Walter Joyce

Walter JOYCE (1650 – 1713) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Immigrant Ancestor

Walter Joyce was born about 1650 in England.  Many geneologies say he was born in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass, but he could have been born in Gloucestershire, England.  Walter was in Marshfield by 1668.   He married Elizabeth LOW in 1676 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass.. Although records of his origin, birth, siblings, marriage, and death have not yet been located, the births of seven children are registered at Marshfield, Massachusetts, between 1676 and 1693.  Walter died in 1713

Location of Marshfield in Plymouth County

Elizabeth Low was born about 1660. Her parents were John LOW and Elizabeth HOWLAND.  Elizabeth died 21 Aug 1698 in Marshfield, Mass.

Children of Walter and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Lucretia Joyce 3 OCT 1676
Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass
Samuel Sylvester
9 OCT 1700
1 JAN 1717/18
2. Thomas Joyce 19 APR 1679
Elizabeth Bent
31 OCT 1701
Apr 1732 or
Jan 1755
3. Mary JOYCE 12 Nov 1682
29 Sep 1709
28 Jun 1778
4. Elizabeth Joyce 24 MAR 1683/84
David Hershey
12 MAY 1721
Hingham, Mass
5. Abigail Joyce 26 OCT 1687
Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass
ca. 1700
6. Seth Joyce 26 JUL 1691
Rachel Sherman
9 NOV 1726
18 SEP 1750
7. Bathsheba Joyce 17 JAN 1692/93
Ebenezer Mahurin
12 DEC 1718
Morris, New Jersey

John Joyce removed 1637 to Sandwich, thence to Yarmouth in 1643 being in list of those able to bear arms that year in both towns.  Had Abigail in 1646 in Yarmouth where he died 1666.   His widow Dorothy(Dority)  died 1680. In his will names only Hosea,  Mary, and Dorcas.  He was married to Dority COCHET before 1646 in England. Children were: Hosea JOYCE , Abigail JOYCE, Dorothy JOYCE, Mary JOYCE. Walter was born just after, could he be another son?


1. Lucretia Joyce

Lucretia’s husband Samuel Sylvester was born 1676 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were John Silvester and Sarah [__?__]. Samuel died 6 Jan 1735 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass

2. Thomas Joyce

Thomas’ wife Elizabeth Bent was born 1673 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Joseph Bent and Elizabeth Bourne. Thomas died in 1719 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass.

Will: Will written 26 Sep 1744, gives equal cash and movable estate to “my three dau. Abigail Lapham, Lydia Joyce & Naomy Joyce”; while Lydia and Naomy unmarried, to have use of westerly end of dwelling house, use of “sellar”, apples from trees, a cow and a swine; with that reservation, all housing and lands in Marshfield to sole excr, son John. Wit. James, Hannah, James Jr. Sprague. Probated Jan.25, 1755. Settlement to Joseph Lapham Jr. and Abigail, Timothy and Lydia Silvester, Naomi Joyce from excr. John Joyce on Mar. 24, 1755; estate 130 pds.

3. Mary JOYCE (See James GORHAM‘s page)

4. Elizabeth Joyce

Elizabeth’s husband David Hershey was born 28 Jan 1686 in Abington, Plymouth, Mass. He first married 6 Aug 1707 in Bridgewater, Mass to Esther Reed (b. 1686 in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 1721). His parents were William Hersey and Sarah Langlee.

6. Seth Joyce

Seth’s wife Rachel Sherman was born 29 Apr 1702 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Ebenezer Sherman and Margaret Decrow. Rachel died 5 Dec 1754 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mas

7. Bathsheba Joyce

Bathsheba’s husband Ebenezer Mahurin was born 1691 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Hugh Mahurin and Mary Campbell. Ebenezer died in Nov 1755 in Pequannock, Morris, New Jersey,


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