John Hoyt

I originally thought John HOYT (1614 – 1684) was Alex’s  11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line. However, I now believe that John’s one-time great – granddaughter Dorothy COLBY was not the daughter of Anthony COLBY IIbut instead was the daughter of his cousin Isaac COLBY and Martha PARRATT.

John Hoyt was born in 12 Mar 1614 in West Hatch, Somerset, England.  His parents were Simon HOYT and Jane STOODLEY. He married Frances TEWKSBURY.   After Frances died, he married John married Mary Jewell  in 1644 in Amesbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts.  Finally, he married Mary Elizabeth Brundage Purdy 14 Oct 1658 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT.   John died 1 Sep 1684 in Rye, Westchester, New York.

Amesbury Monument – The Golgotha Burying Ground is also found on Rt. 110 (Macy St.), in Amesbury Massachusetts about a half a mile east. It is the first burial ground in Amesbury but there are no markers.

Over half the first settlers names on this memorial are our ancestors.  They are: Richard Currier, Orlando BAGLEY Sr., John Bailey, William BARNES, Thomas Barnard, Henry Blaisdell, Philip Challis, Anthony COLBY,  John COLBY, Edward Cottle, Jarret Haddon, John HOYT, William Huntington, Thomas Macy, George MARTIN, Valentine Rowell, William SARGENT and John Weed.

Frances Tuxbury was born in 1617 in England. Frances died 23 Feb 1643 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Mary Jewell was born on 10 Dec 1628 in Salisbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts. She died on 15 Sep 1684 in Amesbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts. She was buried in Amesbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts.

Mary Elizabeth Brundage was born 10 Dec 1628 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Mary Elizabeth died 15 Sep 1684 in Rye, Westchester, New York.   Mary first married Francis Purdy.   We think that the widow of Francis Purdy had married John Hoyt because her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth (Brown) Purdy, in 1678 asked that “my father John Hoit and my brother Thomas Browne might stand overseers, or my brother Hacaliah Browne,” but Francis Purdy died in 1658

Children of  John and Frances:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Frances HOYT 1636
Salisbury, Essex, Mass.
14 Jan 1656 Salisbury, Essex, Mass.
2 Jan 1720
2. John Hoyt 1638
Mary Barnes (daughter of William BARNES)
23 Jun 1659 in Salisbury
Killed by Indians on the Haverhill Road to Andover
13 Aug 1696
3. Gregorie Hoyt 1 Jan 1641 Salisbury 1 Jan 1641
4. Thomas Hoyt 1 Jan 1641 Salisbury Mary Brown
17 Dec 1667 in Salisbury
3 Jan 1690
5. Elizabeth Hoyt
23 Feb 1642 Salisbury 1642

Children of John and Mary Jewell:

Name Born Married Departed
6. Sarah Hoyt 16 Jan 1645
Salisbury, Mass
26 Feb 1645
7. Mary Hoyt 20 Feb 1646
Salisbury, Mass
Christopher Bartlett
19 Dec 1663
Newbury, Mass.
Richard Martin (Son of George MARTIN)
Amesbury, Mass
8. Joseph Hoyt 13 May 1648
Salisbury, Mass
13 May 1648
Salisbury, Mass
9. Marah Hoyt 24 Nov 1653
Salisbury, Mass
2 Dec 1653
Salisbury, Mass
10. Naomi Hoyt 23 Jan 1655
Newbury, Mass
John Lovejoy
23 Mar 1676/77
Andover, Mass
Richard Stratton
6 Jan 1686
Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass.
11. Dorothy Hoyt 13 Apr 1656 in Salisbury
12. Mehitable Hoyt 25 Oct 1659 in Salisbury

Title: Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts vol 1
Author: David W. Hoyt

The earliest information concerning (1) John1 Hoyt, which has yet been obtained, is that he was one of the original settlers of Salisbury, Mass. His age at that time can not be accurately determined, but, from the fact that he had at least two children born previous to 1639, it seems probable that he was born about 1610-15. He was chosen selectman, March,1681-2, and moderator of town-meeting, April, 1687 (the same year hedied), hence he could not have been very aged and infirm at that time. Whether he came directly from England, or had previously lived in other towns in America, is uncertain. His name does not appear among the passengers on any of the early emigrant ships of which we have seen any record, and is not found on any of the lists of freemen contained in the Massachusetts Records. He may have come into the country when a minor.

