Joseph Chaplin

Joseph CHAPLIN (1646 – 1705) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line.

Joseph Chaplin was born on 11 Dec 1646 in Rowley, Mass.  His parents were Hugh CHAPLIN and Elizabeth SCOTT.  He married Elizabeth WEST on 22 Feb 1670/71 in Rowley, Mass.  Joseph died 17 Apr 1705 in Rowley, Mass.

Elizabeth West was born about 1652 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were Twyford WEST and Mary CROSS.  Elizabeth died on 12 Oct 1702 in Rowley, Mass.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Joseph Chaplin 4 APR 1673 Rowley, Mass. Mehitable [__?__] Buried
10 Jun 1754 in Attleboro, Mass
2. John CHAPLIN 26 Oct 1674 Rowley Margaret BOYNTON
9 Apr 1701
24 Jan 1767
3. Jonathan Chaplin 4 APR 1677 Rowley Before 1705
4. Jeremiah Chaplin 27 JUL 1680 Rowley Ann Kilbourne
28 FEB 1702/03 Rowley
17 DEC 1764
5. Elizabeth Chaplin 20 SEP 1682 Rowley John Searle
23 NOV 1708 Rowley
1 MAR 1756 Ipswich, Mass.

Joseph and Elizabeth lived in the house built on the 1 1/2 acres granted originally to his father, Hugh Chaplin. This house is still in existence on State road (95). The house was in the possession of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities.

Chaplin-Clarke House is a historic house at 109 Haverhill Street in Rowley, Massachusetts. The house was built in 1670 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Built in 1671, is Rowley’s oldest dwelling. This building has a central chimney built on a stone foundation. There is a slight overhang on both the first and second stories on the east end, but none in front. The building also has a lean-to, a very early addition, and the house is the only one in Rowley that has both an overhang and a lean-to. Richard Clarke and one of his children died of smallpox in 1730, and their unmarked graves lie west of the house by the stonewall.

You can see by comparing the original Rowley settler map with this view of 109 Haverhill Street from Google Maps that the house is in the same place as the original grant.

NR. LHD. PR. 2 burial lots of smallpox victims on property of First Period house which was preserved by Mrs. Pauline Fenno who lived on estate at old Ox Pasture Hill Farm. Gave house to  Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, which sold into private ownership with PR.   The Chaplin-Clarke House is protected by a preservation restriction, drawn up in accordance with MGL Chapter 183, Sections 31-33. A preservation restriction runs with the deed and is one of the strongest preservation strategies available.

Map of Rowley Ancestor Plots Click to View Seven of our ancestor families helped found Rowley including Hugh Chaplin whose lot was located in the lower left hand corner

Will of Joseph Chaplin Proved 7 May 1705 (Essex Co. Probate Files):

“In the Name of God Amen: I Joseph Chaplin of the towne of Rowley in the province of the massachusettes bay in New England being weake of body but of sound understanding do make this my last will and testament; as foloweth. To my eldest son Joseph Chaplin I do order nine pounds to be paid in mony by them that I shall appoint my executors provided that he do aquit all claime to his uncle Nathaniell West estate that I am obliged by bond that he shall do and my will is Also that my two youngest sons John and Jeremiah Chaplin shall have all my housing and lands and meadows and my will is that my son Joseph shall  have an equal share with the rest of my children to be paid to him as money if he com for it; and give aquittance according to my Ingagement for him a to the nine pounds above expressed els his part in my estate to stand obliged for it and my will is that my Daughter Elizabeth Chaplin shall have an equall share in my estate payd to her as mony out of my estate according to aprisement: my will is also that my son John shall have the sum of ten pounds accounted for his trade that was learnt in my time: And I do appoint my two sons John Chaplin and Jeremiah Chaplin to be my whole and sole executors of this my will and Testament; and as for the nine pounds above expressed enterlined before asignement and in testimonie of the truth of the about said I Joseph Chaplin have set to my hand and seal this thirteenth Day of April in the year seaventeen hundred and five

Witness:                                                                                                     Joseph (his X mark) Chaplin
Samuel Platts
Caleb Boynton
Joseph Kilborn


1. Joseph Chaplin

Joseph’s wife Mehitable [__?__] was born about 1677 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Mehitable died 12 Oct 1702 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Joseph died without leaving living children and so his relatives inherited his estate.

2. John CHAPLIN (See his page)

4. Jeremiah Chaplin

Jeremiah’s wife Ann Kilbourne was born 28 Nov 1680 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Kilbourne and Mary Trumble. Ann died 24 Aug 1751 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

He was the great grandfather  of the Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, founder and first president of Colby College

On February 27, 1813, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted a petition to establish the Maine Literary and Theological Institution, the 33rd chartered college in the United States. The petition was led by Baptists who had come to the region for missionary work, and who wanted to train their own ministers, to end the reliance on England for providing men of learning. From 1816-1818, the new institution found a home in Waterville on 179 acres of land donated by citizens. In 1818, trustees assigned the institution to Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, a Baptist theologian. Chaplin arrived in Waterville in the summer of 1818 with his family and seven students, including George Dana Boardman, the institution’s first graduate. They were put up in a vacant Waterville home, and in that home the first classes were held.

