Selden Miner

Selden MINER (1780 – 1842) was Alex’s 5th Great Grandfather;  one of 64 in this generation.

Selden Miner was born on 12 March 1780 in East Haddam, CT just like his fatherElihu MINER. His mother was Mrs. Mary DEAN.  He married Sally PEASE on 29 Nov 1810 in  Hartford, Connecticut when he was 30 years old. Selden died on 8 Sep 1842 at the age of 62.

Selden Miner was  born in  East Haddam CT

Sally Pease was born 9 Nov 1781 in Enfield, CT.   Her parents were Nathaniel PEASE III and [__?__].  When Selden died in 1842, her son Philo Miner went back to Connecticut and retrieved his mother and two youngest sisters to come live in Ohio.  In the 1860 census, Sally, age 75 [implying she was born in 1785  Barber’s Connecticut Genealogy lists a Sally Miner born 24 Apr 1786 in Lyme, Connecticut] was living with her son Edward in Williamsfield Township, Ashtabula, Ohio.  Sally died on 6 Jan 1871 in Mayfield, Cayuhoga County, Ohio at the age of 86.

1820 census – Hebron, CT:
1830 census – Hebron, CT
1860 census (Sally)- Kinsman, OH

Name Born Married Departed
1. Philo Sidney MINER Sr. 9 Sep 1811
Andover, Toland County, CT
Sophia L. POLLEY
14 Oct 1834 Lisbon, CT
14 Aug 1890, Bristolville, Trumbull, OH
2. Selden Harvey Miner 30 Jan 1815
Cahatham, Middlesex, CT
Anna Shepard
14 Feb 1838 Chatham, CT
17 Sep 1882
Mayfield, Cuyahoga, OH
3. Lorenzo Miner 19 Nov 1816 – Wexford, Hartford, CT 17 Nov 1818
4. Calvert Basset Miner 1 May 1817
Elizabeth Ann Miner (Daughter of Horace Miner) 15 Mar 1864
(Living in Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio 1850 Census)
5. Augustus Elliott Miner 27 Feb 1820 Jan 1849
6. Melissa Amanda Miner 9 Jul 1823
Andover, Tolland, CT
Ashahel Aiken (Asahel Akin, Aikens)
13 Jan 1848 Cuyahoga, Ohio
11 Jun 1895
Mayfield Heights, OH
7. Clarrisa (Clara) S Miner 14 Oct 1826 James Leroy Whiting 26 Sep 1903
Mayfield, Cayuhoga, Ohio
8. Edward Everett Miner 11 Dec 1832
Toland, New London, CT
Sybil Woodworth
10 Oct 1853
2 Jan 1898
Dunn, Wisconsin

Sally PEASE (Mrs. Selden MINER), came to Mayfield OH with from  Hebron, Conn., in 1843, the year after her husband died.   Some of her sons lived here, and after their father died, one of them went back for the mother and her two daughters, Melissa and Clara. According to reports at the time, she was a bright, capable woman.

Mayfield Township was organized in 1819, being split off from Chagrin Township. It existed until 1920, when the entire township was incorporated into several villages: Gates MillsHighland HeightsMayfield Village, and Riverside. Since then, these municipalities have changed: Mayfield Heights left Mayfield Village in 1925, Riverside joined Gates Mills in the late 1920s, and Lyndhurst annexed a small portion of the township.

When Cuyahoga County was founded, it was divided into civil townships for purposes of rural government, as were other Ohiocounties. By 1990, this county was the most urbanized county in Ohio, and as a result, most of its townships have been annexed by the city of Cleveland or one of the other municipalities in Cuyahoga County. In Ohio, when the entirety of a civil township has been annexed by one or more municipalities, it ceases to have governmental powers and becomes a paper township, existing on maps but possessing no governmental powers. Today, nineteen of Cuyahoga County’s townships are paper townships,

Mayfield is a village in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States. The population was 3,460 at the 2010 census and it is the headquarters for Progressive Auto Insurance. The village is officially named Mayfield, but is typically referred to as Mayfield Village.  Mayfield Village was rated the third best suburb of Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine for the second consecutive year and was once crowned the number one spot.

Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio is situated about sixteen miles east of Cleveland. The Chagrin River winds through the town on its way to the lake.

Mayfield Township was in the northeast corner of Cuyahoga County, Ohio


1. Philo Sidney MINER Sr.  (See his page)

2. Selden Harvey Miner

Selden’s wife Anna Shepard was born 11 Nov 1804 in Chatham, Middlesex, CT.  Her parents were George Shepard and Grace Hall. She was 11 years older than Selden

Selden Harvey Miner and his family were farming in Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio in the 1850 census. His given name is listed as Sheldon.

In the 1860 census, Seldon, Anna, Isabella, William and Frederick were still farming in Mayfield.

