Thomas Brown II

Thomas BROWN II (1688 – 1745) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather two times over, two of 512 in this generation.  Son Francis married into the Miller line.  Daughter Ann married into the Shaw line.

Thomas Brown was born 1 Jan 1687/88 in Newbury, Mass.  His parents were John Brownand Ruth HUSE.  He married Ann CHUTE on 3 Dec 1712 in Newbury, Mass.  Thomas died 21 Dec 1745 in Newbury, Mass.

Ann Chute was born 19 Oct 1679 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were James CHUTE and Mary WOOD.  Mary’s first marriage was to Ichabod Cheney on 5 Jan 1707/08. He died about 1711.   Mary died 10 Sep 1750.

Ichabod Cheney was born 27 Sep 1685 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Peter Cheney and Hannah Noyes. His grandparents were John CHENEY and Martha PARRATT. Ichabod died 1708 in Newbury, Essex, Mass

Children of Thomas and Ann:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Francis BROWN II 14 Nov 1716
Newbury, Mass
5 May 1741
Newbury, Mass
2. Anne Brown
Died young
3. John Brown 1720
4. Ann BROWN 2 Apr 1724
Newbury, Mass
Benjamin COLEMAN
5 Jul 1743
Newbury, Mass
26 Apr 1776
Newbury, Mass
5. Daniel Brown 1725
6. Ruth Brown 1728 Ipswich

On Oct 7 1695, when Thomas was five years old, he and his family were captured by Indians.  See the story on his father’s page.  A party of Indians, not more than five or six in number, secreted themselves near John Brown’s house; and, after the male members of the family had departed with a load of farm produce, the Indians left their place of concealment, and, stealthily approaching the house, tomahawked a girl standing at the front door, seized such articles of household furniture and wearing apparel as they could conveniently take away, and hastily departed with nine captives, all women and children.

From the Brown’s Spring Farm on the main road near Newbury.


Thurston genealogies pg 425 By Brown Thurston

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