Thomas Hawes II

Thomas HAWES (1734 – 1799) was Alex’s 6th Great Grandfather; one of 128 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Thomas Hawes was born at Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, on 22 Feb 1734. His parents were Thomas HAWES and Thankful GORHAM . He married  Desire  HAWES at Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, on 25 Jan 1759. Thomas died in 1799 in Barnstable, Mass.

Desire Hawes was born at sea, on 12 April 1740. She was the daughter of  Ebenezer HAWES II and Sarah HEDGE and was Thomas’ second cousin. It’s possible Desire was living in Vassalboro with her youngest son Solomon in the 1830 census when she would have been about 90 years old. A woman of about the right age was in Solomon’s household. (See below)

Children of Thomas and Desire:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Barnabas Hawes 1759 Married
2. Thomas Hawes 13 Nov 1761 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass Bathsheba Moore
3 Jan 1784
Hallowell, Maine
9 Feb 1834
Vassalboro, Maine
3. Isaac HAWES 14 May 1765
Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, on
Tamzin WING
9 Mar 1794
Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
16 May 1840
Vassalboro, Maine, on His body was interred at Vassalboro, at Riverside Grove Cemetery.
4. Sarah Hawes 31 Dec 1767 Yarmouth, Plymouth, Mass Joshua Shaw
17 Sep 1789
Cummington, Hampshire, Mass.
13 May 1850
Sullivan, Tioga, Pennsylvania,
5. Eli Hawes 13 Oct 1770 Yarmouth Freelove Springer
5 Feb 1798
Augusta, Maine
Martha Hutchinson
3 Aug 1828  Augusta, Maine
1856 – Vassalboro, Maine
6. Solomon Hawes 2 Oct 1773 Yarmouth Frances Mary Homons
4 May 1806
Vassalboro, Maine
Rebecca Simonton
21 Feb 1831 Vassalboro
7. Susannah Hawes 23 Sep 1776 Yarmouth



1. Barnabas Hawes

Child of Barnabas and [__?__]

i. Barnabas Hawes b. 1778; m. 25 Dec 1811 – Vassalboro, Kennebec, ME to Lucy Sturgis. Her parents were our ancestors Edward STURGIS and Mary BASSETT.

2. Thomas Hawes

Thomas’ wife Bathsheba Moore was born 15 Apr 1761 – Oxford, Worcester, Mass. Her parents were Nathan Moore and Sarah Town.
Children of Thomas and Bathsheba:

i. Ebenezer T Hawes b. 1785; m. Betsey Abbott

In the 1860 census, Ebenezer was a widower living in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine with Albert G Hawes (b. 1827), Sarah Hawes (b.1826) and Eliza A Hawes (b. 1824)

ii. Thomas Hawes b. 7 Nov 1787 Maine; d. 27 Dec 1874 – China, Kennebec, Maine; buried North Carmel Cemetery, Penobscot County, Maine, m. Nancy Ann Brown (b. 1790/ 1806 – d. 16 Dec 1852 in China, Kennebec, Maine)

In the 1860 census, Thomas was a widower living with his son Sumner and daughter-in-law Sarah J Freeman in China, Kennebec, Maine

Sumner Hawes, born in Windsor in 1829, is a son of Thomas Hawes, jun., who removed to Windsor from Vassalboro, where his father, Thomas Hawes, of Cape Cod, had settled. Mrs. Sumner Hawes is Sarah J., Reuben Freeman’s daughter, and has [1892] twin sons: Willis C. and Wilson F. Hawes.

iii. Sarah Hawes b. 1789 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; m. 13 Dec 1840 – Augusta, Maine to Joseph Dennison

In the 1870 census, Sarah was living with Wilbur F Chase in Unity, Waldo, Maine

iv. James Hawes b. 1 May 1791 in Vassalboro, Maine; d. 1852 in Troy, Maine; m. 20 Feb 1817 China, Kennebec, Maine to Bethia Trask (b. 19 May 1796 – d. 29 May 1867 – Troy, Maine)

v. Desire Hawes b. 27 Mar 1793; m. William Haskell; In the 1870 census, Desire was living with her son William Haskell in China, Kennebec, Maine.

vi. Ruth Hawes b. 1796; m. Joseph Dennison

vii. Hannah Hawes b. 1799 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 5 Sep 1854 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine

3. Isaac HAWES  (See his page)
4. Sarah Hawes

Sarah’s husband Joshua Shaw was born 24 Apr 1764, Abington, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were Joshua Shaw and Mary Pratt. Joshua died 24 May 1842, Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania.

