Peter Thacher

Peter Thatcher (1737 – 1802) may have been  Alex’s 6th Great Grandfather; one of 128 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Peter Thacher was born in 25 Nov 1737 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Peter THATCHER and Anne LEWIS. He married Betsey HOWES 17 Jan 1765. Peter died 21 Sep 1802.

Betsey Howes  was born in 1740.  Her parents were James Howes and Lydia Hall. Her grand parents were John Howes (1664 – 1736) and Mary Matthews (1670 – 1746). Her great grandparents were Joseph Howes (1634 – 1694) and Elizabeth Mayo (1630 – 1701 and finally, her 2nd great grandparents were our ancestor Thomas HOWES and Mary BURR.  Betsey died  28 Jul 1820 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Peter and Betsey:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel Thatcher  1766  1766
2. Thankful Thacher 26 Mar 1768
Yarmouth, Mass
2 Dec 1849
Yarmouth, Mass
3. James Thacher 22 May 1771 Yarmouth, Mass Achsah Handy
14  April 1794.
Vassalboro, Maine
4. Peter Thacher  1772  1773
5. Peter Thacher 17 Jun 1774
Yarmouth, Mass
20 Sep 1853
Yarmouth, Mass.
6. Henry Thacher  1775  1776
7. Henry Thacher  1777  1777
8. Henry Thacher  4 Jul 1778
Yarmouth, Mass
Elizabeth Gray
25 Nov 1802
 30 Jul 1833
Yarmouth, Mass
9. Betsey Howes Thacher  1780 16 Jul 1780
aged 5 wks
10. Lewis Thacher  11 Sep 1781
Yarmouth, Mass
Sally Hallet
17 Aug 1805
11 Sep 1825
Yarmouth, Mass

Charles Webber Jr. was born in 1764 in Dresden, Maine. His parents were Charles WEBBER and Hannah CALL. He  married Ruth THATCHER 2 Apr 1792 in Yarmouth, Maine. He also may have married Mary Sturgis.

Vassalboro; Village Cemetery, North Vassalboro; and Webber Cemetery, Vassalboro,  respectively ( MOCA 4:2655 and 2684). Marriages/intentions in VR Vassalboro.

Charles Webber, Jr. m. Mary Sturgis and m. int. 2 April 1792 Ruth Thatcher of Yarmouth (p. 33)

Ruth Thatcher’s father was James Thacher, from Yarmouth, Cape Cod as were many of the early Vassalboro settlers.

Isaiah Hawes, born in 1827, is the only son in a family of twelve children of Isaiah and Desire (Collins) Hawes. Isaiah Hawes Sr. (1777- 1852), was the son of Ebenezer Hawes III (1735 – 1809)  and grandson of our ancestor Ebenezer HAWES JR, (1705 – 1741)  both of Yarmouth, Mass., and came to Vassalboro in 1809. His brother. Prince Hawes, father of Rev.’ Josiah T. Hawes, of Litchfield, came from Yarmouth, Cape Cod, in 1802. The present Isaiah Hawes married Lucy T. Hatch and has five children:
Edwin A., Delia C, William I. (now in California), Harry P. and Alice M. Their residence was built by Dea. James Thacher, on the farm where the original Charles Webber first settled.

Betsey and her siblings
1297 i. Betsey Howes,* born .
1298 ii. Sophia,* born ; died ; married William Lovejoy of Waterville, Me.
1299 iii. Almira,* born ; died ; married David Towne.

Peter’s  father  Peter Thacher  was born 24 Aug 1712 Yarmouth.  Peter died 22 Aug 1775 Yarmouth)

Peter’s mother Anna Lewis was born 3 Feb 1716 in Barnstable .  Anna died 17 Jan 1784 in Yarmouth.

Peter and his siblings:

Josiah Thacher M 25 Jul 1735 in Yarmouth,
Peter Thacher M 25 Nov 1737 in Yarmouth
Temperance Thacher F 22 Feb 1740 in Yarmouth
Lewis Thacher M 1743 in Yarmouth
Thankful Thacher F 28 Feb 1745 in Yarmouth
Anna Thacher F 2 Jul 1747 in Yarmouth
Sarah Thacher F 5 Jun 1749 in Yarmouth
George Thacher M 12 Apr 1754 in Yarmouth
Thomas Thacher M 20 Jan 1757 in Yarmouth


2. Thankful Thacher

3. James Thacher

James’ wife Achsah Handy was born about 1772. Her parents were John Handy Jr (1713 – 1789) and Elizabeth Garrett (1728 – 1781). She married JAMES THACHER,JR., April 14, 1794. Achsah died in Vassalboro, Maine.

