Francis Thurlow

Francis THURLOW (Thorley) (1630 – 1703) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Francis Thurlow was born 7 Feb 1629/30 in Holme-Upon-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire,  England. His parents were Richard THURLOW and Jane [__?__]   Francis sailed with his parents, brother Thomas and sister Mary in  1638 from Hull, Yorkshire to Boston on the ship, “John of London.” His family was one of a group consisting of about 60 families led by the Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS, most of whom had been residents of the Yorkshire village of Rowley and it’s surrounding area.”His father owned land in Rowley about 1640 so Francis emigrated with his parents as a young boy.  Francis married Ann MORSE 5 Feb 1654/55 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.  Francis died 26 Nov 1703 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Ann Morse was baptized 6 February 1633/34 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.  Her parents were Anthony MORSE and Mary COX. Ann emigrated with her parents on 5 Apr 1635 in the ship James.  They settled in Newbury, Mass. Ann died after 1682.

Children of Francis and Ann

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Thurlow 3 JUN 1656 Newbury
2. Mary Thurlow 14 MAY 1658 Newbury 26 Aug 1659
Newbury, Mass.
3. John Thurlow 25 MAR 1660 Newbury Sarah Howe
2 MAR 1683/84 Newbury
SEP 1743 Newbury
4. Jonathan Thurlow 14 MAR 1660/61 Newbury Mary Merrill
22 Dec 1685 in Newbury
22 SEP 1703 Newbury,
5. Sarah THURLOW 20 Jul 1663 Newbury William DANFORTH
6. Richard Thurlow 25 NOV 1665 Newbury
7. Francis Thurlow 20 APR 1669 Newbury Died Young
8. Thomas Thurlow 20 APR 1669 Newbury Died Young

11 May 1670 – Francis was admitted Freeman of the colony.

29 May 1671 – Francis was fined one noble [six shillings and eight-pence] for his part in the Parker-Woodman War.

Parker- Woodman War

For many years the church in Newbury had been divided, almost equally, between the original pastor, Reverend Thomas Parker, and Mr. Edward WOODMAN, of whom the noted historian Joshua Coffin wrote: “He was a man of influence, decision and energy, and opposed with great zeal the attempt made by the Rev. Thomas Parker to change the mode of Church government from Congregationalism to something like Presbytarianism.” This divison of the town was not due to a great difference of theology, but of church governemt.

As early as 1645 the Rev. Parker and his party maintained the church should be governed by the pastor, his assistants, and a ruling elder. Mr. Woodman’s party believed it was the right of the members of the church, and government should be by the congretation. In a letter to the church council, Mr. Edward stated, “As for our controversy it is whether God hath placed the power in the elder, or in the whole church, to judge between truth and error, right and wrong, brother and brother, and all things of church concernment.” These ecclesiastical problems, which grew more violent and partisan each year, plagued the town for over 25 yearsand became known throughout New England as the “Parker-Woodmam War.”

By 1669 difference of opinion had grown to such proportions that an appeal was made to the civil authorities. the court proceedings began March 13th at Ipswich and continued on and off for over two years. The decision of the court, on May 29, 1671, found in favor of Rev. Parker’s part and levied fines against the members of Mr. Woodman’s party. Edward Woodman was fined 20 nobles. [ A noble is six shillings and eight-pence so Edward’s fine was a little more than 13 pounds]

Mr. Richard Dummer , Richard THORLAY (THURLOW), Stephen Greenleaf [son of Edmund GREENLEAF], Richard Bartlet and William Titcomg, fined 4 nobles each. Francis Plummer, John Emery, Sr., John Emery, Jr., John Merrill and Thomas Browne, a Mark each. [A mark is thirteen shillings and fourpence. ]

All others Nicholas Batt, Anthony MORSE Sr, Abraham Toppan, William Sawyer, Edward Woodman junior, William Pilsbury, Caleb Moody, John Poor Sr, John Poor Jr, John Webster, John Bartlet Sr., John Bartlet Jr, Joseph Plumer, Edward Richardson, Thomas Hale Jr., Edmund Moores, Benjamin LOWLE (LOWELL), Job Pilsbury, John Wells, William Ilsley, James Ordway, Francis THORLA (THORLAY), Abraham Merrill, John Bailey, Benjamin Rolf, Steven Swett, and Samuel Plumer, a noble each.   However, the judgement of the court did not bring an end to the controversy, and the conflict continued for several years. Note: For a complete chronology, see pages 72-112 of Joshua Coffin’s History of Newbury.

9 Jun  1677 – Samuel Ladd,  son-in-law of George CORLISS  “was fined for misdemeanors.”  See George’s page for more of his nefarious misadventures.

Frances Thurla, aged about forty-five years, and Ane Thurla, his wife, testified that in the evening after Mr. Longfelow’s vessel was launched, about nine or ten o’clock, and after he and his family were in bed, having shut the door and bolted it, Sameull Lad of Haverhill and Thomas Thurla’s man, Edward Baghott, came to their house. One or both of them went into the leanto where their daughter Sarah lay, and having awakened her urged her to rise and go to her aunt’s, telling her that she was very sick. Whereupon deponent arose and seeing one at the door reproved him for being there, and mistrusting that there was one with his daughter, as he went to light a candle, Samuell Lad leaped out of the house. Sworn in court.”

