Sgt. Caleb Boynton

Sgt. Caleb BOYNTON (1649 – 1730) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line.

Caleb Boynton was born about 1649 in Rowley, Mass.  His parents were John BOYNTON and Eleanor (Ellen) PELL.  He married Hannah HARRIMAN on 26 May 1674. Caleb died 16 Dec 1730.

Hannah Harriman was born on 22 May 1655 in Rowley, Mass.  Her parents were Leonard HARRIMAN and Margaret PALMER. Hannah died 19 Feb 1726 in Rowley.

Children of Caleb and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hannah Boynton 5 Sep 1675 Rowley, Mass. 17 May 1706
2. Margaret BOYNTON 23 Sep 1677 in Rowley, John CHAPLIN
9 Apr 1701
22 Apr 1735 Rowley
3. Ruth Boynton 14 Jan 1681/82 Rowley Judah Clark
14 Feb 1714/15
2 Feb 1752
Lincoln, Mass
4. Jeremiah Boynton 8 Jan 1685/86 Rowley 1 Jun 1709
5. Ebenezer Boynton 17 May 1688 Rowley Sarah Wheeler
25 May 1711
Newbury, Essex, Mass
Abigail Chadwick
7 Jun 1728 Weston, Middlesex, Mass
16 Sep 1761
Milford, Mass

General Notes: Serg. Caleb Boynton, “Blacksmith” married 26 May 1674, Hannah, daughter of Leonard Harriman. His will, dated 17 May 1706, mentions wife (unnamed), sons Jeremiah and Ebenezer. Daughters Margaret Chaplin and Ruth Boynton Essex Probate, 310: 47. His widow Hannah died 19 Feb 1725/26. Church records referred to Caleb saying “He was a worthy man.”


2. Margaret BOYNTON (See John CHAPLIN‘s  page)

3. Ruth Boynton

Ruth’s husband Judah Clark was born 07 FEB 1681 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Clarke (1650 – 1736) and Mary Poore (1654 – 1726). He first married 5 Apr 1704 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. to Hannah Kilborne. Judah died about 1717 in Rowley, Essex, Mass

5. Ebenezer Boynton

Ebenezer’s wife Sarah Wheeler was born 4 Jul 1692 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Nathan Wheeler and Elizabeth/Rebecca Safford. Sarah died Feb 1728 in Weston, Middlesex, Mass.

Ebenezer’s wife Abigail Chadwick was born 1684. Abigail died in 1733.

Boynton House purchased by Ebenezer and Sarah in the Georgetown district of Weston in 1726 as it appeared in 1933.

Sarah Wheeler was named as “Sarah Boynton” in her father’s will proved 26 July 1741. Ebenezer was a blacksmith and he and Sarah moved to Weston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, before 1726.

Ebenezer Boynton Headstone

The name at the top of this stone is that of Ebenezer Boynton (1688-1761)  The stone marks the grave of several people from the same family and is very difficult to read due to weathering of the inscription..


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