Peter Lewis

Peter LEWIS (1644 – 1716) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of  1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Map of Lower Kittery Lots – Peter Lewis’ land is underlined in red From  from Stackpole’s Old Kittery And Her Families

Peter Lewis was born 11 Sep 1644 in Roxbury, Mass.  He had a twin Andrew, though nothing more is known about him.  His parents were John LEWIS and [__?__].  He married Grace DIAMOND 29 Sep 1663.  Alternatively, he married about 1667.  Peter died in 4 Apr 1716 in the Isle of Shoals, Maine.

Peter lived on the Isles of Shoals, which is shared by the states of New Hampshire and Maine.

Grace Diamond was born about 1645 or 1646 probably in Kittery, Maine.  Her parents were John DIAMOND and Grace SAMMON.  Grace was listed as being a midwife in 1720.

Children of Peter and Grace:  An alternate birth order is Anne, Peter, Andrew, William, John, Grace, Morgan, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah.

Name Born Married Departed
1. Peter Lewis 1669 Lucy Chadbourne Hicks
After 1688
Elizabeth [__?__]
After 1703
bet. 17 May and 21 Jun 1739
2. Mary Lewis 1671 (1664?) David Hutchins
c. 1702
3. Ann Lewis 1673 (1669, 1670?)
Kittery, Maine
John Tapley
Kittery, ME
4. John Lewis 1674 or 1675 Mrs. Martha Brooking Wakehan
Jun 1699
Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth, Maine
5. Andrew LEWIS bet. 1672 – 1673. Mary HUTCHINS
29 Nov 1701
Kittery, York, Maine
27 Jul 1758 – 31 Mar 1760
Kittery, ME
6. Elizabeth Lewis 1679 1716 Alive and unmarried when her father wrote his will
7. Morgan Lewis 1681 Abigail Ingersoll
Jan 1705/06
3 Feb 1712/13
8. William Lewis 1683 Mary [__?__]
bef. 29 Dec 1709
Sarah Low
17 Dec 1719
9. Rebecca Lewis 1685 Philip Pike
10. Sarah Lewis 1687 Peter Mow (of Rochelle, France)
10 Sep 1717
11. Grace Lewis 1676 seduced by Philip Follett in 1698; had an illegitimate child in Oct. 1701; unmarried in 1713.

Peter Lewis, Isles of Shoals, ±29 in Sept. 1673, m. Grace Diamond(3), bought home, stage etc. on Smuttinose from Matthew Giles 30 Nov. 1668. Bought at Spruce Creek from John Phoenix in 1675, and sold at Shoals in 1683. Culler of fish, Shoals, 1680. Grand Jury Maine 1668-9, 1695, 1696, 1701, 1702; (N. H.) 1673.

Will 3 Feb 1712/13–4 Apr. 1716. The widow was a midwife in 1720. Ch: Peter, b. ab. 1670. Andrew. William. John. Grace, seduced by Philip Follett in 1698; had illegit. ch. in Oct. 1701; unm. in 1713. Morgan, m. (ct. Jan. 1705/06) Abigail Ingersoll, who m. 2d Joseph Judkins and 3d Ebenezer Blaisdell; d. before his father leaving a son Nathaniel of York (Lists 279, 298) who m. Sarah Gray (Robert), int. 22 Feb. 1726/27, and had 8 ch. Mary, m. David Hutchins(1). Ann, m. bef. 1712 John Tapley. Rebecca, m. bef. 1713 Philip Pike. Elizabeth, unm. in 1715. Sarah, prob. m. in Portsm. 10 Sept. 1718 Peter Mow from Rochelle, France. (GDMNH pg. 429)

Peter Lewis was at Smuttynose Island in 1668, and sold his land there in 1683.

When he was 24, Peter bought a house and fishing stages on Smuttinose Island from Matthew Giles on 30 Nov. 1668.  He then bought land on Spruce Creek, Kittery, Maine from John Phoenix in 1675 and sold his property at the shoals in 1683. He was listed as a culler of fish at the shoals in 1680. Peter was on the grand jury in Maine in 1668-9, 1695, 1696, 1701 and 1702. He was on the Grand Jury in NH in 1673. Grace was listed as being a midwife in 1720.