Sarah and Joshua moved to Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1811.

Alternatively, Sarah may have died 19 Nov 1846 in Vassalboro, Maine.

Children of Sarah and Joshua:

i. Rhoda Shaw b. 28 Nov 1790 in Plainfield or Sharon, Norfolk, Mass; d. 1890; m1. David Burley (b. 1782) His parents were Ebenezer Burley and Eunice [__?__]; m2. [__?__] Barnes It’s possible that their daughter Rhoda (b. ~1806) was the one to marry Mr. Barnes.

ii. Sarah “Sally” Shaw b. 25 Jul 1795 in Plainfield, Hampshire, Mass.; d. 1890; m. bef. 1830 to Rev. Nehemiah Hobart Ripley (b. 5 May 1771 in Massachusetts – d. 16 Sep 1847 in Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania. His parents were Noah Ripley (1749 – 1834) and Lydia Kent (1752 – 1840). He first married Lucy Ball.

REV. NEHEMIAH HOBART RIPLEY was born in Massachusetts, May 5, 1771, and removed to the vicinity of Albany, New York, whence he came to Tioga county, Pennsylvania, in 1815, and settled in Richmond township, on Corey creek, about a mile and a half east of Mansfield. Here, in 1836, he built a saw-mill, where the Elijah Pincheon Clark mill afterwards stood. Mr. Ripley was credited with being the first minister of the gospel to settle in Richmond township. Before coming to this county he married Lucy Ball, who bore him a family of eleven children. His second wife was Sally Shaw, a daughter of Joshua Shaw. Mr. Ripley was ordained a Baptist minister, and preached for that denomination nearly fifteen years, then became a Universalist, and continued to preach the doctrines of that faith until his death, September 16, 1847.

(Source: History of Tioga County, Pa., Meginess, John F., Chapter 64, pp. 1050-1107.)

iii. Vardis Shaw b. 22 Dec 1798 in Plainsfield, Mass. d. 24 Mar 1863 in Lambs Creek, Pennsylvania; m. 1852 to Eleanor Clark (b. 14 Sep 1802 in Wilbraham, Hampshire, Mass. – d. 2 Apr 1859 in Lambs Creek, Pennsylvania) Her parents were Seth Clark (1753 – 1833) and Eleanor Burr (1761 – 1838). Vardis and Eleanor had seven children born between 1821 and 1836.

In the 1850 census, Vardis was farming in Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania.

Another Advardus “Vardis” Shaw was the grandson of our ancestor John BRADLEY. This Vardis’ parents were John Shaw and Mary Bradley. He was born 25 Jul 1792; m. 1814 in Clinton, Kennebec, Maine to Mercy Chase (b. 28 Jul 1796) Advardus is a name unique to the Shaw family.

iv. Polly Shaw b. 29 Nov 1800 in Plainfield, Hampshire, Mass; d. 01 Jan 1880 in Richmond Township, Tioga, Pennsylvania; m. 23 Nov 1820 Tioga, PA to Elisha Cleveland (b. 7 Mar 1785 in Wilbraham, Hampden, Mass. – d. 23 Feb 1858 in Sullivan, Tioga, PA) His parents were Elisha Cleveland (1759 – 1821) and Ada(h) Clark (1759 – 1841). Polly and Elisha had ten children born between 1822 and 1844.

Elisha enlisted in the War of 1812 on 9 Jun 1814 and was discharged 31 Mar 1815. His widow drew a pension;

In the 1850 census, Elisha and Polly were farming in Sullivan, Tioga, Pennsylvania.

v. Rodney Cesar Shaw b. 25 Oct 1804 in Plainfield, Mass.; d. 1866 in Mansfield, Tioga, Pennsylvania; m. 23 Oct 1827 to Mary Ann Seelye (b. 3 Jul 1809 in New York – d. 7 Mar 1896 in Tioga, Pennsylvania,) Her parents were Isaiah Seelye and [__?__]. Rodney and Mary Ann had eleven children born between 1828 and 1851.