For this Samuel Ladd was found guilty of a misdemeanor. What was he doing at Frances Thurla’s house after all had retired to bed? Why had he tried to get Sarah to leave the house and go to her aunt’s? And if her aunt were, in fact, sick, why did he not tell Sarah’s parents, as the aunt presumably would have been sister to one of them? Was Samuel Ladd bent upon the seduction of young [age 14 at the time] Sarah Thurla ? At the time of the incident Samuel had been married for three years.  Sarah THURLOW  would later William DANFORTH.

1 Jan 1696 – Francis deeded land to his daughter Sarah and son in law William  which francis had received from his father Richard.

Ref: Coffins History of Newbury: “Richard Thorla  [Francis’ father] was one of the party in the church that was against the Rev. Mr. Parker, their minister. For a number of years there were differences among the members and it was not settled even after the court found them guilty. Richard Thurlow, being of Mr. Woodman’s party (the losing one) was fined four nobles (a noble is 6 shillings, 8 pence). His was one of the leaders. His eldest son, Francis, one noble.”


3. John Thurlow

John’s wife Sarah Howe was born in 1665 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Howe and Mary Cooper. Sarah died 30 Sep 1748 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

4. Jonathan Thurlow

Jonathan’s wife Mary Merrill was born 5 Jul 1667 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Abraham Merrill and Abigail Webster. Mary died 11 Oct 1703 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

5. Sarah THURLOW (See William DANFORTH‘s page)


Danforth Genealogy – Nicholas Danforth of Framington England (1539 – 1648) and Cambrige NE  and William Danforth of Newbury Mass (1640 – 1721_ and their descendents – Google Books 1902

From Savage – Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers

Thurlo, Thurla, Thurrell, or Thorley, Francis, Newbury, eldest s. of Richard, b. in Eng. a. 1630, m. 5 Feb. 1655, Ann Morse, perhaps d. of Anthony, had
Eliz. b. 3 June 1656;
Mary, 14 May 1658, d. next yr.;
John, 25 Mar. 1660;
Jonathan, 14 Mar. 1662;
s. and d. tw. 20 July 1664, both prob. d. very soon;
Richard, 25 Nov. 1665;
Thomas and Francis, tw. 20 Apr. 1669.
He came prob. with his f. was freem. 1670, and d. 26 Nov. 1703.

GEORGE, Newbury, eldest ch. of Thomas, by w. Mary had Judith, b. 6 Sept. 1666; and Mary, 11 Apr. 1699.

JOHN, Newbury, s. of Francis, m. 2 Mar. 1685, Sarah Howe, had Mary, b. 10 Feb. 1687; Sarah, 3 Oct. 1689; Ann, 29 Feb. 1692, d. young; Lydia, 20 Aug. 1695; Bethia, 3 Mar. 1698; and Hannah, 9 Sept. 1701.

JONATHAN, Newbury, br. of the preced. m. 22 Dec. 1685, Mary, d. prob. of Abraham Merrill, had Eliz. b. 20 Nov. 1686; Abraham, 20 Oct. 1688; Francis, 20 Apr. 1692; Richard, 20 June 1694; Abigail, 10 Feb. 1696; Mary, 1 July 1698; Jonathan, 29 Aug. 1699; Prudence, 4 Sept. 1701; and Joh, 4 Mar. 1703. He d. 22 Sept. foll. and his wid. d. 19 days aft. 4

RICHARD, Rowley 1643, among early sett. but it is not known if he were with the first, nor whether he came, as most of the others, from Yorksh. nor whether he brot. w. or other ch. than Francis, b. 1630; and Thomas, 1632; but his w. Jane, wh. d. 19 Mar. 1684, may have accomp. him. In 1651 he rem. to Newbury; in 1653 he had a gr. of ld. by the Col. and next yr. a toll for his bridge built over Newbury (i. e. Parker) riv. and d. 10 Nov. 1685.

THOMAS Newbury, younger s. of the preced. m. 1670, Judith, d. prob. of Hugh March, had George, b. 12 Mar. 1671; Simon, 20 Feb. 1673, d. at 17 yrs. a d. 13 Dec. 1675, wh. perhaps d. soon; Judith, 29 July 1677, d. soon; Judith, again, 12 Nov. 1679, prob. d. young; Mary, 1 May 1682; and [p.296] Judith, again, 14 Apr. 1685. His w. d. 11 July 1689; and he d. 23 June 1713. He was, says the Diary of Sewall, one of two troopers impress. on the first outbreak of Philip’s war late in June 1675.

“They Die in Youth And Their Life is Among the Unclean” The Life and Death of Elizabeth Emerson By Peg Goggin Kearney May 6, 1994 University of Southern Maine  (Story of Samuel Ladd)

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