Peter Lewis is listed in the York County Court Index in the following cases: 1695, def. for Nonapperance; 1695 Fine Remitted; 1715 Def. cause unlisted.

13 Apr 1708 – Peter Lewis, laborer, of Kittery, and wife Grace, sister to Adam Diamant (Diamond) late of Ipswich, deceased, for £30 quit claim to Theophilas Cotton and wife, Elizabeth, possessors to Estate of said Andrew Diamant, all our rights in 2 certain messuages now in their occupation. No. 1 containing 1+ acres garden, etc; also a lot of salt marsh at Plumb Island, said Diamant bought of Benjamin Newman, also all the house hold stuff, money, plate, goods, and wares of whatever nature, that said Andrew died seized of. Signed April 13, 1708. Witnessed by Peter Lewis Jr. and Elizabeth Dill.

Smuttynose Island (formerly “Smutty-nose”) is one of the Isles of Shoals, located six miles off the coast of New Hampshire, but actually in the state of Maine. It was named by fishermen, seeing the island at sea level and noticing how the profuse seaweed at one end looked like the “smutty nose” of some vast sea animal.

About 1670 he bought land of John Phoenix, at Spruce Creek. His will was made in 1712 and proved 1716.

Peter Lewis is listed in the York County Court Index in the following cases: 1695, def. for Nonapperance; 1695 Fine Remitted; 1715 Def. cause unlisted. Morgan Lewis Def. 1706 for Fornication. Andrew Lewis Def. 1715 cause not listed; Plt 1739 Debt; PLT 1741 Debt.

Isles of Shoals Map

There was a neck of land on the north side called the “burned neck.” John Fennick sold this lot to Peter Lewis 13 March 1670. A lot bordering this on the north, measuring forty-five rods on the water side by eighty rods into the woods was sold by Withers to John ffenicke, 10 April 1675, and the latter sold this also to Peter Lewis, 12 April 1675. Lewis bought of Withers a strip “behind his lot,” twenty by sixty-nine rods, 25 Nov. 1685. Fennick, or Phoenix, had a town grant of twenty acres, 18 Aug. 1679, which was laid out to him in parcels at several times. This land seems to have been southeast of the land sold to Peter Lewis at about the head of Martin’s Cove and on the southeast side of the Cove. It bordered on land of Nicholas Weeks, on the parsonage land which included Pine Point, and on land of Enoch Hutchins.

Will of Peter Lewis Probated and recorded 4 April 1716. Inventory returned 9 April 1716 at £82:3:0, by George Frink, James Breeden, and William Godsoe, appraisers

In the name of God Amen The third day of February in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & twelve thirteen I Peter Lewis of Kittery in the County of Yorke in the Province of the MasachuSets Bay in New England yeoman, being weak in body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be given unto God therefore Calling unto mind the Mortality of my body, & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make & ordain this my Last Will and Testament : that is to say; principally & first of all I give & recommend my Soul into the hand of God that gave it; & for my body I commend to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executrix nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I Shall receive the Same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise & dospose of the Same in the following manner & form.

First I will that all those debts & duties as I do owe in right or Conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever Shall be well & Truly contented & paid or ordained to be paid in convenient time after my decease by my Executrix hereafter nomed.

Item I give unto my Well beloved Son Peter Lewis by these presents a Confermation of all the Land which I have heretofore given him by deeds one bearing date ye 13 day of September Anno Domini 1706 the other bearing date the 29th of January 1712/13, and also after mine & my wives decease I give to him his Heirs & assigns Eight acres of wood land which Lyes at the head of Roberd Easmans Land & Andrew Haleys Land forever to enjoy it after my wives decease<

Item I give unto my well beloved Son Andrew Lewis a Confirmation of the Lands whereon he now dwells & possesses for which I have heretofore given him a deed of gift which is in full of that portion which intend to give him.

Item I give unto my well beloved Son William Lewis his Heirs & assigns the moiety or one halfe part of that tract of Land which I have in the woods Lying & being in the Town Ship of Kittery Containing in the whole fifty acres be it more or Less forever:

Item I give unto my well beloved Grandson Nathaniel Lewis Son of my Son Morgan Lewis Deceased the moiety or one halfe part of that tract of Land which I have in the Woods Lying & being in Kittery TownShip Containing in the whole fifty acres be it more or Less the whole to be Equally divided betwene my Son William Lewis & my Said Grandson Nathaniel Lewis.

