Stephen O’Kelley

Stephen O’KELLEY (1718 – ) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather; one of 256 in this generation of the Shaw line. Stephen was born 22 Sep 1718 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Stephen O’Kelley was born 22 Sep 1718 in that part of Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass which later became Dennis.  His parents were  Joseph O’KELLEY and Tabitha BAKER. He married Thankful CHASE 20 Feb 1741/42 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Thankful Chase  was born 6 Mar 1720/21 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Her parents were  William CHASE III and Dorcas BAKER.  Thankful died in 1768.

Children of Stephen and Thankful

Name Born Married Departed
1. Temperance O’KELLEY 21 Mar 1742 Yarmouth, Mass David WING
19 March 1761 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass
Harwich, Mass
2. Stephen O’Kelley 26 Jul 1745 Yarmouth Thankful Baker?
c. 1772
Mary Oliver
15 Jan 1783 – Washington or Cumberland, Providence, RI
14 Mar 1840 – Freedom, Waldo, Maine
3. Jeremiah O’Kelley 30 Sep 1748 Yarmouth Zilpha Robbins
1 Oct 1768
4. William O’Killey 15 Apr 1751 Yarmouth
5. Daniel O’Killey 16 Aug 1755 Yarmouth Dorcas Baker
19 Nov 1778
6. Salome Kelley 25 Oct 1759 Yarmouth David Chase Jr
26 Mar 1780 Harwich
24 Feb 1828 Harwich
7. James O’Killey 9 Aug 1765 Dennis, Mass Elizabeth O’Killey (2nd cousin 2x over)
15 Jul 1787
15 Feb 1835 Dennis, Mass

Some sources drop the O’ showing the name Stephen Kelly, certainly, the O’ was gone in his grandchildren’s generation. Many sources show Stephen and Thankful’s birth, but none show their dates of death.


1. Temperance O’KELLEY (See David WING‘s page)

2. Stephen O’Kelley

Many genealogies state Stephen married Thankful Baker. Yarmouth town records show Thankful was born 12 Nov 1750 to David Jones Baker (1719 – 1768) and Thankful Lawrence Twining Baker (1719 – ) Her paternal grandparents were John Baker (1672 – 1760) and Hannah Jones (1675 – ). Her maternal grandparents were our ancestors William BAKER and Mercy LAWRENCE.

Genealogies are less consistent about Thankful’s life. Some say she married Stephen O’Kelley and had nine children, but I can’t find evidence of this list of children beyond the names and birthdates which are repeated in many geneaolgies.

Other geneaologies say Thankful married at age: 18 on 15 Nov 1768 Nantucket, Nantucket, Mass to Reuben Swain (b. 1747 in Nantucket, Nantucket, Mass. – d. 24 Oct 1792 in Nantucket) Reuben’s parents were Jethro Swain (1710 – 1791) and Dorcas Ryder (1716 – 1788). Ruben and Thankful had at least three children – Betsey Swain (1783 – 1820) – Reuben Swain (1787 – 1859) – Rebecca Swain (1788 – 1825)

Possible Children of Stephen and Thankful:

i. Electa Kelley b, 27 Dec 1773

ii. Samuel Kelley b. 12 Jul 1775

iii. Charles Kelley b. 17 Mar 1777

iv. Silas Kelley b. 12 May 1779

v. Anna Kelley b. 28 Mar 1781

vi. Lucy Kelley b. 28 Mar 1781; d. at age of 10 days

vii. Solomon Kelley b. 7 Aug 1784

viii. Siball Kelley b. 15 Jun 1787

ix. Philander Kelley b. 27 Feb 1791

Stephen’s wife Mary Oliver was born about 1763. Mary died 1847 in Freedom, Waldo, Maine. Children of Stephen and Mary

i. Oliver Kelley b. 27 Jul 1784 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 4 Mar 1863 in Freedom, Waldo, Maine; Burial Kelley Cemetery; m1. 27 Mar 1809 Vassalborough, Kennebec, Maine to Eunice Gould (b. 14 Jun 1787 in Vassalborough – d. 31 Mar 1846 in Freedom, Waldo, Maine); Eunice’s parents were Nehemiah Gould (1752 – 1817) and Molly Kemp (1756 – 1830). Oliver and Eunice had nine children born between 1810 and 1832. m2. 4 Feb 1849 Montville, Waldo, Maine to Jerusha Bradshaw (b. 1804 Montilee, Waldo, Maine)

In the 1850 census, Oliver and Jerusha were farming in Freedom, Waldo, Maine

ii. Freeman O’Kelley b. 10 Mar 1789 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1821; m. 6 Nov 1811 Albion, Kennebec, Maine to Charlotte Hussey.

