWES, were each chosen and declined. The meetings were so thinly attended that it was found necessary to impose a fine of 1s. on every legal voter absent.

1701 – Mr. Jeremiah Howes was chosen one of a committee to make out a list of such persons as were rightful proprietors of the commons.

1703 – John Thacher, Jeremiah HOWES, Samuel Sturgis, Joseph Hall and Peter Thacher were appointed a committee to “seat persons in the meeting-house,” a matter which seemed frequently to require rectification and re-adjustment.

After the death of his brother Thomas, he became one of the committee to make grants of the common lands, his father having been an original member.

Jeremiah died a wealthy man.

His will, dated Aug 14 1708, and proved Oct 6 1708, was witnessed by Thomas Howes, John Howes and Nathaniel Howes.  He mentions his eldest son Jeremiah, deceased, the latter’s son Jeremiah, his daughters Hannah, Sarah, Mary and Martha, and his widow Mary. The will then names the testator’s sons Prince, Ebenezer, Thomas (deceased), the latter’s son Thomas, and testator’s eight daughters: Elizabeth Bacon (and her son Joseph Bacon), Sarah Mayo, Mary Hawes, Bethiah Hawes, Mercy Sturgis, Susannah Bassett, Thankful Miller and Rebecca Howes. He made his sons Prince and Ebenezer and his son-in-law Samuel Sturgis executors of his will. “A true Inventory of all and singular the Goods chattels and Credits of Mr. Jeremiah Howes Deceased September the 9th 1708: prized by Joseph Hall and John Howes at Yarmouth September 23d 1708,” and sworn to by his executors Oct. 6, 1708, amounted to £1,463 13s. 5d., of which £100 consisted of land at Middleborough and Bridgewater and £950 of “housing and land” at Yarmouth and Harwich.


1. Jeremiah Howes Jr.

Jeremiah’s wife Mary Daggett was born in 1668 Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Daggett and Hanah Mayhew. Her maternal grandfather Thomas Mayhew, Sr. (1593 – 682) established the first English settlement of Martha’s Vineyard in 1642.

Mary brought forward a claim on lands that Prince had bought from her husband. She claimed to have never signed the purchase deed, so it may have been right of dower. It appears she never obtained anything from the claim

He moved to Pemmaquid, Maine, where he died

2. Sarah Howes

Sarah’s husband Daniel Mayo was born 24 Jun 1664 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were John Mayo and Hannah Reycraft. John died about 1715.

Children of Sarah and Daniel:

i. Elizabeth Mayo b. 1693 Truro, Barnstable, Mass.

ii. Margery Mayo b. 1696 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

iii. Daniel Mayo b. 1697 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

iv. Mary Mayo b. 1700 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.; m. Seth Whelden (b. 14 Jan 1700 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass – d. 5 Jun 1773 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass) Seth’s parents were our ancestors our ancestors Jonathan WHELDON and Mercy TAYLOR. Mary’s cousins Ann and Susannah Hallet married Seth’s brothers Ebenezer and John.

v. Jeremiah Mayo b. 1701 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

vi. Bethiah Mayo b. 1707 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

3.  Elizabeth Howes

Elizabeth’s husband  Jeremiah Bacon was born 8 May 1657 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Nathaniel Bacon and Hannah Mayo. Jeremiah died 1706 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.

4. Prince Howes

Prince’s wife Dorcas Joyce was born 31 Mar 1674, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass   Dorcas’ sister Lydia married Prince’s brother Ebenezer.  Their parents were Hosea JOYCE   and Elizabeth CHIPMAN. Dorcas died 14 Nov 1757  and is buried at Howes Cemetery , Dennis,Barnstable, Mass.

Prince was named for his maternal grandfather, Gov. Thomas PRENCE (Prince). Soon after marrying, Prince built a house in New Boston., Dennis, Barnstable, Mass the first one on that side of the brook and meadow. For 150 years there was a footbridge only over the stream. A 1706 account book of his shows his penmanship to have been very rudimentary. His will mentions daughters Dorcas and Desire

Howes-Prence Cupboard

Howes-Prence Cupboard

Prince inherited the beautiful cupboard his grandmother Mary Burr Howes  brought to her second married to Gov. Thomas Prence (as his fourth wife)  It was latger purchased by Wallace Nutting and is on display at Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut. You can read an article about the cupboard in Antiques magazine here.