Item I give unto my well beloved Grand children Benjamin Lewis Grace Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Mehetabel Lewis the Children of my Son John Lewis deceased five Shilling apeace to be levied & raised out of my Estate and paid to them by my Executrix after my decease.

Item I give unto my well beloved daughters Grace Lewis one Cow four Ewe sheep on bed & furniture belonging to it forever and her dwelling in the Lentoe of my now dwelling house So long as She Shall Continue unmarried.

Item I give unto my well beloved daughters Mary Hutchins Grace Lewis Anne Tapley Rebecca Pike Elizabeth Lewis Sarah Lewis after the decease of my wife all the household Stuff & other moveables or personall Estate that Shall then be found belonging to my Estate to be Equally divided among them.

Item I give & bequeath unto Grace my dearly beloved wife the vse & Improvement of my whole Estate real & personal during her naturall life for her comfertable Subsistance but if it Should So happen that the Income of my Estate will not maintain her Comfertably that then She hath hereby power & leave to dispose of So much of the moveables as Shall be necessary to Support her.

I do likewise Constitute make & ordain my above said wife Gr[a]ce to be my onely & Sole Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament and I do hereby utterly dissalow revoke & dissanull all & every other former Testaments & Will by me in any ways before this time Willed and Bequeathed Ratifying & Confirming this & no other to be my Last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seal the day & year above written.

Signed Sealed pronounced & Declared by the Said Peter Lewis as his last Will & Testament in the preSents of us the Subscribers.

Samuell X Hutchins          his marke
Jonathn X Hutchins         his mark
Jno Newmarch Peter Lewis (Seal)


1. Peter Lewis

Peter’s first wife Lucy Chadbourne was born 1659 in Kittery, York, Maine. Her parents were Humphrey Chadbourne and Lucy Treworgye. She first married 1681 in Berwick, Maine to [__?__] Landall, second, 1688 in Kittery, York, Maine to Michael Hicks (b. 1620 in England – d. 1688 in Maine) of Barbados (will 19 May-12 June 1688) and third Peter. Lucy died about 1702 in Kittery, Maine.

Peter was a shipwright and he and his wife Elizabeth were admitted to the church in Kittery in 1731. He was listed as a culler of fish in Kittery in 1692-3. He was on the grand jury in 1714.

Peter Lewis, Kittery, ±42 in 1712-3, ±59 in 1728-9, shipwright, m. 1st after 1688 Lucy (Chadbourne 1), wid. of Michael Hicks(4), 2d, after 1703, one Elizabeth, who was adm. to Kittery Church with him in 1731. His father’s deed to William Mitchell, dated 1683, must have been witnessed. by Peter jr. and his w. Lucy in 1702, when it was acknowledgedCuller of fish (Kitttery,) 1692-3. Grand Jurly 1714.   Of the ch. listed in his will, 17 May–21 June 1739, the first 4 can reasonably be assigned to his 1st wife, but doubt increases with each of those following: Lucy, m. 1st in Portsm. 16 Apr. 1719 Samuel Briard, 2d 25 June 1724 Sylvanus Tripe, jr. 4 ch. mentioned by her father Peter, Kit., husbandman, m. 29 Dec. 1726 Elizabeth Haley(2); will, 1772, ment. w., sons Peter and William, daus. Elizabeth Haley, Lucy Fernald, Sarah Fernald, Mary Young and Miriam Fernald. Mary, unm. 1739, but wife of Thomas Pillow, cordwainer, in 1753. Catherine, bp. with next two 1 July 1722,   acc. John Haley, late of Kit., now of Falmouth in 1733, m. John Phoenix bef. 1739. Sarah, unm. in 1739. Abigail, m. int. 5 Aug. 1738 Thaddeus Trafton. Eunice, bp. 16 July 1727. One E. L. m. Thomas Fernald 23 Feb. 1758.  (GDMNH pg. 429)

2. Mary Lewis

Mary’s husband David Hutchins was born about 1660 in Somerset, England.  He was killed by 19 Sep 1708 in Kittery, York, Maine.  A party of Abenaki ambush settlers in Kittery, ME. Two settlers were killed.

