Robert Cross II

Robert CROSS II (1695 – 1738) was Alex’s  8th Great Grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Robert Cross was born in 1695 in Ipswich Mass.  His parents were Stephen CROSS and Elizabeth CHENEY. He married Elizabeth GRAVES in 26 Sep 1719 in Ipswich Mass.  Robert died on 6 Jun 1738 in Ipswich, Mass.

Elizabeth Graves was born in 1690 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were Samuel GRAVES and Joanna PEARCE.  After Robert’s death, Elizabeth married Abraham Fitts, on 18 Nov 1739.
Children of Robert and [__?__]

Name Born Married Departed
1. Noah CROSS ? c. 1710
Barrington, NH
1730 in Durham, New Hampshire
Vassalboro, Maine

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
2. Robert Cross 29 Oct 1721
Ipswich, Mass
Anstiss (Anstace) Ellery
23 Oct 1744
Gloucester, Mass
29 JUN 1804
Sanbornton, Belknap, NH
3. Moses Cross 30 Apr 1727 5 Jun 1729
4. Samuel Cross 8 Nov 1724
6 Apr 1728
5. Moses Cross 9 Nov 1729
Ann Goss
17 Jul 1753
8 Oct 1818
Sanbornton, NH

1719 – Robert bought a house in Ipswich from Edward Webber.

1735 – Robert was granted a lot in the town of Winchendon , because of his father’s service in the Canada expedition.

23 May 1738 – Robert Cross of Ipswich made his will.  He left all his estate, both real and person, to his wife Elizabeth who was to dispose of it at her death to their two sons Robert and Moses, and named her executrix. Witnesses: John Appleton, jr., Benjamin Waits, Elizabeth Waite. (from Exxex Probate, 322:294-5).


1. Noah CROSS (See his page)

Many genealogies say Noah was Robert and Elizabeth’s son, but they married in 1719, nine years after Noah is said to be born. Noah’s first child William was born about 1738 so there is a little wiggle room for a later date of birth.

Genealogists feel Noah grew up in Barrington, New Hampshire, 50 miles north of Ipswich, Mass where Robert lived, but I don’t see any evidence Robert went to New Hampshire. On the other hand, Noah’s supposed brother Robert Jr moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire which is only 15 miles south of Barrington.

Both Robert Jr and Moses later moved to Sandbornton, NH, another 50 miles northwest. Not the same direction as Noah who moved to Vassalboro, Maine, but the same pioneering spirit.

Noah named one of his children Moses, and Samuel is a common name among his descendants, but I don’t see any Roberts. Moses’ son Moses Jr (1755-1820) moved to Vassalboro too. He named his children Lydia, Caleb, Mercy, and Sarah common names among Noah’s descendants.

Noah was not named in Robert’s will.

My conclusion is Noah was related to Robert Cross, but probably was not his son.

Noah’s father probably was either  Richard, John, Benjamin, or William CROSS who were original proprietors of Barrington, New Hampshire and  drew lots at the first meeting of the Barrington Proprietors held in Portsmouth May 28, 1722.  Jay Cross thinks their parents were Richard CROSS and Jane PUDEATER, who married 24 Sep 1670 in Salem, Mass

2. Robert Cross

Robert’s wife Anstiss (Anstace) Ellery was born 18 Oct 1726 in Gloucester, Essex, Mass. Her parents were William Ellery and Sarah Warner. Anstiss died 9 Aug 1808 in Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire.

Robert and Anstiss moved to Sanbornton, Belknap County, New Hampshire. Located in the fork of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee rivers, the town was first called Crotchtown. It was granted by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth in 1748 to his friend John Sanborn of Hampton, along with 59 others from Hampton, Exeter and Stratham. Twelve of the grantees were named Sanborn, therefore the community was named Sanborntown. Among the other settlers were members of the Leavitt family, related to the Sanborns. But ongoing hostilities during the French and Indian War delayed permanent settlement until 1764. It would be incorporated by Governor John Wentworth in 1770.

Sandbornton, Belknap, NH

Children of Robert and Anstiss:

i. Elizabeth Cross b. 12 Jan 1745/46 Ipswich, Essex, Mass

ii. Nathaniel Cross b. 27 Sep 1747 in Newmarket, Rockingham, New Hampshire; d. 1800 Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire; m. 1769 Newmarket to Martha Woodman (b. 1751 in Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire – d. 9 Oct 1840 North Belmont, Waldo, Maine)  Martha’s parents were Joshua Woodman (1703 – 1778) and Eunice Sawyer (1719 – 1755).  Nathaniel and Martha had twelve children born between 1770 and 1795.

Cross, Nathaniel, Ipswich. Private, Capt. Thomas Burnham’s co., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 3 days.

ii. Samuel Cross b. 25 Feb 1748/49 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

5. Moses Cross

Moses’ wife Ann Goss was born 12 Oct 1732 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Goss and Mehitable Bailey. Ann died 30 Mar 1779 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Moses and Ann:

i.  Elizabeth Cross b. 17 Nov 1753 in Newbury, Essex, Mass

ii. Moses Cross b. 27 Nov 1755 in Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 1820 in Belgrade, Kennebeck, Maine; m. 1778 to Mary [__?__]


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