Prince Howes Headstone  – Howes Cemetery , Dennis, Barnstable, Mass — Here lyes Buried the body of Mr Prince Howes Who departed this life OCTOeY 9 AD 1753 in ye 84th year of his age

Children of Prince and Dorcas:

i. Desire Howes b. 22 May 1696 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 3 Apr 1775 in Yarmouth.; m. 17 Feb 1719 in Yarmouth to Jonathan Hallett (b. 1693 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 24 May 1783 Yarmouth) Jonathan’s parents were Jonathan HALLETT and Abigail DEXTER.

ii. Mary Howes b. 10 Feb 1698 in Hokonum, Yarmouth, Mass.

iii. Prince Howes b. 1 Feb 1700 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

iv. Dorcas Howes b. 11 Mar 1702 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

v. Jeremiah Howes b. 26 Apr 1704 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

vi. Thomas Howes b. 27 Jun 1706 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 12 Mar 1771; m.  4 Jul 1734 in Yarmouth to Hannah Sears (b. 6 Mar 1715 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. –  d. 9 Nov 1739 Yarmouth)  Hannah’s parents were Paul Sears and Mercy Freeman.  Her grandparents were Deacon Thomas FREEMAN and Mercy PRENCE.

vii. Lot Howes b. 24 Dec 1708 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

viii. Ebenezer Howes b. 1710 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

ix. Sarah Howes b. 1711 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

5. Thomas Howes

Thomas’ wife Sarah Hedge was born 3 Mar 1677/78 Yarmouth, Mass. Her parents were our ancestors Elisha HEDGE and Mary STURGIS. Sarah died 24 MAR 1776.

6. Mary HOWES (See Joseph HAWES‘ page)

7. Capt. Ebenezer Howes

Ebenezer’s first wife Sarah Gorham was born 16 Jan 1677/78 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Gorham and Sarah Sturgis. Her grandparents were our ancestors  Capt. John GORHAM and Desire HOWLAND.  Sarah died 9 Sep 1705 in Yarmouth.

Ebenezer’s second wife Lydia Joyce was born in 1684 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.  Lydia’s sister Dorcas married Ebenezer’s brother Prince. Their parents were Hosea JOYCE and Elizabeth CHIPMAN.  Lydia died 4 Nov 1755 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass.

Ebenezer held the rank of captain in the militia. He lived and died on the ancestral acres, where Almond T. Howes later lived, or a little back of there. He owned a large property of land, and was prosperous and influential. As the youngest son, he retained his father’s homestead per custom of the day.

Ebenezer Howes Headstone Howes Cemetery ,Dennis,Barnstable, Mass

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah:

i. Thomas Howes b. 22 Jan 1699 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

ii. Sarah Howes b. 22 Jan 1700 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1748 East Hampton, Middlesex, CT; m. 26 May 1720 in Yarmouth to Ebenezer Sears (b. 15 Aug 1694 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1748 East Hampton, Middlesex, CT); Ebenezer’s parents were Paul Sears and Mercy Freeman. His maternal grandparents were Deacon Thomas FREEMAN and Mercy PRENCE.  Sarah and Ebenezer had eleven children born between 1721 and 1744.

iii. Elizabeth Howes b. 28 Sep 1701 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

iv. Boy Howes b. 5 Jan 1704 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. Jul 1704

v. Ebenezer Howes b. 8 Sep 1705 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

Children of Ebenezer and Lydia:

vi. Samuel Howes b. 14 Dec 1707 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

vii. Lydia Howes b. 10 Aug 1709 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

viii. Thankful Howes b. 22 Aug 1711 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

ix. Mary Howes b. 27 Dec 1713 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

x. Anna Howes b. 14 Feb 1715 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

xi. Prince Howes b. 13 Apr 1718 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

xii. Susannah Howes b. 10 Oct 1720 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

xiii. Mary Howes b. 7 Jan 1723 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

8. Berthia Howes

Berthia’s husband Lt. Isaac Hawes was born 9 Mar 1678/79 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Capt John HAWES and Desire GORHAM.  His brother Joseph married Berthia’s sister Mary.   Isaac died 18 Mar 1730/31 Chatham, Mass.