In the 1860 census, RC and Mary were farming near Cherry Flatts, Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania

vi. Deborah Shaw b. 1806 in Plainfield, Mass.; d. 1900

vii. Daniel Merrill Shaw b. 1808 in Mass.; d. 30 Apr 1884 in Sullivan, Tioga, Pennsylvania; m. 22 Jan 1835 to Jane Freeman Seaman (b. 8 Dec 1811 in Bradford, Pennsylvania – d. 11 Jan 1907) Jane’s parents were Gardner Seaman and Mercy Howe.

In the 1880 census, D M and Jane were farming in Sullivan, Tioga, Pennsylvania.

5. Eli Hawes

Eli’s first wife Freelove Springer was born 17 Nov 1777 in Augusta, Maine. Freelove died 9 Oct 1826 in Vassalboro, Maine

A Freelove Springer was born 16 Aug 1760 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Edward Springer and Freelove Almy. She married 19 Aug 1786 in Hall, Maine to James Lombard and had 8 children between 1787 and 1805. Freelove died 31 Aug 1829 in Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine.

James Lombard was born 11 Jun 1761 in Barnstable, Mass. James died 18 May 1850 in Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine. Perhaps James date of death is incorrect.

Eli’s second wife Martha Hutchinson was born in 1794 in Maine. She was twenty years younger than Eli.

In the 1860 census, Martha was widowed and living in Vasalboro, Maine.

Children of Eli and Freelove:

i. Elijah Hawes b. 10 Sep 1800 Buckfield, Cumberland, Maine; m. 4 Sep 1822 Hallowell, Kennebec to Sarah Bicknell (b.23 Apr 1796 in Buckfield, Cumberland, Maine) Her parents were Simeon Bicknell and Rebecca Irish

In the 1860 census, Eliiah was a mariner in Hallowell, Kennebec, Maine.

ii. William Augustus Hawes b. 26 Mar 1804 in Vassalboro, Maine; d. 13 Apr 1864; m. Sarah White (b. 1808 Maine – d. 26 May  1891 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine )  Sarah’s parents were Aron White (1781 – 1863) and Sarah Smart (1774 – 1846).

In the 1850 census, William was a trader in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, living with Sarah with no children at home.

iii. Charles Springer Hawes b. 27 Mar 1808; m. Louisa A. Gerrish (b. 1820 Maine)

In the 1880 census, Charles and Louisa were farming in Waterford, Camden, New Jersey.

iv. Fanny M. Hawes b. 5 Jan 1812 in Vassalboro, Maine; d. 10 Sep 1841

v. Louisa Ann Hawes b. 8 Jul 1814; m. Thomas Bellus. Wyman (b. 14 Feb 1813 – Kennebec, Maine; d. 24 Sep 1889 – Kents Hill, Kennebec, Maine) His parents were Ezekiel W Wyman (1777 – 1859) and Mary Brann (1780 – 1867).

In the 1860 census, Thomas and Louisa were farming in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine.

vi. George Washington Hawes b. 3 Jul 1817; m. 13 Dec 1845 – Lowell, Mass. to Jane W. Fernald

6. Solomon Hawes

Solomon’s first wife Frances Mary Homons was born

Solomon’s second wife Rebecca Simonton was a plaintiff for breach of promise in Kennebec County Supreme Judicial Court in Oct 1826, five years before her marriage to Solomon.

I found an unsourced record showing Rebecca Simonton marrying 1 Mar 1838 Vassalboro, Kennebec Co., Maine to John Woodman (b. 22 JAN 1813 in Cornville, Somerset Co., Maine) John’s parents were Joshua Woodman (1777 – 1855) and Sarah Fogg (1782 – 1860). John and Rebecca had five children between 1838 and 1853.

In the 1830 census, Solomon was living in Vassalboro, Maine with five people in his household

Himself Male 50 thru 59
1 Boy 10 to 14
1 Girl 10 to 14
1 Woman 40 to 49
1 Woman 80 to 89 (Perhaps his mother Desire)


Wing Family of America – Thomas Hawes

Wing Family of America – Desire Hawes

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