John Foster Jr.

John FOSTER Jr. (1655- 1714) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Foster Jr. was baptized 3 Jun 1655 in 1st Church, Salem, Mass.  His parents were John FOSTER Sr. and Mary TOMPKINS.  He married Mary STUARD (Stuard) 18 Mar 1672.  After Mary died, he married Mary Cowes 12 Jul 1692 in Salem, Mass.  John died 14 Jun 1714 in Salem, Mass.

Mary Stuard (Stewart or Steward)  was born about 1652.  Her daughter Margaret married a John Stewart in Martha’s Vineyard.  A Sarah Stuard (Steward) married John’s brother on 14 May 1676. Maybe she was Mary’s sister, though I can’t find Sarah’s parents either.  One guess is James Steward , a Scotchman of Salem, 1653, who was a servant to John Gifford.

Essex Antiquarian, XII r.o. 2, 70

At a Court of Assistants held at Boston 3 Mar 1673, James Stewart was “plaintiff on appeale relating to 130 the jury found against him. The jury brought in their virdict, they found for the plaintiff’s reversion of the former judgment.”

This may have been the James of Weymouth, 1669.  James Steward’s name is included 4 Nov 1653, in a list of “35 Scotts belonging to the iron works” in the inventory of William Paine (Essex Quarterly Courts, VIII 102). Mary died in 1690 in Salem, Mass.

Mary Cowes was born in 13 Aug 1724 Salem, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Giles Cowes and Mary Dutch. She had first married John Pomeroy on 22 Jul 1674 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. Mary died in 1714 in Salem.

John Pomeroy was born 1650 in England. He died Jun 1691 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

Children: of John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Margaret Foster 1672
Edgartown, Mass
John Stewart
c. 1702
Edgartown, Mass.
2. John Foster 27 Jul 1674
Salem, Mass
14 Sep 1680
3. Mary Foster 12 Sep 1675
John Harrod
c. 1697 Ipswich, Mass.
4. Anna Foster 30 Apr 1677
Thomas Patten?
21 Dec 1699 Billerica, Mass
(Anna’s will calls herself spinster)
14 Sep 1753
Boston, Mass
5. Sarah Foster 27 Nov 1678 Salem, Mass. John Symonds
15 Mar 1710
Salem, Mass.
21 Dec 1759
6 Maj. John FOSTER 15 Oct 1680 in Salem, Mass. Margaret WARE
4 Dec 1704 in Roxbury, Mass.
24 Dec 1759 Attleborough, Mass.
7. Hannah Foster 9 Oct 1681
Salem, Essex, Mass
14 Sep 1753
Boston, Suffolk, Mass.
8. Jonathan Foster 14 Jun 1683
9. Ebenezer Foster 22 Feb 1685
10. Benjamin Foster 11 Mar 1686/87 Salem, Mass. 1708
11. Mercy Foster 15 Jul 1689 Salem, Mass John Guild
11 Jun 1711
3 May 1730 Wretham, Mass.

Children of John and Mary Howes Pomeroy

Name Born Married Departed
12. James Foster 14 Apr 1693
Salem, Essex, Mass
Margaret Pratt
15 May 1719 Salem, Essex, Mass
 Before 1724
13. Ruth Foster 19 Jun 1694 Salem, Essex, Mass. Joseph Very
13 Aug 1724 Salem, Essex, Mass.
23 Feb 1767 Mendon, Worcester, Mass
14. Patience Foster 20 Dec 1696
Salem, Essex, Mass
 Unmarried 1741
15. Nathan Foster 5 Jul 1702
Salem, Essex, Mass
Margaret Boxer
15 Nov 1728
Salem, Mass.
Mary Plaisted 20 Jul 1738
Salem, Essex, Mass
Boston, Mass

John Foster was a blacksmith like his son John and grandson Ebenezer after him

Hon. John Foster was an active, energetic, earnest citizen, frequently serving the town as moderator at town meetings, acting as magistrate under his commission as justice of the peace; representative to the general court, 1723-25-31-32-38-39. He was a blacksmith by trade

24 May 1682 – He was made freeman by the general court. At this time he took the oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

His will is dated 30 Jan 1707. He died in June of 1714 in Salem, and his will was proved in Salem on 1 Jul 1714.

His wife Mary, survived him.


Essex Deeds, vol.Viii, pp. 18 19: John Foster, of Salem, husbandman, eldest son and heir of John Foster, deceased, late senior, for £12, paid by Martha Foster, widow, and David Foster, husbandman, both of Salem, quit claim two-thirds of an acre of salt marsh at the great cove, in the north field, to said Martha, David, Samuel, Joseph, Jonathan and Ebenezer, excepting sc. (in accordance with my said father’s will, bearing date Nov. 16, 1687).

Essex Deeds, March 8, 1704: The deposition of John Foster, ae. about fifty-nine years . . . testify and say that they well know, and have for about forty years last, been well acquainted with the piece of land . . . in north field in Salem, bounded . . . the marsh meadow and thatch bank of the deponent, John Foster, etc.