Freeman’s estate was filed on 18 May 1822 at Monroe County, Illinois. ? Freeman was head of household on the 1820 US Census at Monroe County, Illinois. The household consisted of one male under 10, one male 26 to 44, two females under 10, one female 16 to 25, one female 26 to 44, and one female 45 or older.3 He appeared on the Illinois state census of 1820 at Monroe County. The household consisted of one male 21 or older and six other white persons.4 His estate papers included a note signed by Freeman on 17 November 1821.2

iii. Huldah O’Kelley b. 2 Aug 1791 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 28 Feb 1858 in Freedom, Waldo, Maine; Burial: Kelley Cemetery; m. Josiah Danforth (b. 6 Feb 1789 in Frankfort, Waldo, Maine – d. 28 Oct 1858 in Frankfort, Waldo, Maine; Burial: Kelley Cemetery) Josiah’s parents were Philip Danford (1759 – 1841) and Mary Tibbets (1757 – 1837).

In the 1850 census, Josiah and Hulda were farming in Freedom, Waldo, Maine with five children at home ages 14 to 29.

iv. Temperance O’Kelley b. 9 Feb 1794 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass

v. Susanna O’Kelley b. 5 Jul 1799 in Freedom, Waldo, Maine; d. 23 Jun 1845 in Knox, Waldo, Maine; m. 30 Dec 1815 Freedom, Waldo, Maine to Stephen Danforth (b. 03 Mar 1795 in Frankfort, Waldo Maine – d. 1872 in Verona Island, Hancock, Maine) Stephen’s parents were Phillip Danforth (1759 – 1841) and Mary Tibbetts (1757 – 1837) Susanna and Stephen had eleven children born between 1816 and 1839.

After 1850, Stephen married Sarah [__?__] (b. 1805 Maine). In the 1860 census, Stephen and Sarah were farming in Thorndike, Waldo, Maine.

3. Jeremiah O’Kelley

Jeremiah’s wife Zilpha Robbins was born 2 Nov 1738 in Yarmouth, Mass. Her parents were Richard Robbins and Hannah Berry. Children of Jeremiah and Zilpha

i. Richard Kelley b. 28 Jul 1769 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; d. 8 Nov 1850 or 5 Nov 1856 – Dennis, Mass

ii. Jedidah “Jediah” Kelley b. 27 Nov 1773; d. 26 Jul 1833 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; m. Henry Baker

iii. William Kelley b. 23 Apr 1776 Dennis, Mass; m. ~1798 to Achsah [__?__] (b. ~1777)

iv. Stephen Kelley b. 19 Sep 1779 Dennis, Mass;

v. Jeremiah Kelley b. 23 Mar 1782 Dennis, Mass;

vi. Elijah Kelley b. 25 Aug 1784 Dennis, Mass; d. Feb 1855; m. 13 Jan 1805 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. to Dorcas Nickerson (b. ~1785 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 16 Jun 1840 in Harwich) Elijah and Dorcas had seven children born between 1806 and 1820.

5. Daniel O’Killey

Daniel’s wife Dorcas Baker was his 3rd cousin.   She was born 18 Jun 1752 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Baker (1715 – 1781) and Elizabeth Berry (1718 – ). Her grandparents were Nathaniel Baker Jr. (1672 – 1757) and Elisabeth Hannah Baker. Her great grandparents were Nathaniel Baker (1642 – 1691) and Desire Gray (1645 – 1691). Her 2nd great grandparents were  Francis BAKER and Isabel TWINING. Children of Daniel and Dorcas:

i. Daniel Kelley (twin) b. 11 Oct 1779 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; m. 28 Feb 1805 – Harwich, Barnstable, Mass, to his 1st cousin once removed and 3rd cousin Anna Chase (b. 10 Aug 1774 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 10 Aug 1863 in Dennis,) Anna’s parents were Daniel Chase (1746 – ) and Hannah Broadbrooks (1748 – ). Her grandparents were Joseph Chase (1718 – ) and Sarah O’Killey (1721 – ) Her great grandparents were Thomas Chase (1679 – 1767 – ) and Sarah Gowell (1684 – ) and Joseph O’KELLEY and Tabitha BAKER . Her 2nd great grandparents were John CHASE and Elizabeth BAKER.