James Thacher (22 May 1771 Yarmouth – Vassalboro, Maine)
Deacon James Thacher (Peter,^ Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born Yarmouth, Mass., May 22nd, 1771 ; he lived at Yarmouth and removed to Vassalboro, Maine, and was a ship carpenter; he died , at Vassalboro, Maine. He married 14  April 1794, at , to Achsah Handy.   She was a daughter of John Handy (born , 1714; died ; married October 10, 1758) and his second wife, Eliza Garrett, of Sandwich, Mass. John Handy’s first wife was Keziah Eldred, whom he married March 6th, 1745/46.

Children of James and Achsah:

i. Betsey Howes Thacher b. 29 Sep 1794 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass

ii. Sophia Thacher b. 22 Oct 1797 in Wiscassett (Pownalborough), Lincoln, Maine; m. William Lovejoy

iii. Almira Thatcher b. 7 Aug 1801 in Hallowell, Kennebec , Maine; m. David Town
(b. 1798 in Litchfield, Kennebec , Maine – d. Aft 1870 census Vassalboro, Maine) His parents were Noah Town (1756 – 1841) and Ruth Burbank. In the 1850 census, David and Almira were living in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine with five children where David was a carpenter.

8. Henry Thacher

Henry’s wife Elizabeth Gray

10. Lewis Thacher

Lewis’ wife Sarah Hallett8 Thacher (Lewis,7 Peter,” Lieut. Peter,8 Hon. Peter,4 etc.), born June 8th, 1806, Sarah died  24 Oct  1839, at !married at Barnstable, Mass.

Olive Thatcher was born 2 Apr 1808 in Vassalboro, Maine. Her parents were    Lewis Thatcher and Sarah Hallett.  Olive Thatcher married Freeman Crowell Tobey, son of Thomas Howes Tobey and Thankful Crowell, on 14 October 1827 at Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Olive Thatcher died on 30 May 1881 at Chelsea, Massachusetts,

Lewis Thacher (Peter/ Lieut. Peter,^ Hon. Peter,* Hon.

Col. John,^ Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born at Yarmouth, Mass., September 7th (or nth), 1781 ; he resided at Yarmouth, Mass. ; Saco, Maine ; Vassalboro, Maine, and Hyannis, Mass. ; he was a prominent business man ; he died at Hyannis, Mass., September nth, 1825, in the 45th year of his age, and was buried in the Baptist Cemetery, Hyannis ; gravestone. He married at Yarmouth, Mass. (probably), 27 Aug 1805, to Sally Hallett, born at Yarmouth, Mass.,23 Sep 1787; died at Hyannis, Mass., 14 Nov 1873, aged 86 years, and was buried there in Baptist Cemetery; gravestone. She was a daughter of Jonathan Hallett (born June 13th, 1751; died December 27th, 1837, in 87th year; gravestone, Old Burying-ground, Yarmouth), and his wife, Sarah Hedge (born , 1751 ; died January 26th, 1828, in 77th year; gravestone. Old Burying-ground, Yarmouth) of Yarmouth, Mass.

Lewis Thacher went to sea when he was 17 or 18 years old. He was afterwards a clerk in the store of the Hon. George Thacher at Saco, Maine. He owned a store and farm and built a house at Vassalboro, Maine, where he lived 3 years before and 10 years after his marriage. He then removed to Yarmouth, Mass., and there built Peter Thacher’s house. Three and a half years later he removed to Hyannis, Mass., where he had a store, shipyard, baker shop, tin shop and blacksmith shop and carried on a fishing business.

Children : 8 (Thacher) 3 sons and 5 daughters.

i. Sarah Hallett Thacher b. 8 Jun 1806; died 24 Oct 1839; married Sylvester B Baxter, of Yarmouth, as his second wife.

ii. Olive Thacher b. 2 Apr 1808; d. 30 May  1881 ; married Freeman C Tobey, of Hyannis and Barnstable, Mass.

iii.  George Lewis Thacher b. 6 Nov  1809; died 9 May 1833; married Martha Baxter.

iv. Octavia Thacher b. 18 Jul  1811; d. 31 May  1866 (or August — , 1865) ; married, 1st, Capt.Henry Bacon Parker; married, 2nd, Veranus Harden (Harding) as his 3rd wife.

v. Rebecca Winslow  Thacher b. 27 Jul  1813; died ; married, 1st, Capt. Timothy B Crowell; married, 2nd, Capt. William Bearse (or Bearce).

vi. Peter Thacher b. 9 Jan  1816; d. 3 Dec 1831 ; not married.

vii. Betsey Howes Thacher b. 29 Apr  1818; d. 28 Sep  1820, aged 2 years, 4 months and 29 days, at Hyannis, Mass., and was buried there ; gravestone.

viii. Lewis Thacher b. 20 Sep  1824; d. 24 Feb  1825, aged 5 months, 24 days, at Hyannis, Mass., and was buried there in Baptist Cemetery; gravestone.

