Joseph Fiske

Joseph FISKE (1672 – 1745) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line.

Joseph Fiske was born 14 Apr 1672 in Wenham Mass.  His parents were William FISKE II and Sarah KILHAM.  He married Susannah WARNER about 1693.  He married his second wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller on 7 Jan 1742/43.   See Double Dates for an explanation why he didn’t remarry before Sarah died.  Joseph died 2 May 1745 in Ipwich, Mass.

Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts

Susannah Warner was born 3 Mar 1675/76 in Ipwich Mass.  Her parents were John WARNER and Hannah BATCHELDER. Susannah died in July 1742.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller was born 1702 Elizabeth died 30 Oct 1755 in Ipswish, Mass

Children of Richard and Ruth:

It appears there were two first cousins, Joseph Fiske’s daughter and William Fiske’s daughter, both named Ruth, born a couple years apart  who both immigrated to New Brunswick.  Many genealogies mix these two women up, but it’s not possible that the same woman was mother to both Richard Estey’s children and David Kilborne’s children,  because they were born at the same time.  It”s more likely that William Fiske’s daughter was our ancestor, but I’m including posts for both families.

Name Born Married Departed
1. Joseph Fiske 4 Jan 1694/95 Ipswich 5 Dec 1698
2. Hannah Fiske 21 Jan 1696/97 Ipswich James Platts
29 Oct 1720 Ipswich
bef. 1726
3. Susanna Fiske 18 Mar 1699/00 Ipswich Jedehiah Kilborne
22 Mar 1722/23
27 Sep 1764 Rowley, Mass.
4. Sarah Fiske 19 Jun 1702
7 Aug 1720
5. Elizabeth Fiske 15 Sep 1704 Ipswich Dr. Michael Dwinnel (his second wife)
10 Dec 1724
26 Dec 1729 Topsfield, Mass.
6. Ruth FISKE 20 Aug 1707
Ipswich MA
David Kilborn
6 Mar 1730/31
Ipswich, Mass.
Probably NOT Richard ESTEY
7 May 1728 Ipswich, Mass.
Jun 1774 Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada
7. Abigail Fiske 8 Aug 1711
29 Jun 1729
8. Joseph Fiske 20 Oct 1713 Ipswich 24 May 1731
9. Mark Fiske 20 Nov 1716 Ipswich Lydia Smith
5 Sep 1738
9. John Fiske 13 Oct 1719 Ipswich 21 Dec 1725

12 May 1698 – Susannah’s father, John Warner, conveyed his farm to Joseph.

1 Feb 1723/24 Joseph and Susannah Fiske sold to shopkeeper, Ammi R. Wise of Ipswich, one quarter of a right in the eighth division consisting of five acres and they sold some of the great meadow in the West End of Wenham consisting of five acres acres bounded southwesterly on land of Theophilus Fiske and Northwestly by Ebenezer Fiske.

7 Feb, 1723/24 they sold to Mr. Perley of Boxford 1 1/2 acres upland in Rowley 1/4 lot on the Range known by the letter C bound westerly and southerly by Perley’s meadow and easterly and northerly by their land.

2 May 1745 – Joseph died  His will left his wife Elizabeth

“all ye household goods she brought to me at marriage,” and among other things the executor “shall carry her to meeting on a good horse on Sabbath day & Lecture days when she shall desire it.”

His daughter Susanna Kilborne, daughter Ruth Easty, and Grandson Mark Platts were to have four pounds old tenor “his mother having had considerable of me before.” Son Mark Fiske to be the executor and to have the residue.

The Fiske Family: A History of the Family (ancestral and Descendant) of William Fiske, Sen., of Amherst, N.H. By Albert Augustus Fiske Edition: 2 Published by A.A. Fiske, 1867

Joseph Fiske, third son of Dea. William, of Wenham, married Susan Warner, of Ipswich, to which place he removed about 1700. He had sons Joseph (died young) and Mark, and daughters Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ruth, and Abigail. By second wife, Elizabeth, married 1742, he had son John, who also died young. Joseph Fiske died in May, 1745. His executor and son Mark, born in 1716, married Lydia Smith in 1738, and had Lydia, Joseph (1741), Mark (1743), John (1746), and Susanna. Of these, Joseph was twice married, and had following — Eleanor, Joseph (1767), Benjamin (1768), Sarah, Lydia, Elizabeth, and Mark (1778). Some of this family were living in Ipswich as late as the beginning of the present century.


