Henry Andrews

Henry ANDREWS (1582 – 1638) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of 8,192 in this generation of the Miner line.

Henry Andrews was born in 1582 in Somerset,  England. His parents were Thomas ANDREWS (1543 – 1594) and Joan BELSON (1552 – 1600). He married Elizabeth BOND 22 Jun 1609 in Ashill, Somerset, England.   He emigrated to Dorchester, Mass in 1636, but returned to England and died in 1638 in Ashill, Somerset, England.  Alternatively, Henry’s children Henry Jr. and Elizabeth emigrated together.

Henry Andrews - Coat of Arms

Elizabeth Bond was born in 1585 in England.  Elizabeth died in 1621 in Somerset, England.

Children of Henry and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Henry Andrews 1608
Somerset, or Daventry, Northamptonshire, England
Mary Pool
10 Feb 1627 Bridgewater, Somerset, England
3 Mar 1652
Taunton, Mass
2. Elizabeth ANDREWS 1614 in Stoneham, Southampton, Hants,England. Thomas HARVEY
Francis Street
Taunton, Mass
Thomas Lincoln
10 Dec 1665
Taunton, Mass
aged one hundred and three
3. John Andrews 1621

Note: Mary Andrews (1628 – 1700, Taunton, Mass) who is often shown as the daughter of Henry Sr., was actually the daughter of Henry Jr.


1. Henry Andrews Jr.

Henry’s wife Mary Pool was born 1611 in Bridgewater, Somerset, England.  Her parents are unknown.  Mary died 14 Feb 1643 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass

Henry Jr. was an original purchaser at Taunton, MA in 1637, built the first meeting house in 1647 for which he received a tract of land known as the “calves pasture,” and was deputy to the Plymouth general court in 1639, 1642, 1643, 1647, and 1649. Probably married about 1628 in England.

Henry and Mary married in 1628, when Henry would have been but 20 years old and Mary only 19.  Their first child, Henry Jr., was born in 1629, followed by Mary in 1631.  Both Henry Jr. and Mary were born in England, narrowing the Andrews family immigration to between 1631 and 1637.  Two more children, Sarah (1644) and Abigail (1647), were born in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Some accounts show Henry Andrews’ wife as Mary Street, often with the same 1628 marriage date.  This presents the possibility that his wife’s name was actually Mary Pool Street or Mary Street Pool, and that she was a recent widow when she married Andrew.  However, there is no evidence to support this hypothesis.  Other accounts have Mary Pool as Henry’s first wife and Mary Street as his second wife.

In Taunton, Henry Andrews was one of the first seven freemen of the town, one of the first two deputies to the general court in 1639 (also 1643, 1644, 1647 and 1649), one of the first stockholder of the Taunton Iron Works, and in other ways one of the more prominent men of the town.  He built the first town meeting house in 1647 for which he received a tract of land known as the “calves pasture.”

Henry Andrews prepared his will on March 13, 1652, and the will was proved on February 10, 1653.  The inventory of his estate was taken 10 Feb 1653 and valued at 330 pounds,16 shillings.  It is believed he died shortly before the February 10th date.  He was about 45 years old.  His wife, Mary, prepared her will the following year as is believed to have died in 1655 at about age 46.  Sarah and Abigail Andrews would have only been 11 and 8 years old, respectively, in 1655, and it is not known who took care of them.  Very possibly, it was their older brother, Henry III., who would have been 26 years old in 1655.

Henry Andrews III., would suffer a premature death when he was killed by Indians at age 47 on May 23, 1676, during King Philip’s War.



The Cary family in America By Henry Grosvenor Cary, Isaac Harris Cary

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  4. Martha Henniger says:

    I am very grateful for this information on Henry Andrews. Was he a mining labourer? Did he have a higher profile position?

  5. markeminer says:

    I don’t know more about Henry, though he is sometimes confused with his son.

  6. Martha Henniger says:

    I just realized that Miner refers to a name, not an occupation. Sorry.

    I am very interested in the background of Mary Poole Street. This is because very little is know about her background and yet her life seems interelated in life with Elizabeth Poole, Anne Poole Street and William Poole who also settled Taunton. If there is any more information on Mary Poole’s background, please let me know. She is definitely not their sister, Mary, as some people have suggested.

  7. Mark Abbott says:

    Hi – My name is Mark Abbott. Henry Andrews, Jr. is my 11th great grandfather. As a side note, my stepmother runs a barber shop in Taunton, and I have been there many times. I never realized that I had a historical tie to the town. I will try to find what I have on Mary Pool and get back with the person inquiring.

  8. Carlos Pitts says:

    Thank you for this information on Henry Andrews and Mary Poole, among my 10th great grandparents, paternally. I have found it quite frustrating that people continue to post that Mary was the daughter of Sir William de la Pole on such sites as Geni, as this is so easily discredited by a quick reference to wikipedia. However, given Henry Andrew’s close association with two of Sir William’s children in early Taunton, it is a reasonable but yet unproven hypothesis that Mary was a
    niece of Sir William and cousin to Sir William’s children in Taunton. In my research on the Andrews family to date, it is clear that they were very solidly gentry over the centuries, with numerous direct ties to the nobility. Again, thanks for some tangible information.

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