She married, second, after Apr 11,1741 as his second wife, John Smith Jr. He was the son of John Smith and Hannah Williams Smith of Eastham, Mass.

She is likely the Bethia, widow of John Smith, that married Rev Joseph Lord of Chatham in Harwich,MA on Nov 16,1743. However, there was a Bethia (Snow) Smith, widow of John, that could have been the Reverend Lord’s second wife.

Children(by first marriage): Bethiah Hawes Harding Nickerson, Isaac Hawes Jr, Thankful Hawes, John Hawes, Desire Hawes, Jeremiah Hawes, possiblyPatience Hawes Hunt, possibly Hannah Hawes Slater Myrick, and Sarah Hawes Higgins.

9. Mercy Howes

Mercy’s husband Samuel STURGIS II was born 1668 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Edward Sturgis and Temperance Gorham. His maternal grandparents were our ancestors  Capt. John GORHAM and Desire HOWLAND. He first married Mary Oris on 14 Oct 1697 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Samuel died 12 Jan 1737 Yarmouth.

Mercy Howes Sturgis Headstone — Ancient Cemetery Yarmouth Port,Barnstable, MassHere Lyes Buried ye Bodyof Mrs MARCY STURGES,Wife to SAMUELSTURGES Esqr, WhoDec’d August ye 28, 1723in ye 42nd Year of HerAge

10. Susanna Howes (See Joseph BASSETT Sr.’s page)

11. Rebecca Howes

Rebecca’s husband Capt. Ebenezer Hallett was born about 1690 Yarmouth, Mass. His parents were Jonathan HALLETT and Abigail DEXTER. After Rebecca died, he married 27 Jun 1728 in Yarmouth to Hannah [__?__] (b. 1700 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. – d.  20 Apr 1729 in Yarmouth)  He married a third time  30 May 1737 in Yarmouth to Mercy Gray (b.  13 Apr 1696 in Yarmouth – d. 25 Mar 1775 in Yarmouth.) Mercy’s parents were Edward Gray  (1656 – 1726) and  Melatiah Lewis ( – 1729).  Ebenezer died  28 Jun 1760 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass

Rebeckah Howes Hallet Headstone Ancient Cemetery Yarmouth Port Barnstable County Mass

Children of Rebecca and Ebenezer:

i.Ann Hallett b. 1 Nov 1714 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m. 24 Aug 1738 Yarmouth to Ebenezer Wheldon. (9 Sep 1708 Yarmouth – d. 14 Mar 1743 Yarmouth) Ann’s sister Susannah married Ebenezer’s brother John. Their parents were our ancestors Jonathan WHELDON and Mercy TAYLOR. Ann’s cousin Mary Mayo married Ebenezer’s and John’s brother Seth Wheldon.  Ann and Ebenezer had one child Ebenezer (b. 1739)

After Ebenezer’s death in 1743, Ann remarried 12 Nov 1752 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass to Joseph Crowell (1696 – 1783) and had four more children born between 1753 and 1761 in Yarmouth. Ann died Oct 1795 in Yarmouth.

ii. Howes Hallett b. 18 Dec 1715 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

iii. Betty Hallet b. 25 Feb 1717 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

iv. Sarah Hallett b. 22 Oct 1718 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

v. Ebenezer Hallett b. 9 Dec 1719 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

vi. Susanna Hallett b. 25 Jan 1722 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m.. 20 Dec 1739 Yarmouth to John Wheldon (b. 14 Jan 1711 Yarmouth – d. 30 Jun 1797 Yarmouth) Susannah’s sister Ann married John’s brother Ebenenezer. Their parents were our ancestors Jonathan WHELDON and Mercy TAYLOR. Susanna’s cousin Mary Mayo married John’s and Ebenezer’s brother Seth Wheldon.  Susannah died 12 Nov 1751 in Yarmouth.

John remarried 21 Sep 1752 or 23 Sep 1757 in Yarmouth to Lydia Taylor.

vii. Rebecca Hallett b. 19 Jul 1723 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;


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