David of Spruce Creek, Kittery, owed estate of Enoch Hutchins, in 1694 held part of grant made to Rowland Williams who was closely connected. with Enoch, and m. bef. 13 Sept. 1706 a neighbor of Enoch, Mary Lewis, who deposed in Oct. 1709, ±50*, liv. 34 yrs. ago at Turkey Pt. where Joseph Weeks now lives

3. Ann Lewis

Ann’s husband John Tapley was born 7 APR 1669 in Salem Massachusetts.  His parents were John Tapley (1638 – ) and Elizabeth Pride (1642 – ) Tapley was taxed in Salem in 1691 and removed afterward to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He sold his homestead lots in Kittery in 1740-44-59. John died 1745 in St Michaels Parish, Talbot, Maryland.

4. John Lewis

John’s wife Martha Brookings was born 1669 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Her parents were William Brookings and Mary Walford. She first married John Wakeham.  After John died, marriage intentions were published 17 Oct. 1709 for Martha to marry in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire to Joseph Rendle, a Frenchman.

GDMNH pg 112 – William Brooking, husbandman and fisherman, Portsm., where he had gr. 1652. Gr.j. 1655, 1660, 1667-8, coroner’s jury 1657. In 1667 he sold land at Great Island and dep. there in 1680, ag. ±51. Several times drunk. Lists 325, 330ab, 323, 312c, 313a, 326ac, 329, 331b, 52. Adm. 26 Nov. 1694 to wid. Mary (Walford), who m. 2d Wm. Walker; liv. 20 Jan. 1702-3, when heirs agreed to div. Lists 92, 315a. Ch: Rebecca, mar. 1st by 1679 Thomas Pomeroy, 2d Clement Rummerill, 3d Thos. Rouse, 4th George Alston. Sarah, m. Jacob Brown(11). Martha, b. ab. 1669, m. 1st John Wakeham, 2d John Lewis, 3d Joseph Randall. Mary, m. Thomas Lucy. Grace, m. 1695 John Lang..

Joseph Randall was born 1684 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. He first married 26 Jul 1716 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island to Amey Esten (b. 1 Jun 1685 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island – d. 8 Feb 1764 in Providence Village, Rhode Island). Joseph died 30 Mar 1760 in Providence, Rhode Island.

John Lewis Portsmouth, weaver, ±25 in 1699, m. Martha (Brookings 5), (Ct. June 1699), ±30 in 1699, wid. of John Wakeham, who m. 3d, contract 17 Oct. 1709, Joseph Rendle, a Frenchman. Bought a house lot in 1701. D. 1708. Ch. ment. in their grandfather’s  will: Benjamin, Portsmouth, shipwright, m. 14 Sept. 1727 Lydia Canney (Samuel 4) of Dover; living in 1747. Grace, m. 1st 28 Oct. 1718 John Bly, 2d 23 May 1723 Nathaniel Boulter(1), 3d Henry Dresser. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Gunnison(1). Mehitable, d. s. p. 1736. (GDMNH pg. 429)

5. Andrew LEWIS (See his  page)

7. Morgan Lewis

Morgan’s wife Abigail Ingersoll was born 1680 in Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine. Her parents were John Ingersoll and Deborah Gunnison. Abigail died 28 April 1755 in Kittery, York, Maine.

John Ingersoll, bought large tract from George Munjoy at Capisie in Falmouth in 1675 before the war caused his flight to Salem, whence he returned to Falmouth in 1680 by way of Kittery (1676). Had a grant of 60 acres at Fort Loyal, but lived on his farm, operating the mill with his brother until 1690, when his house, a garrison commanded by Sergt. Richard Hicks, was abandoned and he, his w. Deborah (±83 in 1728) and his ch. retired to Kittery, where he became a carpenter.