Anna first married 25 Mar 1790 Age: 15 Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA to Eleazer Robbins (b. 9 Jan 1739/40 in Harwich – d. 1798 At Sea)

In the 1850 census, Ana was living with Seth and Mercy Chase in Harwich.

ii. Molly Kelley (twin) b. 11 Oct 1779 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; m. James Marchant; m. 10 Nov 1801 Age: 22 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. to Shubal Crowell (b. 22 May 1780 in Yarmouth) His parents were Shubal Crowell (1754 – 1814) and Abigail Parker. Molly and Shubal had ten children born between 1802 and 1820.

iii. Betsey “Betty” Kelley (twin) b. 12 Sep 1781 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; d. 5 Jan 1860 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. m. 26 Jun 1805 – Yarmouth to her third cousin George Baker (b. 3 Oct 1777 in Yarmouth – d. 06 Apr 1861 in Yarmouth) His parents were Daniel Baker (1733 – ) and Temperance Gage (1718 – ). His grandparents were Jacob Baker (1707 – 1785) and Thankful Chase (1711 – 1751). His great grandparents were Nathaniel Baker (1672 – 1757) and Elizabeth Hannah Baker (1686 – 1770). His 2nd great grandparents [through Elizabeth Hannah Baker] were  Daniel BAKER and Eliabeth CHASE.  Betsey and George had seven children born between 1805 and 1817.

iv. Thankful Kelley (twin) b. 12 Sep 1781 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass;

v. Joseph Kelley b. 27 Jun 1784 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; d. 20 Nov 1852 Harwich; Burial Baptist Church Cemetery, Depot Street;  m. 13 Feb 1805 – Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. to his second cousin Edith “Ede” Chase (5 Jul 1785 in Harwich – d. 8 Mar 1839 Harwich). Edith’s parents were James Chase , Sr. (1761 – 1804) and Mercy Eldredge (1765 – ) Her grandparents were Job Chase (1736 – 1833) and Edith / Ede Bassett (1740 – 1774). Her great grandparents were William CHASE III and Dorcas BAKER.

vi. Dorcas Kelley b. 30 Oct 1786

vii. Anna Kelley b. 11 Jan 1790 Yarmouth; d. 7 Apr 1871 in Yarmouth; m. 23 Jan 1818 Age: 28 Yarmouth to her 3rd cousin once removed Josiah Baker (b. 11 May 1783 in Yarmouth – d. 12 Sep 1838) Josiah’s parents were Moody Baker (1750 – 1816) and Mary [__?__] (1754 – ). His grandparents were Joseph Baker (1715 – 1781) and Elizabeth Berry (1718 – ). His geat grandparents were Nathaniel Baker Jr. (1672 – 1757) and Elisabeth Hannah Baker. His 2nd great grandparents were Nathaniel Baker (1642 – 1691) and Desire Gray (1645 – 1691). His 3rd great grandparents were  Francis BAKER  and Isabel TWINING.

viii. William Kelley b. 10 Apr 1793; m. 1816 – Dennis, Mass to his first cousin once removed Abigail Wixon (b. 25 Oct 1795 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 07 Sep 1883 in Dennis) Abigail’s parents were Barnabas Wixon (1762 – 1849) and Jerusha Chase (1772 – 1861.) Her maternal grandparents were Sylvanus Chase and Charity Chase. Her maternal great grandparents were were  William CHASE III and Dorcas BAKER. After William died, Abigail married in 1825 in Dennis to Benjamin Howland (1780 – 1873).

ix. Levi Kelley b. 4 Nov 1795 Yarmouth; d. 27 Mar 1871 – Yarmouth; In the 1860 census, Levi was a laborer in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass.

6. Salome Kelley

Salome’s husband David Chase Jr was born 26 Apr 1759 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. He was Salome’s 2nd cousin two ways. His parents were David Chase (1729 – ) and Susannah Baker (1734 – ). His maternal grandparents were Silas Baker (1674 – 1752) and Deliverance O’Killey (1674 – 1751) His paternal grandparents were Jeremiah Chase (1683 – 1767) and Hannah Baker (1699 – 1731). His paternal great grandparents were John CHASE and Elizabeth BAKER. His maternal great grandparents were Jeremiah O’KELLY and Sarah CHASE. David died 24 Feb 1828 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Salome and David

i. Jeremiah Chase b. 12 Jan 1782 – Yarmouth

ii. Abigail Chase b. 23 Sep 1781 in Yarmouth; d. 8 May 1813; m. 16 Feb 1800 Age: 18 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass to Rev. Peter Yost (b. 17 Aug 1778 in Barnstable, Massa. – d. 27 Jan 1851 in Goshen, Clermont, Ohio; Burial: Goshen Cemetery ) Peter’s parents were Peter Yost and Mary Smith (1755 – 1836). After Abigail died, he married 24 May 1814 to Eleanor Fults (22 May 1789 in PA, died 31 Dec 1864 in Mediapolis, Des Moines, Iowa). Peter was a minister.