After Maine separated from Massachusetts in 1820, the first Maine legislature affirmed the Massachusetts charter for the institution, but made significant changes. Students could no longer be denied admission based on religion, the institution was prohibited from applying a religious test when selecting board members, and the trustees now had the authority to grant degrees. A turning point, the Maine Literary and Theological Institution was renamed Waterville College on February 5, 1821.


Jeremiah Chaplin (1776-1841)

Jeremiah Chaplin (wiki) (1776 – 1841) was a Reformed Baptist theologian who served as the first president of Colby College (then called the Waterville College) in Maine.

He worked on the family farm and graduated fromBrown University in 1799. Chaplin spent a year at Brown as a tutor and then studied theology eventually becoming pastor of a Baptist church in Danvers, Massachusetts. He left this pastorate in 1817 to become president of the new Waterville College (later Colby College) at which he served until 1833. Chaplin first met Gardner Colby during this period while Colby was still a child, and Chaplin assisted Colby’s family after Colby’s father died.

During the remainder of his life, Chaplin preached in Rowley, Massachusetts and Wilmington, Connecticut, and then moved to Hamilton, New York where he died in 1841. Chaplin held to a Calvinist Baptisttheology throughout his life/

Parents Asa Chaplin (1739 – 1807 and Mary Bailey (1744 – 1820)

Grandparents Jonathan Chaplin (1706 – 1784) and Sarah Boynton (1708 – 1784)

Great Grandparents Jeremiah Chaplin (1680 – 1765) and Ann Kilbourne (1680 – 1751)

5. Elizabeth Chaplin

Elizabeth’s husband John Searle was born 2 Nov 1686 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Searle and Deborah Bragg. After Elizabeth died, he maried 1 Jun 1756 in Bradford to Bethia Danforth (d. 16 Jul 1768 Byfield).  John died 20 Jun 1771 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

John Searle Bio – Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury


Joseph Chaplin 1 — Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

Joseph Chaplin 2

Joseph Chaplin 3

Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957

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  5. John Prerscott Chaplin says:

    Joseph son John is yours and Jeremiah is mine. See below the first 4 and joseph. email me if you want any additional info on Chaplin down to my grandson.

    John Chaplin

    (1) William Chaplin – (1515-08/27/1603) married Elizabeth Hone (1516-1612) in 1536. (a) Jeremiah Chaplin. Note: William Chaplin born in St. Mary, Devon died in Denmark Park, Surrey, England. Elizabeth Hone born Ottery St Mary, Devon, England died in Exeter, Devon, England. * See Note (1) on page 3 about occupation..
    (2) Jeremiah Chaplin – (08/04/1541-12/17/1590) married Ann Kilbourne (1541-10/08/1593) in 1572. (a) Ebenezer Chaplin. Notes: Jeremiah Chaplin born and died in Bradford, York, England. His wife Ann Kilbourne was also born in York, England and died in Brompton-Patrick, England. * See Note (1) on page 3 about occupation..
    (3) Ebenezer Chaplin – (05/10/1572-d. apt.1653) married Elizabeth Adams (1574-1630) in 1600. (a) Hugh Chaplin. Notes: Ebenezer and Elizabeth Chaplin born in Bradford, York, England. Ebenezer died in Rowley, MA and Elizabeth died in Bradford, York, England. * See Note (1) on page 3 about occupation..
    (4) Hugh Chaplin Farmer – (05/22/1603-01/22/1654) married Elizabeth Scott (11/16/1623-06/12/1694) in 1640. (a) John Chaplin (06/23/1643-(09/05/1660) no issue. (b) Thomas Chaplin (02/07/1648-06/21/1660) no issue. (c) Joseph Chaplin (d) Jonathan Chaplin (10/10/1651-11/02/1659) no issue. Notes: Hugh Chaplin & Elizabeth Scott born in Bradford, York, England. She married Nicholas Jackson (1617-1697) in 1656 no issue.
    (5) Joseph Chaplin Farmer – (12/11/1645-04/17/1705) Married Elizabeth West (b. abt. 1652-10/12/1702) in 1671. (a) Joseph Chaplin (04/04/1673-06/10/1754) no issue. (b) # John Chaplin (10/26/1674-01/12/1767) Married Margaret Boynton (09/23/1677-04/22/1735) in 1701 had 8 children. (c) Jonathan Chaplin (04/02/1677-d. apt. 1705) no issue. (d) Capt. Jeremiah Chaplin. (e) Elizabeth Chaplin (09/20/1682-03/01/1756) Married John Searle (11/02/1686- 06/20/1777) in 1708 had 6 children. Notes: Joseph Chaplin was a Congregational Church Tax collector and Church Deacon. Joseph and Elizabeth West Chaplin lived in the house built on the 1 ½ acres granted originally to his father. The House still exists on State (95) in the possession of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. # See note on page 3.

  6. markeminer says:

    From Tre McCarthy

    Hey! My name is Tre McCarthy, and I am the current owner of the Chaplin Clarke House in Rowley, MA. I got a TON of info on my home, and the people that lived there over the years, from this site, and figured I would let you know that the houes is currently on the market, in case that was of interest to you!

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