John Brown Jun

John BROWN Jun (1637 – 1683) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

We have five separate Brown lines and seven different Brown immigrant ancestors, by far the most of any surname.  When the surname is of English origin it is derived from a nickname concerning the complexion of an individual, or the colour of their hair. Brown is derived from the Old English brunbrūn; Middle English brunbroun; or Old French brun.

1. John BROWNE Sr. (Swansea). (1583 Hawkedon, Suffolk  – 1662 Swansea, Mass)
John BROWN Jr.  (1620 -1662 Rehoboth, Mass)

2. John BROWN (Hampton) (1589 London – 1677 Salem, Mass)

3.  Nicholas BROWN (1601 Inkberrow, Worcester – 1694 Reading, Mass)

4. James BROWNE (1605 Southhampton, Hampshire  -1676 Salem, Mass.)

5. Thomas BROWNE (1607 Christian Malford, Wiltshire – 1687 Newbury, Mass.)
Francis BROWN I (1633  Christian Malford, Wiltshire – 1691  Newbury, Mass.)

John Brown Jun was born 4 Jan 1637 in Newbury Mass.  His parents were James BROWN and Judith CUTTING.  He married Mary WOODMAN on 20 Feb 1659 in Newbury, Mass.  John died 29 Aug 1683 in Newbury, Mass

John Brown and his father were glaziers.  Work consisted of glass-blowers, boiler men, glaziers and glass carriers.

Mary Woodman was born about 1638 in Newbury, Mass.  Her parents were Edward WOODMAN and Joan SALWAY.    Mary died 30 Mar 1703 in Newbury, Mass

John’s second wife Hannah Hobart was born 15 May 1638 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Peter Hobart and Elizabeth Ibrook.  Her grandparents were Edmund HOBART and Margaret DEWEY. Hannah died 11 Sep 1691 in Bristol, Bristol, Mass.

Children of John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Judith BROWN 3 Dec 1660
Newbury, Mass
Zachary Davis
4 Feb 1680/81
7 Jan 1695/96
Newbury, Mass
14 Nov 1728 in Newbury, Mass.
2. Mary Brown 8 Mar 1661/62
William Partridge
Dec 1680
Newbury, Mass
3. Elizabeth Brown 15 May 1664
Ipswich, Mass
2 Dec 1706
4. Jomr Brown 29 Sep 1666
5. Jonathan Brown 4 Nov 1688
Lydia Kindrick
6 Apr 1694
6. Sarah Brown 2 Dec 1670
7. Hannah Brown 13 Nov 1676
8. William Brown 1 Dec 1677
Salem, Mass
2 Apr 1753

John Brown, glazier, lived in Newbury 1659-1662 in Ipswich 1663 – 1686. He bought house barn and land on High street in Ipswich Jan 15 1663

The Ancient Records of the Town of Ipswich:

The names of such as are Commoners in Ipswich, viz: that have right to Commonage there: The last day of the last month 1641 – John Browne. /P/ Month the first day 26th 1640. Agreed with James Pitney and John Browne the day and yeare above said that they shall keepe a herd of Swyne soe many as shall be put before them at Castle neck and Hogg Island from the 10th of Aprill untlll harvest be fully ended and they are to carry them and bring them back to the severall owners yvided that the owners send each of them a man to drive them and bring them back and that they shall stand to all damage done in Corne and that they chall put them up in the pen every night In consideration wereof they shall have 401b and if any hoggs shall be lost by their negligence they shall pay for them and they are to be there every night except upon extraordinary occasions and then but one of them to be absent and they are to have Is in hand for every Hogg put before them 2s 6 d for every Hogg at midsummer and the remaynder to make up 40lb at the time when they deliver them up either in mony or merchantable Corne within 14 days after the tyme or else they are to pay half soe much more as the agreement and in case any Hogs be put bf fore them they shall pay for them the whole pay except they fetch them away upon the Hogkeepers information of being soe poor that they are not like to live. The mark P of James Pitney John Browne

Oulde Newbury: 2 21 Oct 26 1659 Nicholas Wallington of Newbury conveyed to John Browne of Newbury house and four acres of land lately purchased of the executrix of Henry Travers described as above Ipswich Deeds book 2 leaf 13 24. Nov 7 1660 John Browne of Newbury glazier sold to Henry Sewall of Newbury gentleman house and four acres of land in Newbury formerly owned by Henry Travers bounded with the streets on the south and east the land of Richard Browne on the west and Tristram Coffin’s land on y north also shop and new shop lately built and floored etc Ipswich Deeds book 2 page 16 28

2 John Browne James of Newbury and Ipswich glazier born 1638 married Feb 20 1659 60 MARY WOODMAN (Edward) He removed from Newbury to Ipswich about 1663. By his father’s will he seems to have received something from the estate of Henry Bright of Watertown In 1678 he sold house and land in Ipswich and we have found no further trace of him.


1. Judith BROWN (See Henry BRADLEY‘s page)

2. Mary Brown

Mary’s husband William Partridge was born about 1652 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were William Partridge and Ann Gerrish. William died 3 JAN 1728 in Newbury, Mass.

5. Jonathan Brown

Jonathan’s wife Lydia Kindrick was born 01 Dec 1669 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Lydia died in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.


New England marriages prior to 1700 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentley

The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts: with some related

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