2. Hannah Fiske

Hannah’s husband James Platts was born 20 Apr 1696 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. James’ parents were Sgt. John Platts (1658 – 1752) and Judith Foster. (1664 – 1722) Hannah died on 28 Sep 1723 in Rowley when she was only 25 years old, perhaps due to childbirth complications.   James remarried 25  Jun 1725 to  Mercy Wheeler (30 Aug 1696 Newbury, Essex, Mass – 11 Nov 1753) Mercy’s parents were Nathan Wheeler and Rebecca Safford.  James and Mercy had five more children born between 1726 and 1732.

Children of Hannah and James

i.   James Platts b. 1721; d. 14 Feb 1722/23 as an infant

ii. Mark Platts b. 11 Dec 1722; m. 9 Nov 1747 to Hannah Kilbourne.  (b. 23 Aug 1715 Georgetown, Mass. – d. 4 Oct 1814 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. “in her 100 year” ) Hannah’s parents were George Kilbourne (1686 – 1758) and Phebe Palmer (1684 – 1762) Mark and Hannah had at least one child: Jane (b. 1755)

3. Susanna Fiske

Susanna’s husband Jedediah Kilborne was born 20 Apr 1699 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.  His parents were Samuel Kilburn (1656 – 1722) and Mary Foster (1662 – 1731). His brother David Kilburn married his wife’s sister Ruth Fiske. Jedediah died 4 Feb 1759 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

4 Feb 1759 – Jedediah is put down as “cornet”

Children of Susanna and Jedediah:

i. Sampson Kilbourne; b. ~1723 Rowley, Essex, Mass; d. 28 May 1761 Rowley; m. 15 Apr 1749 Rowley to Rebecca Pickard  (b. 27 Dec 1724 Boxford, Essex, Mass. – d. Jul 1776  Rowley). Rebecca’s parents were Thomas Pickard (1691 – 1770) and Mehitable Dresser (1694 – 1793. Sampson and Rebecca had four children born between 1750 and 1760.

ii. Jedediah Kilbourne b. 15 Aug 1725 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 1820 Henniker, Merrimack, New Hampshire; m. 7 Nov 1749 in Rowley to his half cousin Hannah Platts (b. 1729 in Rowley)  Hannah’s parents were James Platts and Mercy Wheeler (See above) Jedediah and Hannah had six children born between 1752 and 1768.

Removed to Boscawen, New Hampshire, thence to Henniker, New Hampshire,

iii. Elizabeth Kilbourne b. 16 May 1732 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 1827; m. 10 Jun 1755 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass to John Adams (b. 12 Apr 1721 in Rowley – d. 28 Sep 1803 in New London, Sullivan, New Hampshire) John’s parents were John Adams (1684 -1750) and Sarah Pearson (1691 – 1781). John’s maternal grandparents were our ancestors Benjamin PEARSON and Hannah THURSTON. Elizabeth and John had five children born between 1756 and 1763.

iv. Abigail Kilborn b. 18 Nov 1733 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 19 Mar 1801 Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire; m. 10 Mar 1760 in Danvers, Essex, Mass to Jonathan Smith, Esq. (b. 21 Feb 1735 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. – d. 1 Apr 1795 in Amherst, Hillsborough, New Hampshire) Jonathan’s parents were Walter Smith (1694 -1749) and Ruth Fuller (1693 – ) Abigail and Jonathan had three children born between 1761 and 1770.

Their son, Jedediah Kilbourne Smith (wiki), was a senator and councillor in the New Hampshire legislature for many years, and served from 1807 to 1809 as a representative from New Hampshire in the United States congress.

v. Hannah Kilbourne b. 4 May 1735 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 14 Dec 1737 Rowley;

vi. Susannah Kilbourn b. 19 May 1737 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 25 Sep 1800 Farmington, Maine; m. 11 May 1763 in Rowley to Ephraim Cowen (b. 29 Sep 1737 in Dunstable, Middlesex, Mass. – d. 9 Jun 1797 in Farmington, Maine) Ephraim’s parents were Thomas Cowan (1700 – 1748) and Margaret Isted Istead (1711 – 1760). Susannah and Ephraim had six children born between 1764 and 1778.