Essex Probate: John Fosters will, proved allowed, Salem, deceased:

In the name of God, Amen, I John Foster Senior of Salem in the County of Essex in New England, husbandman, being in good health and of fair mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainty of my life being stricken in years and for the settlement of my small estate which God hath given me, make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time made. First I command my soul to God who gave it and my body to a decent burial at the discretion my Executors hereafter named and after my debts and funeral charges are paid I dispose as followeth
I give unto my eldest son five pounds in money in one year after my decease to be paid in that time in such money as passeth from man to man at the time of payment.
Item I give to my loving wife Mary and my son Benjamin all my personal estate for the payment of my debts and funeral charges and the bringing up of my small children and do constitute and appoint my wife Mary and my son Benjamin my Executors of this my last will and Testament.
Item I give to my aforesaid wife Mary and my son Benjamin, my Executors all my housing and lands either in Salem or elsewhere quietly to possess and enjoy the same for the better enabling them to bring (up) my small children and support of my wife during her natural life or widowhood and in case of absolute necessity, and not otherwise as the major part of my executors that are hereafter named and may be surviving shall judge is necessitious and give under their hands a signification thereof then in such case I hereby empower my said Executors to make sale of any part of my lands or my Real estate for the end aforesaid. What of my real estate may remain at the intermarriage of my widow or at her death I give and bequeath unto all my children equally to be divided amongst them to them and their heirs forever.
Lastly: I nominate and appoint my good friends and neighbors John Gardner, Cornet John Holton and Mr. Nathaniel Love all of Salem to be overseers of this my last will and Testament entreating them to accept the same.
In Witness and in confirmation that this is my last will and Testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th day of January, 1707.

Signed sealed and delivered. Signed John Foster (seal)
In presence of Samuel Shippen, Susanna Sewell, Steph Sewell.
Essex ss Salem July 1 1714 before the Hon John Appleton Esq. Judge of the probate of Wills, Etc. upon which this will is proved, approved and allowed.
Sworn attest Dan Rogers Reg’r

The executors therein named appeared and accepted said trust and exhibited the following inventory:
To house and barn and land adjoining………….100.00
To 2 ten acre lots and one of salt marsh………110.00
To his invest in Royal side…………………..25.00
To 6 Cows 2 yearlings £20 to 20 sheep £7
horse £3  fowls 5S…………………………..30.50
To 3 feather beds and all furniture belonging…..20.00
To pewter 31s. to 2 pots 2 tramels pair tongs
fire shovel frying pan spitt brass kittle
warming pan and skillet…………………….. 2.10
To jars earthenware 10s looking glass 6s
chest and tables 40s…………………………2.16
To 9 chairs 12s husbandry tools, etc. 52s……….3.40
To gun and cutlash 20s. to 18 yds. new cloth 27s…2.70
To 4 yds of cloth 12s. wooden ware 5s.
to yarn and wool…………………………….2.17
To Provisions £5, to weaving £10………………15.00
To Cash…………………………………….22.50
Samuel Foster, Stephen Jewell, Pricers.
Essex ss Salem July Anno Dom. 1714
Sworn etc. attest Dan Rogers Reg’r
Essex Probate, vol. 323, p. 107. Province of the
Massachusetts Bay.


1. Margaret Foster

Margaret’s husband John Stewart was born about 1670 Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.  His parents were Daniel Stewart and Mary Adams or Mary Vincent.  His grandfather, James Steward, was a passenger on the next ship after the Mayflower, the Fortune in 1621.  John died 1736 Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.

3. Mary Foster

Mary’s husband John Harrod (Harwood?) was born 1675 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

4. Anna Foster

Anna’s husband Thomas Patten’s origins are not known.

Will dated April 12, 1746, proved Sept 14, 1754  Anna Foster, spinster of Boston to my eldest brother John FOSTER of Attleboro, cousins Benjamin and James Simonds Jr of Salem [cousins often meant nephews in those days] Sarah Pickering, Anna Skerry, Esther Giles, sister Mary Harrod, brother-in-law John Harrod, and his son Benjamin Harrod (Suffolk No. 10551)

5. Sarah Foster

Sarah’s husband John Symonds (Simonds) was born 1678 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.  His parents were James Symonds (1633 – 1714) and Elizabeth Browning (1640 – 1715).  John died  3 Mar 1729 in Salem, Essex Co., Mass.

6. Maj. John FOSTER (See his page)

10. Mercy Foster

Mercy’s husband John Guild was born 7 Nov 1690 in Wrentham, Mass. His parents were John Guild and Sarah Fisher. John died 28 Jan 1762 in Wrentham, Mass.

Mercy Foster Guild Headstone — Wrentham Center Cemetery Wrentham Norfolk County Massa

In Memory of
Mrs. Marcy Guild
ye Wife of Mr.
John Guild who
Died May ye
3, 1730
in ye 42nd
year of her

11. James Foster

James’ wife Margaret Pratt was born 1 Mar 1694 in Salem, Mass. After James died, she married 2 Feb 1724 to  Captain Samuel Endicott, son of Samuel Endicott and Hannah Felton.  Her parents were John Pratt and Margaret Maverick. James died 1766 in Danvers, Mass

12. Ruth Foster

Ruth’s husband Joseph Very was born 1 Oct 1704 in Salem, Essex, Mass. His parents were Benjamin Very and Jemima Newhall. Joseph died 24 Jan 1742/43 in Salem, Essex, Mass.

14. Patience Foster

1641 – Patience Single woman of Salem for £105 conveys to brother John FOSTER of Attleboro, interest in the estate of her father John Foster  late deceased of Salem (lxxxii 61)

19 Oct 1643 – John and Mary Harrod of Boston, John Guild of Wrentham and Ruth Very of Mendon convey for £150 to Anna Foster of Boston, spinster, lands in the north fields Salem received from the estate of our honored father John Foster late deceased of Salem.

15. Nathan Foster

Nathan’s first wife Margaret Boxer was born 5 Jul 1702 in Salem, Essex, Mass.  Margaret died before 1738.

Nathan’s second wife Mary Plaisted was born  [unknown]


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