His will, 27 Sep. 1714–4 Apr. 1716, names the ch: Deborah, b. ±1668 (64 in July 1732), m. 1 Dec. 1686 at Falm. Capt. Benjamin Larrabee(1). Elisha. Nathaniel. John. Ephraim, d. s.p. Abigail, m. 1st Morgan Lewis(14), 2d Joseph Junkins and 3d, bef. 1714, Ebenezer Blaisdell. Rachel, m. 10 Mar. 1710 John Chapman(4). A dau., m. John Brown(23). Mary, m. 1st Daniel Low(1) (ct. Oct. 1707), 2d, int. 25 [p.369] Apr. 1724, Andrew Lewis(2). (GDMH pg. 369)

Morgan Lewis Def. 1706 for Fornication.  He married Abigail Ingersoll about that same time.

After Morgan died, his wife Abigail Ingersoll married a second time to Joseph Judkins (Dudkiss), she married a third time 13 Feb 1713 in York Maine to Ebenezer Blaisdell (1686 – 1764).

Joseph Judkins received a town grant in 1701; leased John Frost’s home and land at Scotland.   M. Abigail (Ingersoll), wid. of Morgan Lewis (14). The Newsletter, Apr. 9, 1711, detailed his death: On Tuesday before, Apr. 6,  Daniel Dill and Joseph Jenkins were killed by five Indians near Scotland garrison.  Jenkins. was stripped, scalped and left for dead, but arose and walked to garrison, gave an account and lived 2 hrs. The widow and her third  husband Ebenezer Blaisdell gave bond to adm. 6 Jan. 1712/13; her acct. filed Jan. 1728/29. Ch: Joseph, 9 mos. old in Apr. 1711; d. bef. Jan. 1728/29, app. bef. he was 14. John, b. 21 Sept. 1711; adm. 1748 to half-brother Nathaniel Lewis; left widow Margaret, 3 ch. (GDMNH pg. 394)

Morgan’s  son Nathaniel settled in York, Maine, married Sarah Gray, daughter of Robert, and had eight children, of whom the seventh was Major Morgan, born 9 Mar 1742/43, moved from the north parish of York to Alfred, Maine, in 1772, lieutenant of a company when the revolution broke out, promoted captain, then major, a prominent citizen in civil as well as military life.

8. William Lewis

William’s first wife Mary [__?__] died after 1716.  He married again 17 Dec 1719 to Sarah Evans.

Sarah Evans was born 9 Nov 1685 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. Her parents were Robert Evans and Ann Thompson. She first married 17 Dec 1719 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Jacob Low. Sarah died in 1728.

William was a ship-carpenter, he had a Kittery  grant in 1703, of Spruce Creek when he bought in Portsmouth in 1706. At Fort William and Mary in 1708. Bef. 1709, when they signed a deed, he m. one Mary, who d. aft July 1716 when they were adm. to No. Ch.; 2d 17 Dec. 1719, Sarah (Evans) Low, wid. of Jacob Low. With her brother Jonathan Evans they deeded in 1728 to Daniel Horn of Dover 1/9 of 60 acres to be laid out in Barbadoes Woods. Taxed 1732-3. Only known child: William.

9. Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca’s husband, Philip Pike was born in Lancashire, England.

Philip sued Roger Kelly for portlege and share of fish in 1700. Tailor of Kittery, he bought in Portsmouth in 1705; taxed there 1707-13.  Pike Fam. Rec. (1905) names s. Philip. ‘James P. of Hollis always told his ch. and that his fa. Philip of Kittery came to this country from Manchester, England.’ Apparently, it was the son Philip, cordwainer, who bought in York in 1734. Other children may have included: Thomas and John.

In 1705 Philip purchased land in Portsmouth, N. H., and afterwards served July 8th to the 19th, 1708 with the military at fort William and Mary at New Castle.

10. Sarah Lewis

Sarah’s husband Peter Mow was born in 1665 in Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. He first married married Mollie [__?__]; children: Eleanor, Sarah, James.

11. Grace Lewis

Grace, seduced by Philip Follett in 1698; had an illegitimate child in Oct. 1701; unmarried in 1713.

The Grace Lewis who married John Bly 28 Oct 1718 in Portsmouth, NH was her niece, daughter of her brother John.


New England Marriages Prior to 1700

Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine, Volume 4

Old Kittery and her families By Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire (GDMNH)

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