Ephraim Cowen of Dunstable, Mass., settled on lot number four in Augusta, on which the State House now stands, in 1763. He served as a soldier during most of the French war, and was a shoemaker. For many years, in connection with other pursuits, he pushed the awl and waxed the thread of a cordwainer for the early settlers. He was one of a company of associates who purchased land on the Sandy river; was the first clerk of the company; and removed to the site of Farmington, with his son David Cowen, in 1788, where he remained until his death in 1797

vii?. Nathan Kilborn b. 21 Nov 1750 Rowley, Essex, Mass.; d. 1794 – Boscawen, Merrimack, NH ; m. 12 Jun 1777 in Newbury, Mass to Sarah Plumer (b. 22 Jan 1752 in Newbury) Nathan and Sarah had four children.

I’m thinking that due to the 11 year gap with the next youngest child Hannah, Nathan was Jedediah’s grandson, son of Jedediah Jr.

5. Elizabeth Fiske

Elizabeth’s husband Dr. Michael Dwinnel was born 5 Dec 1670 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass. His parents were Michael Dunnell and Mary Read.

Esther Richards Dwinnell told her granddaughter

that Michail, Jr., the doctor, had at different times, seven wives, and when questioned as to which he felt the strongest affection, replied “that he knew no difference.”

Genealogists have only been able to document five wives.

  1. He married his first wife, Hannah [__?__] , 27 Sep 1692 in Salem, Essex, Mass when he was 23.  Michael and Hannah had eight children born between 1693 and 1719.
  2. He married his second wife, 2o year old Elizabeth Fiske, on 10 Dec 1724  in Wenham, Mass when he was 54 years old.
  3. Before 1731, he married his third wife, Elizabeth Cave, (b. 1676 in Topsfield, Mass. – d. Feb 1737 in Topsfield, Mass.)
  4. On 6 Jul 1737 in Salem, Essex, Mass, he married his fourth wife, Charity Cotton   (b. 1672 -d. 8 Nov 1752 in Topsfield, Mass.)
  5. On 1 Feb 1753 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass., he married his fifth wife, Mary Shaw Balch (b. 1686 in Topsfield, Mass. – d. 14 Apr 1774 in Topsfield).

Michael died 24 Dec 1761 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass.  at the age of 91 in Topsfield. His will was filed on Dec  7, 1761 (Essex County Probate Index, file 8447) and proved on Feb 1, 1862 by Elijah Dorman, Joseph Mathew, and William Foster.

His will, dated July 17, 1753. It was signed with his seal and mark. He left his wife, Mary, “the use and income of all the lands,” and also “one cow.” He left his son Michael 5 shillings, to be paid in 7 years after his own and his wife’s death. to his son Stephen, 5 shillings; his son Jacob 5 shillings; his granddaughter, Esther Balch, wife of David Balch, 5 shillings; son Benjamin, house and barn, and land and meadow in Topsfield, and all else, bonds, and books, debts, etc., to his wife. He also mentioned his daughters, Sarah Foster, and Mary, Hannah, and Abigail.

The inventory of his estate was presented on February 1, 1762 and amounted to £145. Among other articles mentioned were: Sum Books, 5/1, Two Coats and One Great Coat

All of his children were born in Topsfield where the family remained for this generation. They lived on Salem Street. According to the Topsfield Historical Collections Volume 11, Salem Street, extended Wenham Street then passed the “Dwinell Houses” and was about six hundred feet from the present road. The children lived in Topsfield at the same time as and were closely associated with the Aaron Estey family.

Dunnel said “He was the first physician ever recorded in Topsfield, and is styled on old deeds as physician and chirurgeion. What were his medical studies previous to his acquiring his title are not known at this day.” He was a Yeoman.