In the 1850 census, Peter and Elanor were farming in Goshen, Clermont, Ohio.

iii. Hiram Chase b. 7 Jan 1786 – Yarmouth; d. 24 Jun 1866 in Middleboro, Mass; m. Cynthia Swift (b. ~1789 in Waquoit (Falmouth), Mass. – d. 1887 in Middleboro, Mass)

Hiram was a veteran of the War of 1812, came to Holmes Hole [now called Vineyard Haven] Martha’s Vineyard from Sandwich by 1816, and is listed in the Tisbury censuses of 1820 and 1840. He is listed as a Tisbury hatter in 1850 and 1865, as well as his 1866 death record.

John Holmes Jr. and Charles A. Luce wrote about the house that was at the site of Ernest Tilton’s / Vineyard Dry Goodsbefore the 1883 fire: ”

Mrs. Cynthia Chase House. Widow of Hiram Chase. Was ninety-six years time of fire. Not certain when built, probably early in nineteenth century by Dr. Benjamin Trask, who occupied previous to 1805. About 1810 occupied by Mr. Hanson, Baptist preacher, then by Jennie Godfrey. Jenny Godfrey was a character, very much afraid of the water. Never took but one trip off the Island, that to New Bedford before the times of steam or even decked packets, in open boat of Capt. William Harding. On return, dead calm, captain and mate had to pull every inch of the was, under a broiling sun, arriving home late at night. Jenny always alluded to this passage as a most enjoyable one, since which time long passages, in consequence of calms, have always been referred to as ‘Jennie Godfrey times’. Mr. Chase came here from Sandwich and opened a hat factory. He was one of the early Methodists of the village. He was fond of telling this story.

“At one time when he was about to sit down to dinner he heard a supernatural voice saying to him ‘To the vestry, to the vestry,’ and he dared not disobey. Proceeding to the vestry, he then commenced praying in a Boanerges-like voice. The people in the neighborhood, hearing the outcry, rushed with one accord to the vestry, and the result was the initiation of a great ritual.

“Mr. Chase’s rats caused Capt. William Cottle, whose store was across the street, to complain to Mr. Chase, but his complaints made no impression on the prevailing odor and he took the case into court, but was defeated.”

In April 1821 Dr. Benjamin Trask sold this property for $800 to Tisbury hatter Hiram Chase. Holmes and Luce speculated that Dr. Trask built the house that stood here until the 1883 fire, and this is borne out by the fact that while no house is mentioned in the deed by which Dr. Trask bought the property in 1802, the 1821 sale to Chase refers to the northern boundary of this property as “over the middle of the well and to the center between the two houses till it corner square with first poplar tree and hatters shop in the center, thence to the poplar tree within two feet…” The deed also includes a right-of-way to “the Hatters Shop” and to “the Porch of the dwelling house.”

Chase bought an adjoining lot in the rear of his house lot for $1700 from widow Mrs. Mary C. (West) Carey in September 1840 which extended his property by about fifty-five feet in the back.

In 1833, the first Methodist Church in town was built nearby on Church Street (which later became the Masonic Hall and today is the Playhouse.) According to an article written by Mrs. Howes Norris and quoted in a June 1942 Gazette, “Over the doors and windows were placed fan-like blinds which so distressed Mrs. Cynthia Chase that she saw strange sights. She said, ‘They were little hypocrites and saw little black devils dancing over there every night – and it was wicked and sinful to ornament God’s house in such a manner.'”

Eleanor Mayhew’s book mentions hatter Hiram Chase at this site, and makes reference the “odor emanating from Chase’s dye vats.”

Rev. Warren Luce, in his childhood memories published in a March 1923 Gazette, wrote: “My dear old friend was the hatter, Chase – opposite the Barrow Bros, store of those days. He had an eccentric and yet deeply pious son, who was paralyzed on his left side, incapacitating him for manual labor. So he spent much of his time in visiting the homes of the people, intent on doing some good. Many a time I’ve seen him stop, on some street corner, take a little New Testament from his pocket, and turning its pages consult them for instructions and guidance, as to whom to visit next.”