He had two wives, both named Frances. He probably married first wife about 1635, though we have found no record of it. She died Feb. 23, 1642/43, and he married his second wife in 1643 or ’44. His second wife survived him, and was living in 1697. The town reords of Amesbury state that “Sargent Jno Hoyt sen. died on ye 2 day & was buried on ye 29 day of Feb. An. Dom. 1687-88.” The county records at Salem state that he died on the 29th of February, the town records are probably correct. His eldest son, John, had the homestead, paying his step-mother a certain sum annually; but grandson Joseph received the deed of it, on the same condition, 1689. There are quite a number of deeds on record from (1) John Hoyt to his sons, John and Thomas, especially the former, eldest son.
(*) Old Norfolk County Records. Norfolk included Amesbury, Exeter,Hampton
Haverhill, Salisbury,–towns north of the Merrimack.


1. Frances HOYT (See John COLBY‘s page)

2. John Hoyt

John’s wife Mary Barnes was born 25 Jan 1643 Salisbury, Mass. Her parents were William BARNES and Rachel LORD.  Mary died 13 Aug 1696 in Amesbury, Mass.

John was killed by Indians on the Haverhill Road to Andover 13 Aug 1696.

John Hoyt Jr 1 - Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

John Hoyt Jr 2

John Hoyt Jr 3

4. Thomas Hoyt

Thomas’ wife Mary Brown 17 Jun 1647 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were William Browne and Elizabeth Murford. Mary died 17 May 1702 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

7. Mary Hoyt

Mary’s first husband Christopher Bartlett was in Newbury, MA by 1635. John Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers, calls him the brother of Richard Bartlett of Newbury, Massachusetts, but documented evidence supporting this contention has not been discovered to date. He married first, 16 Apr 1645, Mary [__?__]. She died 24 Dec 1661. Christopher married second , 19 Dec 1663, Mary Hoyt. He died 15 Mar 1670.

Richard Bartlett came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1634 from Wiltshire, West Sussex, England. He brought a “Breeches Bible” with him, the first in America. Richard was a shoemaker by trade. He had been born about 1575 in England and died 25 May 1647 in Newbury, Massachusetts. His was perhaps the most prolific of all the Bartlett families in America. His estate was proved and recorded in Ipswich deed book, Vol. 1, leaf 25.

Mary’s second husband Richard Martin was born 29 Jun 1647 in Salisbury, Mass. His parents were George MARTIN and Susannah NORTH. Richard died 11 Mar 1729 in Amesbury, Mass.

10. Naomi Hoyt

Naomi’s husband John Lovejoy was born 9 Feb 1655 in Andover, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Lovejoy and Mary Osgood. John died 14 Jul 1680 in Andover, Essex, Mass.

Naomi’s second husband Richard Stratton was born 27 Dec 1664 in Concord, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Stratton and Mary Frye. Richard died 1724 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass.


From Lydia Harmon, 1924 by Walter Goodwin Davis

John Hoyt 1 - Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

John Hoyt 2

John Hoyt 3

Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957

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  15. Michael Tuck says:

    You cite that John Hoyt, son of Simon, died on 1 Sep 1684 in Rye, NY, Why is that date correct over Hoyt’s date of 28 Feb 1687/88 in Amesbury MA? Also, where did you get Tewksbury/Tuxbury for his wife Frances?

    • Grace (Cronin) Schmitt says:

      “New England Marriages Prior to 1700” by Torrey is the first place I saw it, but I don’t now where the Miner Descent found it.

  16. John E. Hoyt says:

    The above John Hoyt was the 1st listed in the “A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight & Hight Families of America, by David W. Hoyt” in 1871, Providence Press; and looks as if you have infused Simon Hoyt’s son, John Hoyte, b. 1614, with that of the John Hoyt of Amesbury, which is wrong. Please go to Simon Hoyt’s pages of 298-300, and pg. 316 for his children, for the info on Simon Hoyt’s John Hoyte that was born in 1614 and married a Mary [Jewel.] You have infused Simon’s son with the other NON-related John Hoyt of Amesbury/Salisbury, MA, when Simon
    Hoyt’s son, John was born in England, lived and died in Rye, Westchester CT [now NY]. Recently, by family tree charts of the John Hoyt’s of Amesbury/Salisbury, and now, y-dna at the Hite-Hoyt Project at online site, this John Hoyt is NOT related to the Simon Hoyt branch as the one that lived in Amesbury/Salisbury, MA… I would ask that you separate your John Hoyt, above here, from Simon Hoyt’s oldest son of Simon & Jane Stoodley. Your John Hoyt of Amesbury/Salisbury shows he had 2 wives with the same name of Frances. per HHH Book of 1871, pg.19. Please read and redo from the HHH Book of 1871 from page 15-25 on your John Hoyt as his y-DNA (R1b2 European). Simon Hoyt’s y-DNA is (E1b1b1 Ethiopian/Egyptian/Middle-Eastern). Thank You on this manner. Kind Regards,

    • Grace (Cronin) Schmitt says:

      MINER DESCENT – JOHN HOYT (1614-1684) – Gives him two incorrect wives.