18 Nov 1730

“The Town Allowed six shillings to Doct Michael Dwinel William Redington and Jonathan Wildes for perambulating with Wenham Last Spring” (Topsfield Historical Collections Volume 19)

Children of Elizabeth and Michael:

i. Benjamin Dwinnell b. 10 Nov 1726 Topsfield, Essex, Mass.; d. 29 Jul 1805 in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire; m. 25 Feb 1750 in Topsfield to Mary Estes (b. 1 Jun 1730 in Topsfield – d. 5 Mar 1820 Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire) Mary’s parents were Aaron Estey (1699 – 1783) and Esther Richards (1705 – 1805) Mary’s grandparents were our ancestors Isaac ESTEY and Abigail KIMBALL. Benjamin and Mary had ten children born between 1751 and 1772 all in Boxford.

When his father died in 1761, Benjamin was willed the “house and barn, and my land and meadow in Topsfield.”

In 1762 Benjamin Dwinnell was seated in church in “The mens 1st seat in ye west gallery [and] . . . Mr. Benjamin Dwinel’s wife was in the women’s 1st seat in ye east gallery.”

Benjamin and at least two of their older sons, Jonathan and Thomas, served in Massachusetts Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was a private on the muster roll of Captain Jacob Gould’s Company in Colonel Samuel Johnson’s Regiment of Militia which marched on the alarm April 19, 1775. The two companies of the Topsfield Militia left their plows in midfurrow and galloped off to Lexington and Concord to help drive the Redcoats back to Boston. They did not see active service on that day, however, as they arrived after the battle was over.

In 1777 the Benjamin Dwinnell family moved to Keene, New Hampshire, so they were there for the majority of the American Revolution. Their children moved with them.

Benjamin died on July 29, 1805 at the age of 76 years in Keene, New Hampshire. He was buried in the North or Court Street Burial Ground in Keene with his wife, Mary.

ii. Thomas Dwinell b. 26 Aug 1729 Topsfield, Essex, Mass.; d. 4 Jan 1734 – Topsfield, Essex, Mass;  Elizabeth died exactly four months after Thomas’ birth on 26 Dec 1729 Topsfield, Mass.

6. Ruth Fiske

Ruth did NOT marry Richard ESTEY

Ruth’s husband David Kilborn was born 12 Mar 1688/89 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Kilburn (1656 – 1722) and Mary Foster (1662 – 1731).   His brother Jedediah Kilburn married his wife Ruth’s sister, Susanna Fiske. David died 25 Oct 1775 in Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of Ruth and David:

Lydia, Ruth, and Samuel became a Shakers. The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing were known as the Shakers. They were a Protestant religious sect founded on the teachings of Ann Lee.


i. Baby Kilborne M 6 Nov 1732 Rowley, Essex, Mass;

ii. David Kilburn b. 10 Oct 1733; d. aged three months

iii. David Kilburn b. 22 Nov 1734; d. aged two years

iv. Jonathan Kilbourne b. 15 Nov 1737 Rowley, Essex, Mass; d. 17 Aug 1806 – Lunenburg, Worcester, Mass; m. 22 Jul 1760 in Rowley to Elizabeth Nelson (b. 11 Aug 1737 Rowley – d. 25 Aug 1810 Lunenburg) Jonathan and Elizabeth had two children born in 1762 and 1766. The family removed to Lunenburg in 1767.

15 Jun 1757 Age: 19 – Jonathan served in Capt. Richard Thurston’s Second Foot Company

v. David Kilborne b. 2 Mar 1738/39 Rowley, Essex, Mass;

vi. Ruth Kilborne b. 15 Jun 1740 Rowley, Essex, Mass; d. 1746

vii. Samuel Kilborne b. 12 Apr 1742 Rowley, Essex, Mass; d. 16 Jan 1747 Rowley

viii. William Kilborne b. 9 Mar 1744 Rowley, Essex, Mass;

ix. Lydia Kilborne b. 22 May 1746 Rowley, Essex, Mass; became a Shaker at Shirley; 

x. Ruth Kilburn Houghton b. 24 Feb 1747/48  married Thomas Houghton (b. 1745 in Leominster, Worcester, Mass – ); after he died she joined the Shakers; .

xi. Samuel Kilburn b. 10 Nov 1749; removed to Lunenburg in 1767, m. 7 Dec 1772 Lancaster, Worcester, Mass. to Sarah Cook (b. 1750 in Mass. – d. Shirley, Worcester, Mass); he joined the Shakers in 1785; son Samuel settled in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Samuel and Sarah had five children

xii. Maria Kilborne b. 15 Jul 1753

9. Mark Fiske

Mark’s wife Lydia Smith was born 14 Feb 1718 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Smith (1683 – 1729) and Elizabeth Emmons (Emins) (1681 – 1747). Lydia died 27 Sep 1759 or 21 Sep 1761 in Ipswich

Mark was the executor of his father’s will. In 1740, Lydia owned the covenant of the church.