Hiram and Cynthia’s son Alfred Chase (1809 – 1881) was born in Falmouth. He is listed as an “invalid” in the 1865 Tisbury census, and lived his entire life in the home of his parents. Their other children were Salome K. Chase (who married James M. Coombs and was living in Middleboro by 1866) and Harriet W. Chase (who married Parmenas Parsons and moved to New Bedford by 1866).

Hiram Chase died in 1866, and the estate, valued at less than $1500, was inherited by his widow Cynthia. Following his death, or perhaps in his retirement, the Chase’s evidently sold the front portion of the property, which apparently contained his hatter’s shop (see below). They retained a narrow right-of-way from Main street to their home and property in the rear.

In September 1878, Cynthia Chase deeded this lot and buildings to her daughters Salome K. Coombs and Harriet W. Parsons “provided, that in the event of my son, Alfred, coming to want, he shall the privilege of residing in said building while he remains in that condition.” The elderly widow, perhaps illiterate or handicapped, signed this document with an ‘X’. The 1880 Tisbury Census lists “Cynthy Chase,” age 92, keeping house with her son Alfred Chase, age 70. Alfred died in January 1881 of “retention of urine.” He was listed as an unemployed widower.

In Apr 1882, Cynthia Chase again deeded her L-shaped lot (“the homestead of Hiram Chase”) to her children Salome K Brown and Harriet W. Parsons for $400 “with a privilage of a way to pass and repass to the Shop and to the Porch of the Dwelling house standing on said premises.”

Chase’s house was among the first to catch fire on the night of the great fire in August 1883. Her uninsured dwelling was valued at $800. The 95-year old widow was listed in the newspapers among those families “left nearly destitute.” Cynthia Chase died in May 1887, at the age of about ninety-eight.

In the 1850 census, Hiram and Cynthia were living in Tisbury, Dukes, Mass. (Martha’s Vineyard) where Hiram was a hatter. In the 1860 census, he was a merchant.

iv. Esther Chase b. 27 Oct 1788 in Harwich; d. 1 Jul 1872 in , Barnstable, Mass; m. 6 Jul 1810 Age: 21 to Abner Linnell (b. 18 Apr 1780 in , Barnstable, Mass. – d. 29 Nov 1837) Abner’s parents were Jonathan Linnell and Bathsheba Freeman or James Linnell (b: ~1736 in Centerville, Mass) and Anna Childs (b: ~1740). Esther and Abner had seven children born between 1811 and 1830.

David Chase, Abner, James and John Linnell were dismissed from the East Parish church 2 Jan. 1808 to organize a new church. But by 1815 Abner was a member of the Methodist Chruch in Barnstable. In his enthusiasm for Methodism, he would name a son John Wesley.

v. Isaiah Chase b. 11 Sep 1788 – Harwich, m. ~1815 to Tabitha Doane (b. 02 Mar 1795 in Chatham, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 28 Feb 1877 in Chatham, Barnstable, Mass.) Tabitha’s parents were

Samuel Doane (1751 – 1827) and Mariah Eldredge (1750 – 1830).

vi. Salome Chase b. 15 Sep 1792 in Harwich; m. ~1812 to Robert Luscomb (b. ~1792 Harwich)

vii. Arnold Chase b. 7 Oct 1795 in Harwich d. 24 Sep 1858 in Nantucket, Mass; m. 20 Apr 1816 Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass. to Pamelia Butler (b. 8 Jul 1798 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 2 Feb 1882 in Nantucket, Mass) Pamelia’s parents were Benjamin Butler (1744 – 1795) and Phebe Gage (1767 – 1837). Arnold and Pamelia had three children born between 1818 and 1823.

viii. David Chase b. 4 Oct 1797 in Harwich

ix. Betsey Chase b. 10 Nov 1800 in Harwich; m. 4 Dec 1821 – Barnstable, Massa to Reuben Hillman (b. ~1800 in Harwich) His parents were Reuben Hillman (1775 – ) and Elizabeth Beard

x. Susan Chase b. 15 Jan 1802 in Harwich; m. 22 Mar 1822 – Harwich to George Washington Kelley (b. ~1802 Harwich – d. 1829 At Sea)