Other Thachers

52-140 Joseph Thacher Thacher, son of Colonel Joseph, was born May 19,1744, at Yarmouth, and died in the revolutionary army 1778, Kings Ferry, Cayuga, NY). He married Susannah Whelden (1742 Yarmouth – 1783).   Joseph Thatcher’s mother Ruth Hawes was the daughter of Ebenezer Hawes and Sarah Norton who were ancestors of Oliver Webber’s wife Abigail.  Their children were:

386  Mary (Polly) Thacher was born in 28 Oct 1766 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. She married Abiel Lovejoy Jr.. 8 Nov 1788  – Yarmouth, Mass. Polly died 5 Jan 1795 and Abiel remarried to Elizabeth Gray 16 Aug 1795 also in Barnstable, Mass.  Abiel Lovejoy was born 8 Feb 1764 in Dresden, Lincoln, Maine. Abiel died 3 Nov 1858 in Sidney, Kennebec, Maine.  His father Capt. Abiel Lovejoy was one of the first town officers in Vassalboro and quite a character.  It isn’t clear why Abiel Jr would have married Polly in Yarmouth.  His parents had moved to Dresden, Maine in 1761 and to Vassalboro in 1776

388 Joseph, born February 8, 1769; died August 30, 1790.

390  Ruth Hawes Thatcher, ( born August 5, 1771, married Philip Baker, September 24, 1793; died .

392 Ebenezer, born January 23, 1774; drowned in Saco River, Maine, aged 13.

394 Susannah, born June 19, 1776; married 358 James Thacher, of Yarmouth.

396 Jonathan .

The early settlers on the river front lots from the Augusta line to Isaiah Hawes’ present residence were: William Brown, Jeremiah and William Farwell, Charles Webber (who came in 1765 and whose daughter, Sarah, was the first white child born in town), Benjamin Brown, Jacob Faught, Thaddeus and William Snell, Mr. Fallonsbee, James, Jonathan and Heman Sturgis and their father, Edward, from Barnstable, Mass., about 1780; James Thatcher, from Cape Cod, and Isaiah Hawes, also from the Cape. These people lived on the river road and from south to north in substantially this order, beginning with William Brown on lot 51 of the first range.

Edmund Thacher (Deacon Josiah,^ Judah,* Hon. Col. John,^ Antony,^ Rev. Peter^), born 24 Mar 1774 Yarmouth, Mass., He received the tavern from his father and sold it to his brother Josiah^ Thacher and removed to Vassalboro, Maine, where he was a lumberman and rafter; he died , at ; he married 24 Jul 1799, at , to Polly Bassett, born 7 Aug 1779, at ; died , at . She was a daughter of Jonathan Bassett (born ; died ) and his wife Elizabeth Hallett (born Yarmouth, May 21st, 1754; died ), of Yarmouth, Mass., and removed to Kennebec, Me.

Children: 3 (Thacher), 1 son and 2 daughters.

i. Jonathan Thacher born 10 Feb 1800; died ; lived in Vassalboro, Me.

ii. Betsey Thacher born December 30th, 1801 ; died .

iii. Mary Ann Thacher born ; died

1810 Thatchers in Vassalboro Census

View Record Name Residence
Number of Slaves Number of Household Members Under 16 Number of Household Members Over 25 Number of Household Members Total
View Record Edmund Thatcher Vassalborough, Kennebec, Maine 4 2 6
View Record James Thatcher Vassalborough, Kennebec, Maine 3 2 9
View Record Lewis Thatcher Vassalborough, Kennebec, Maine 4 2 9


John Reynolds Totten. Thacher-Thatcher genealogy .. (Volume pt. 1-17). (

Genealogy, and biographical sketches of the descendants of Thomas & Anthony Thacher from their settlement in New England June 4th, 1635 (1872) by Allen, David W., f. 1872

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