      John Hoyt (Sr) had two wives both named Frances. I do not know who Mary Jewell and Mary Elizabeth Brundage married, but it wasn’t this John of Salisbury and Amesbury.

      FRANCES 1: Frances Tewksbury is well accepted as the wife who emigrated with John. The death of this Frances is recorded on page 578 of the published Salisbury vital records (VRs) as 23 February 1642/43. (Pre Gregorian calendar date.) She was the mother of Frances Jr., John, Jr., Gregory, Thomas and Elizabeth who was born 23 Feb 1642/43. Thus, the mother died in childbirth.

      FRANCES 2: The fact of a second wife named Frances is confirmed in the birth recordings of her children in the Salisbury VR books. (No record of such a marriage appears in either Salisbury or Amesbury. It may have been by civil contract, rather than by church ceremony.)
      “Hoyt, Sarah, dau. John and Frances (2d w, Court Record), born 16: 11m: 1644. Since the 11th month in 1644 was January (not November), it should properly be recorded as 16 January 1644/45. (IF you do not understand slash years, you need to investigate it.) Salisbury VRs page 139.
      Only the 1664 birth of her eighth child, Mehitable, does not include the “2d w.” note. Sarah, Mary, Joseph 1, Joseph 2, Marah, Naomi, and Dorothy are all recorded with “2d w.” Their births are on 138-139 of the Salisbury VRs. Torrey in his “New England Marriages Prior to 1700”, thought she died after 1706 in Essex Co., MA.

      John Hoyt, Sr., died 28 February 1687/88, age about 77 years, per page 555 of the Amesbury VR books. In 1698, administration on his estate was transferred to his son-in-law John Barnard (wife Frances Jr.). My informant says “Both sons being dead, and the widow declines.” The final estate settlement came on 2 November 1706, which may indicate widow Frances (2) had deceased by then. However, I have not researched the estate further in the Essex County Court Records.

      MARY JEWELL: “Born Mary Jewell, 10 Dec 1628, Salisbury; died 15 Sep 1684, Amesbury.”
      AMESBURY VRs – No Mary Jewell, (Jewel, Jewell, Juel, Juell) fits in any category. No birth, marriage or death entry for that name. Nor is there a Mary Hoyt (Hoit) with a death in 1684, any month.
      SALISBURY VRS – No Mary Jewell, by any spelling, is recorded under birth, death, or marriage. Nor does she appear under Hoyt or Hoit.

      BRUNDAGE / PURDY / HOYT. “Mary Elizabeth Brundage. 10 Dec 1628, Ipswich, England. D. 15 Sep 1684, Rye, Westchester, NY.” Md (1) Francis Purdy.
      Purdy: “We think the widow of Frances Purdy had married John Hoyt, because her dau-in-law (Elizabeth (Brown) Purdy, in 1678, asked that ‘my father John Hoit and my brother Thomas Browne might stand overseers, or my brother Hacaliah Browne”. Francis Purdy d. 1658.”
      PURDY FAMILY of LONG ISLAND: http:/// – extract —-
      ” John Purdy, and wife, Elizabeth Bradish, and their son Francis are believed to have emigrated to Concord, MA, ca. 1632. Francis later moved to Fairfield County, CT, where he married Mary Elizabeth Brundage, August 5, 1642, Fairfield, CT. Over the next century or so, there came to be a large Purdy family in Fairfield County and adjacent Westchester County, NY.”
      :FRANCIS PURDY died October 1658, in Fairfield CT. This precludes Elizabeth marrying the above John Hoyt as his wife “Frances 2d” is still being recorded at the birth of their children. Frances 2nd was reputedly alive when John Hoyt died, and named in his estate in 1688. (Needs proof.)

  17. Margie Miller says:

    Ok, if Simon didn’t marry Deborah Stowers and married Jane Stoodlie in 1617. Who is John Hoyt’s, born in 1614, mother and I maybe a Walter in 1616? I’m a descendant of John. Are you saying that John was illegitimate?

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