According to Fiske and Fisk Family by Frederick Clifton Pierce, after she died, Mark married Eleanor Porter Abbott on March 12, 1762. She was the widow of Nehemiah Abbot.

Children of Mark and Lydia:

i. Lydia Fiske b. 23 Dec 1739 Ipswich, Essex, Mass; d. Wells, York, Maine; m. 21 Sep 1761 Wells to Eli Clark (b. 16 Jul 1743 Wells, York, Maine – d. 1782 Wells). Eli’s parents were Samuel Clark (1703 – 1768) and Lydia Wells (1709 – 1768). Lydia and Eli had at least two children born in 1768 and 1769.

ii. Joseph Fisk b. 31 Jan 1741 Ipswich, Essex, Mass.; d. 25 Jul 1837 in New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New Hampshire; m1. 21 Apr 1764 Ipswich to Eleanor Abbott (b. 15 Mar 1746 Ipswich – d. Apr 1766); Joseph and Eleanor had one child born in 1764.

m2. 29 Jan 1767 Ipswich to Sarah Margaret Hobbs (b. 31 Dec 1738 in Ipswich – d. New Ipswich, Hillsborough, New Hampshire) Sarah’s parents were Abraham Hobbs (1720 – 1786) and Sarah Brown (1716 – 1812). Joseph and Sarah had six children born between 1767 and 1778.

iii. Mark Fiske b. 12 Feb 1743 Ipswich, Essex, Mass

7 may 1763 – Mark Fisk, and wife Eleanor, of Ipswich, yeoman, mortgaged to Benjamin Dutch of Ipswich, yeoman, 30 acres of his homestead land in Ipswich with his dwelling house &c bounded by land of Daniel Chapman, County Road, Joseph Metcalf & his other land

28 Oct 1763 – Mark Fisk & wife Eleanor of Ipswich, yeoman, sold to John Calef of Ipswich a certain farm, house, and barn lying in Linebrook Parish, Ipswich bounded by Joseph Metcalf, meadow of Capt Stanford & Daniel Rindge, William Hobson, Daniel Chapman, & County Road, 70 acres more or less.

iv. John Fiske b. 30 Mar 1746 Ipswich, Essex, Mass; d. 26 Apr 1825 – Waterboro, York, Maine;

v. Susanna Fiske b. 10 Apr 1748 Ipswich, Essex, Mass; m. 9 Sep 1765 to Isaiah Wakefield (b. 29 Dec 1743 in Wells, York, Maine) Isaiah’s parents were John Wakefield (1700 – 1772) and Elizabeth Durrell (1707 – 1750) Susannah and Isaiah had at least two children born in 1766 and 1771.

vi. Elizabeth Fiske b. 25 Mar 1750 Ipswich, Essex, Mass. – d. 16 May 1774 Ipswich;

vii. Sarah Fiske b. 5 Apr 1752 Ipswich, Essex, Mass

viii. Abner Fiske b. 26 Jan 1755 Ipswich, Essex, Mass; d. 10 Apr 1839 Wells, York, Maine; m. 14 Dec 1780 in Wells to Hannah Jefferds (b. 29 Sep 1759 in Wells – d. 16 Apr 1847 in Wells) Hannah’s parents were Samuel Jefferds (1729 – 1768) and Hannah Hill (1732 – 1768) Abner and Hannah had at least one child, Abner (b. 1788)

In the 1820 census, Abner was head of household of 5 in Wells, York, Maine.

ix. John Fiske b. 1755 in Kennybunk York, Maine; d. 26 Apr 1825 Waterboro, York, Maine; m. Comfort Stover (b. 1752 in Wells, York, Maine – d. 16 Nov 1824 in Waterboro, York, Maine) John and Comfort had four children born between 1786 and 1815.

x. Ruth Fiske b. 13 Mar 1757 Ipswich, Essex, Mass. – d. 17 Mar 1759 Ipswich


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