Thomas Rawlins

Thomas RAWLINS (1600 – 1660) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Thomas Rawlins – Coat of Arms

Thomas Rawlins was born about 1600 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.  He married Mary [__?__] in 1624 in Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.  He  came to Roxbury from England in 1630 in the first company of the Winthrop Fleet with his family.   He was a carpenter and planter and removed to Scituate before 1639. He married second Sarah Maddox on 2 May 1656.   Thomas died 15 Mar 1660 in Boston, Mass.

Mary [__?__] was born in 1592, Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England.  After great suffering, Mary died about 1639 in Scituate, Mass..

Children of Thomas and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Thomas Rawlins c. 1618
Hannah [_?_]
aft 12 Dec 1681
Plymouth, Mass
2. Mary Rawlins c. 1620
William Parker
Apr 1639
Aug 1651
Scituate, Mass
3. Joanna RAWLINS c. 1624
Ephraim KEMPTON Jr.
28 Jan 1646 Scituate, Plymouth Colony
31 Mar 1656 Scituate, Mass.
4. Nathaniel Rawlins c. 1626
Lydia Sylvester
4 Sep 1652
23 Dec 1662
Scituate, Mass
5. John Rawlins c. 1628
Judith [__?__]
Mary [__?__]
Scituate, Mass

“Thomas Rawlins came from Weymouth before 1646, in which year he was one of the Conihassett partners in Scituate. He had left Weymouth with Richard Sylvester. He purchased Anthony Annable’s  River lot 1642, and built his house where Deacon Thomas, and Deacon George King afterward resided, (now [1831] Col. Curtis’s.) … The descendants now [1831] write the name Rollin.

Richard Sylvester, who lived in Weymouth about 1640, held doctrines too liberal for the age in which he lived; they were supposed to be similar to those of his minister, Mr. Lenthial, whose doctrine was ‘that all baptized persons should ” be admitted to the church without further Trial. This Mr. Lenthial afterward retracted before the General Court of Massachusetts; but Sylvester refusing, he was disfranchised, and therefore removed into Scituate, then in the Plymouth Colony and out of their jurisdiction. As Thomas RAWLINS, Thomas Clapp, James Torrey and William Holbrook went to Scituate about the same time, perhaps because of holding similar opinions.

Sep 1634 – Anthony Annable had built a “small plain pallizadoe” house at Scituate.

29 Sep 1639 – Anthony Annable of Barnstable, planter, sold to Thomas Rawlins of Scituate “my dwelling house and out house and all my lands thereunto appertaining, viz:” twenty-two acres, on the northeast side of the first herring brook, nine acres of marsh on the same side of the first herring brook, eighty acres of upland on the north side of the North River, and thirteen acres of marsh thereto belonging

Thomas, Sen., carpenter, planter, Roxbury, came with the first company, 1630; he brought 5 children, Thomas, Mary, Joane, Nathaniel and John. He removed to Scituate; his wife Mary, after great suffering, d. there about 1639. [E.] Propr., frm. May 18, 1631. He removed to Boston. Emm, wife of Thomas R. d. at Boston. 27 (10) 1655. He m. 2 (3) 1656, Sarah Maddox. His dau. Joane m. at Sci. Jan. 28, 1645-6, Ephraim Kempton. Mary m. April, 1639, William Parker. Thomas, fisherman, seaman, of Weymouth and Boston, who deposed April 12, 1641, ae. about 33 years, appears to be the son of the above.  He d. 15 March, 1660; will prob. April 4, 1660. Wife Sarah; sons Thomas and Nathaniel. House and land in Bo. and farm at Sci. [Reg. IX, 226.]

There is confusing information about Thomas Rawlins and Ephraim KEMPTON Jr. from the poorly written Cutter reference. Ephraim Kempton Jr. did not marry Sarah Maddox on 2 May 1656 – Thomas Rawlins did – Ephraim Jr. died in 1655 and couldn’t possibly marry anyone in 1656. Thomas Rawlins was the one who was on a grand jury, 1641 etc; surveyor at Scituate 1642 etc; on town committee, etc: admitted freeman, May 18, 1631; returned to Boston where his wife died etc. – not Ephraim Kempton Jr. Ephraim Jr could hardly be a freeman in 1631 since he was in England at the time. Plus Ephraim Jr.’s Joanne died on 31 Mar. 1656 in Scituate – not in Dec 27, 1655 in Boston – Thomas Rawlins second wife did on that date. Ephraim Jr. did not die Mar 15, 1660 – Thomas Rawlins was the one who died on that date in Boston. The statement from Savage is about the wife of Ephraim Kempton IV and not wife of Ephraim Kempton III. See article in NEHGS Reg., vol. 166, p. 188, “When Did Ephraim3 Kempton Marry.”


1. Thomas Rawlins

Thomas, fisherman, seaman, of Weymouth and Boston, who deposed April 12, 1641, ae. about 33 years, appears to be the son of the above

2. MaryRawlins 

Mary’s husband William Parker was born in 1618. His father was William Parker.  William died 28 Dec 1686 in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut.

3. Joanna RAWLINS (See Ephraim KEMPTON Jr.‘s page)

4. Nathaniel Rawlins

Nathaniel’s wife Lydia Sylvester was born 8 Dec 1633 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Richard Silvester and Naomi Torrey. After Nathaniel died, she married she married Edward Wright 1664. Lydia died 1700 in Scituate, Mass,

Nathaniel succeeded to his father’s residence 1650. He married Lydiain 1652 The children of Nathaniel, Elizabeth born 1653, Ruth 1655, Patience 1658, Nathaniel 1659, Elizabeth born 1661, (wife of James Torrey, jr. 1679.)Nathaniel, sen. died 1662. Thomas, sen. died in Boston, 1650, and gives in his will, “to wife Sarah, and to son Thomas a house in Boston, if he live there with his mother. To son Nathaniel, my farm inScituate. To son in law William Parker of Scituate, &ic.” The descendants now write the name Rollin.   from History of Scituate, Massachusetts by Samuel Deacon.


The Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the … By Charles Henry Pope

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