Berkeley Sunday Streets on Shattuck

Sunday Streets (also called “Open Streets”)  closes streets to automobile traffic for a day so that people may use the space for other physical and social activities. The streets become parks as people replace car traffic. People walk, bike, skate and dance and play. Everyone from businesses and community organizations to musicians and artists use the space creatively, engaging the public and providing spontaneity and discovery.

It sounds simple, yet it really is very different and exciting

Sunday Streets Route from El Cerrito

Sunday Streets Route from El Cerrito

Sunday Streets Berkeley takes place on Shattuck Ave for 17 blocks from Rose Street to Haste Street. It is a celebration of local businesses and organizations. Storefronts will be unobstructed, and business owners   will be encouraged to promote commerce and visibility by setting out   seating on the street, hosting activities, and otherwise inviting interest and community.

2015-10-18 15.33.55


2015-10-18 15.34.53


North Entrance at Rose  & Shattuck

North Entrance at Rose & Shattuck


2015-10-18 15.44.22

PlanetXone Bubble Balls


2015-10-18 15.46.36

Shattuck and Vine

People get out and connect with their community and urban environment in a transformative way. This temporary publicspace inspires creativity and change for the better, on that day – andbeyond. As of early 2013, there are more than 70 Sunday Streets events in North America.

2015-10-18 15.48.20

The first Sunday Streets in Berkeley was on October 14, 2012. More than 42,000 people cameto Shattuck Ave to stroll, skate, cycle, dance, play in the street.

2015-10-18 15.48.46


2015-10-18 15.51.27


2015-10-18 15.54.50


2015-10-18 17.12.10


2015-10-18 15.57.33


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2 Responses to Berkeley Sunday Streets on Shattuck

  1. Linda Alcott Maples says:

    Love the idea about shutting down blocks of streets on Sundays! Wow – in Huntsville, AL the city does this once a month – food trucks, music, families. However, it is not in the area where there are businesses that should be exposed. Maybe we’ll work on that.
    May send the Mayor of Huntsville, the link to your site.
    Also enjoyed reading about your Minor Family – are you also descended from Edward ‘the pilgrim’ Fitz Randolph? Thought I saw that at some point awhile back. I am a descendant of Edward and Elizabeth (Blossom) Fitz Randolph. Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
    Linda Alcott Maples

  2. mikaljhohnashly says:

    Dear, thank you for updating us about “Miner Descent”. Author: lesson plans

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