7. James O’Killey

James’ wife Elizabeth O’Killey was his 2nd cousin at least two times over.  She was born 14 Mar 1770 in Dennis, Mass. Her parents were Eleazer OKilley (1728 – 1803) and Hannah Baker (1728 – ) Her paternal grandparents were Eleazer O’Killey (1697 – 1775) and Sarah Browning (1694 – 1741). Her paternal great grandparents were Jeremiah O’KELLY and Sarah CHASE.  Her maternal grandparents were Silas Baker (1674 – 1752) and Deliverance O’Killey (1674 – 1751) Her maternal great grandparents were also Jeremiah O’KELLY and Sarah CHASE.. Elizabeth died 20 Mar 1825 in Dennis, Mass Children of James and Elizabeth:

i. Anthony Kelley b. 10 Apr 1788 in Dennis, Mass.; d. Aft. 1870; m. Anna Butler “Lizzie” Look (b. 1793 in Addison, Washington, Maine – d. 1832) Lizzie’s parents were George Look (1764 – 1839) and Elizabeth Holbrook Stevens (1740 – 1824) In the 1870 census, Anthony was living with Richard and Marth Orn in Hermon, Penobscot, Maine. Anthony had moved to Hermon before 1820.

ii. Betsey Kelley b. 26 Sep 1790 in Dennis, Mass.; d. 21 Dec 1877 – Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; m. 30 Oct 1811 to Joseph Eldridge (b. 11 Dec 1790 in Harwich – d. 10 Feb 1855 in Harwich) Joseph’s parents were Ebenezer Eldridge (1755 – 1844) and Sarah Chase (1754 – 1850); m2. 26 Jul 1865 Dennis to Eldridge Sears (b. 25 Sep 1790 in Dennis – d. 9 Jul 1875 in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass)

iii. Bathsheba Kelley b. 20 Nov 1794 in Dennis, Mass.; d. 1 Oct 1875 – Dennis; m. 1813 – Dennis to Hiram Whittamore (b. 1788 in Dennis – d. 7 Jul 1853 in Dennis; Burial: Ancient Cemetery South Dennis) Hiram’s parents were Edward Lloyd Whittemore (1746 – 1821) and Priscilla Bunker (1749 – 1776). Bathsheba and Hiram had seven children born between 1813 and 1827. After Hiram died, Bathsheba married 14 Dec 1856 to Amos Cook.

In the 1850 census, Hiram and Abashba were farming in Dennis, Barnstable, Mass.

iv. James Kelly b. 25 Apr 1797 in Dennis, Mass.; d. 17 Oct 1876 Yarmouth; m. Marriage Bann 12 Jan 1821 Yarmouth to Elizabeth Baker (b. 21 Jan 1798 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island – d. 6 Jul 1876) Elizabeth’s parents were Levi Baker (1757 – ) and Elizabeth Jenkins. James and Elizabeth had five children born between 1822 and 1836.

In the 1850 census, James and Elizabeth were living in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. where James was a sailor.

v. Hannah Kelley b. 6 May 1800 in Dennis, Mass.; d. 5 Jan 1869 Dennis, Mass; m. Apr 1818 in Dennisport, Mass to William Kelly Nickerson (b. 31 Dec 1796 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 22 Oct 1871 in Dennisport, Mass.) William’s parents were Isaac Nickerson (1746 – ) and Mary Kelly (1768 – ) Hannah and William had ten children born between 1818 and 1843.

vi. Sarah Kelley b. 30 Sep 1802 in Dennis, Mass.; m. 24 Oct 1824 to Reuben Hopkins Alternatively, Sarah married ~1822 to her second cousin Sylvester Chase (b.13 Oct 1798 in Harwich) Sylvester’s parents were James Chase (1761 – 1804) and Mercy Eldredge (1764 – 1839) His grandparents were Job Chase (1736 – 1833) and Edith / Ede Bassett (1740 – 1774) and his great grandparents were William CHASE III and Dorcas BAKER.

vii. Polly Kelley b. 11 Jun 1805 Dennis, Barnstable, Mass; d. 18 May 1889; m. Henry Terry (b. 1800 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass or Connecticut- d. 7 Mar 1876)

In the 1860 census, Henry and Polly were farming in South Dennis with three children at home ages 12 to 19.

viii. Delisha Kelley b. 14 Apr 1817 in Dennis, Mass.; d. 1834


David O’Killia, the immigrant of Old Yarmouth, Massachusetts with his descendants and allied families, 1651-1962. Darmouth, Mass.?: E.K. Randall, 1962

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    “Hiram Whittamore (b. 1788 in Dennis – d. 7 Jul 1853 in Dennis; Burial: Ancient Cemetery South Dennis) Hiram’s parents were Edward Lloyd Whittemore (1746 – 1821) and Priscilla Bunker (1749 – 1776).”

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