In the 1880 census, Seldon and Anna were farming in Willoughby, Lake, Ohio and employed Adelia Damon age 34 as a house servant.

Children of Seldon and Anna

i. Isabella Miner b. 1838 Connecticut

ii. William A. Miner b. 1840 Connecticut;   m.  1884 to  Elizabeth (Libby)  C. [__?__] (b. 1850 New York)

William registered for the draft in 1863 in Mayfield, Ohio.  In the 1910 census, William and Libby were living in Cleveland, Ohio with their adopted daughter Edith E, Ormsby, now Edith Miner.

iii. Maria Miner b. 1841 Ohio; d. aft. 1850 census

iv. Frederick L. Miner b. 1846 Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio; d. 11 Apr 1917  Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio;   m. 17 Oct 1873 Mayfield to Nellie Cornelia Andrews (b. 1849 Wisconsin – d. 22 Apr 1925)  By the 1920 census, Nellie was widowed and living with their son Sterling Miner (b. 17 Aug 1874 Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio) still in Mayfield, Ohio.

4. Calvert Basset Miner

Calvert’s wife Elizabeth Ann Miner was his 5th cousin.  She was born 20 May 1824 in Worthington, Mass., though some of her children’s census records state she was born in Vermont.   Her parents were  Horace Miner born 3 Feb 1801 and Elizabeth Brown.  Her ancestory is Horace 6, Nathan 5, Christopher 4, Thomas 3, Manassah 2, Thomas MINER 1

  • Her grandfather was Nathan Miner born 29 Mar 1771 d. 4 Jul 1854 Peru Mass.
  • Her great grandfather was Christopher Miner, born on 14 Jan 1743/44 in Stonington, CT.
  • Her 2nd Great Grandfather was Jonathan Miner, born on 25 Feb 1713/4 in Stonington, CT
  • Her 3rd Great Grandfather was Thomas Miner, born on 20 Sep 1683 in Stonington, CT
  • Her 4th Great Grandfather was Manassah Miner  born on 28 Apr 1647, the first white male child born in New London, CT.
  • Finally, her 5th Great Grandfather was Thomas Miner, born in Chew Magna, county of Somerset, England on 23 April 1608

Children of Calvert and Elizabeth

i. Ervin (Irvin, Irving) B. Miner b. Sep 1844 Ohio; d. betw. 1910 -1915 Ashtabula, Ohio.  m1. d Mary E [__?__] (b. 1845 Pennsylvania – d.  bef. 1900 census,) m2. 1902 to Betsy [__?__] (b. 1860 Ohio – d. Aft. 1930 census Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio)  Betsy was previously married with one child.  In the 1880 census, Ervin was a peddler in Summit, Crawford, Pennsylvania. In the 1900 census, he was living in Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio.  In 1915, Betsy was a widow living on 16 Eastwood Street, Geneva, Ashtabula.

ii. Eugene Calvert  Miner b. Jul 1847 Ohio; d. 10 Mar 1920, buried in Gustavis Township, Kinsman, Ohio; m. Sep 1869 to Alice Orinda [__?__] (b. May 1843 Ohio – ) In the 1900 census he was a farmer in Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio.

iii. Minnie Miner b. 1855 Ohio; m. Thomas Ford (b. Sep 1845 Crawford, Pennsylvania – d. 29 Jan 1919 -Massillon, Stark, Ohio) His parents were Andrew M. Ford and Susana A. Boggs.  Thomas was an interesting character.  In the 1880 census, Thomas was a showman living with his mother-in-law Elizabeth in Wayne, Ashtabula, Ohio.   In the 1900 census, Thomas was a manager of a circus in Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio. In the 1910 census, he was an inventor and manufacturer.

iv. Stiles L. Miner b. Apr 1857 Ohio   d. 3 Sep 1938 Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio; m. 1885 to Jennie Minier (b. Oct 1863 in Pennsylvania; d. 1 Dec 1930 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.)  Her parents were Samuel G. Minier (1825 – 1903) and Amanda Morley (1833 – 1872).  In the 1920 census, Stiles was a house painter in Cleveland, Ohio.

v. Anna E Miner b. 29 May 1858 – Wayne Township, Ashtabula, Ohio; d. 25 Nov 1939 – Geneva, Ashtabula, OH;  Anna was living at home in the 1880 census.; m. 25 Dec 1886 Ashtabula County, Ohio to Dillon P. Wright (b. 17 Jan 1852 in Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH – d. 02 May 1932 in Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio) His parents were Jonathan Wright(1810 – 1884) and Lucretia Woolsey (1819 – 1906)

6. Melissa Amanda Miner

Melissa’s husband Asahel Akins was born 13 Jan 1825 in Euclid, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Early in our history, free form spelling was common, but was becoming more unsual by Asahel’s time.   He was baptized Aschel Pelton Aikins 24 Jun 1827 in the First Presbyterian Church, East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.  I have seen Asahel, Ashael, Aschel, Asabel, Asahel, Asel and Akins, Aikens, and Akin.

His parents were Robert Akins and Anna Pelton.  In the 1900 census, he was living with his son Horton in Mayfield, Ohio.  Asahel died 24 Feb 1910 in age 85 in South Euclid, Ohio according to the Sandusky (Oh) (Daily) Register, Sandusky, Ohio of 26 Feb 1910

In 1896 it was reported Melissa (Miner) Aiken  was a noble Christian woman, interested in all works of charity and love, and although an invalid a good share of her life, her hands were never idle. Many will remember her “cheerful countenance, which doeth the heart good like a medicine.” Truly may it be said of her:

“The sweetest lives are those to duty wed,
Whose deeds, both great and small,
Are close-knit strands of one unbroken thread,
Where love ennobles all.”

Children of Melissa and Asahel

i. Francis Asahel Akins b. 2 Jan 1849 in Mayfield, Ohio. Francis attended Baldwin University of Berea, Ohio. He was a farmer and secretary State Grange. He was president of the state of Mutual Fire Insurance associations; in 1890 was elected secretary of the Ohio State Grange Patrons of Husbandry, and received the re-election for four successive terms.

ii. Estella (Stella) Aikens b. Feb 1850 Ohio In the 1880 census, Estella was living at home in Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio and working as a seamstress.

iii. Horton Pelton Akins b. 11 Nov 1856 Ohio; d. 9 Oct 1912 Mayfield, Cuyahoga, Ohio; m. 1 Jan 1880 – Cuyahoga, Ohio to Ethel Iva Richmond (b. 17 Jun 1857 in Euclid, Cuyahoga, Ohio – d. 27 Jan 1924 in Cuyahoga, Ohio) Her parents were William W. Richmond (b. 1831) and Sophia J. Wenton (b. 1835). Horton was a farmer in Mayfield in the 1900 census

7. Clara S Miner

Clara’s husband James Leroy Whiting was born about 1822 in New York.  His parents were Samuel Whiting and Sarah [__?__].  In the 1850 census, he and Clara [listed as Clarisse] were farming with his parents in Mayfield, , Cuyahoga, Ohio. In the 1860 and 1870 censuses, the four were still farming together in Mayfield.  Leroy’s mother’s name is recorded as Sally for those years and his wife is listed as Clarissa in all three censuses. By the 1880 census, Leroy’s parents had passed on and Leroy and Clarissa’s only son Charles (b. 1852 in Mayfield, OH) was a 28 year old widower living at home. By the 1900 census, Charles had remarried to Lizzie B. [__?__] in 1896, Leroy had passed on and Clara was living with her son and daughter-in-law.  Charles and Lizzie didn’t have any children and continued to live in Mayfield through the 1920 census.

In 1896 Clara Mrs. Leroy Whiting had been a worker in the Sunday school for many years. A young lady in her class said: “She is one who will never grow old, for she is so in sympathy with young people.”

Children of Clara and James:

i. Charles L. Whiting b. Jul 1851 Mayfield, Ohio m1. [__?__] ( – v. 1880); m2. 1896 to Lizzie B. [__?__] (b. 1859 Ohio – After 1940 census)  d.  after 1930 census Mayfield, Ohio  Charles was a farmer.

8. Edward Everett Miner

Edward’s wife Sybil Woodworth was born 10 Jun 1831 in Ashtabula, Ohio. Her parents were Samuel Woodworth and Aurilla [__?__]. Sybil died 24 Apr 1927 in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Edward Everett Miner has a grave marker in Ninevah Cemetery, Rome Township, Ashtabula, Ohio even though he is interred in Wisconsin.  This cemetery is located on Callender Rd., off Crosby-Cook Rd,

Child of Edward Everett and Sybil

i.  Carrie Miner b. 1854 Ohio; m. 1871 to Samuel L Alexander (b. Feb 1846 in Pennsylvania – )  In the 1905 Wisconsin census, Sybil was living with Carrie and Samuel in Stanley, Chippewa, Wisconsin.  In the 1910 census, Carrie, Samuel and Sybil were living in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin where Samuel was the manager of a brickyard.

ii. Emma A Miner b. 27 Jan 1857 Ashtabula, Ohio; d. 18 Oct 1938; Ashtabula, Ohio; m. Winfred Eaton Rowland (b. 27 Aug 1853 in New Lyme, Ashtabula, Ohio – d. 27 May 1937 in Rock Creek, Ashtabula, Ohio)

iii. Frank Miner b. Jun 1860 Ohio  Frank was still living at home in the 1880 census. and like his father, working as a carpenter.

iv. Albert Miner b. 1870 Ohio Albert does not appear in the 1880 census.


Thomas Minor Family HistorySelden Miner

Cuyahoga County Gen Web – 1896 Mayfield

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